Thursday, December 27, 2012

Sadists like flowers too (aka "dont hate me cuz I'm beautiful")

Thanks to the always beautiful and fashionable Lori Novo for thinking I'm interesting enough to be listed in her writings.

In the (often misquoted) words of the immortal Sally Field:  "You like me, you really really like me!"

And thanks for adding the dainty red does add that...hmmm..."feminine touch" to someone who otherwise looks like a Matrix reject sporting a lethal assortment of BDSM accoutrements. 

Kinda like Dustin Hoffman's Tootsie meets the sadomasochistic Cenobites from Hellraiser.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Holiday candies to everyone!

There's no better feeling in the world than having a beautiful girl clinging to you, trusting completely in you, giving herself completely to your wishes as the Mayan Long Count Great Cycle begins anew.

My good Aussie friend Marie Monk, who when not rowdy and completely stone-faced drunk, is just about the sweetest nicest girl in SL, was really too cute in her holiday outfit, so I donned the santa's hat from the Santa's Revenge toy and we took some cool holiday pics.

Couldn't find the damn candy cane though, which was most fortunate for my unsuspecting candy girl. So happy holidays from all of us to you! May you find your own sweet candy to usher in the new Mayan Long Count Cycle!

For more good information on the Mayan Calendar, here's this link from Foxnews, which for the first time that I know of, is actually good for something after all ;-)

PS. It's interesting that Psy's Gangnam Style, youtube's most viewed video ever (it's currently at 994 million as I write this), is going to hit one BILLION views on the same day the world end. Coincidence? lol.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

DMH Penis - not a freebie anymore!

We made the decision to move the DMH Penis as a priced item from being a freebie.

The reason is simple. We've sold nearly 10,000 of the item in less than a year and every day more than 600 unique people use the penis. Since the point scoring system and partner database run on a hosted server, the cost of maintaining such a growing population of users is starting to outweigh the benefits of using the DMH Penis as a loss leader for other products.

In other words, we want LESS people buying the thing, and adding a small cost to it (a ridiculously low 10L) should accomplish that. To assuage some of the sting for customers, we added a bonus product along with the DMH Penis package and will add more bonus features to it going forwards.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Bees Through the Seasons

For the bee lovers among us (and yes, I am one in RL), and for anyone who just loves nature and innovative creations, I hit upon this small garden with small stores that was bee-themed, and which holds an event each season for participating creators to showcase their wares.

Bees Through the Seasons comes around 4 times a year for each season! The event will last a month only. Every time the event buzzes back around a new mix of creators will be chosen to create something themed matching the season for our little bee garden. The garden is only small but filled with such talent, something different each time and something for everyone. Buzz on down and see what the bees have been busy with this season!

I bought a very interesting honeycomb shelf and wanted a stuffed bee toy for some honey (haha), but it was no transfer so I skipped on that for now.

You can visit the garden using this SLURL, and the group information is here.

Monday, December 10, 2012

Welcome random weird visitors!

I'm always amused by the search words random visitors to the site use to get here.

In addition to the more likely "dm vibrator" and "dmh penis instructions sl" (hmmm, friend, it's on the menu!), the blog gets some real weird search terms.

Like this month it got "do penguins have boobs", which i guess landed them in the second MK Second Life Dictionary, or the  more disturbing "monkey pussy" and "monkeypussy" (haha).

People have also come to this blog using the search term "talking pussy", and several have come after searching for "facial vibrators", which is something I believe I do not want to ever see.

That warped holiday spirit

We're selling so many Santa's Revenge sex toys it actually vaulted past the DMH Penis in the SL Marketplace rankings. Obviously, it isn't selling more in absolute numbers than either the Penis or the Pussy, but it's selling enough at its much higher price range that greedy SL decided to up the ante.

What does this say about people? Something is seriously wrong with their holiday spirit. Really wrong.

Maybe it's time to consider a Thanksgiving Turkey Terror or a Leprechaun Lecher to go with the Santa product.

Friday, November 30, 2012

Gangnam Style

Because one can never have enough of a Korean guy pretending to ride an invisible pony.

But seriously, the song is about the crass materialism of a tiny suburb in South Korea, with the singer lampooning one of the residents of that town.

And anything that makes Bill O'Reilly look like a total tool and beats up on Bieber can't be all that bad.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

The Melancholy Angel of Tempura

The Melancholy Angel of Tempura (Lori Novo)

A couple days back I logged into SL and decided to visit one of my old hangouts. I was feeling somewhat maudlin, and by accident chanced upon a scene straight out of some painting.

There she sat, an angel clad in a diaphanous gown, her ethereal wings flapping languidly in the slight breeze. and framed by the dainty pink flowers of the surrounding trees. The whole panorama literally made me catch my breath, and I had to take a pic of the beautiful Lori Novo after asking her permission.

The whole scene spoke of melancholy, of some sadness that was made even more stark by the beauty that emanated from it. And I must be more empathetic lately, because the next day Lori confirmed that she was in fact sad that night.

It's heartening to know that one can still be affected by the beauty of SL, even after more than a year of wallowing in its filth.

Update to Lemur Rental Box

After the usual pestering by Sylvie Etoile, I added several new features to the Lemur Rental Box System and I must say this product is getting really robust after all the added features.

The new features include:
  1. Rental box displays late texture and how much time the renter is late
  2. In Late Mode, when renter pays, the rental box takes into account payments for late days.
  3. Anyone can now pay for renter when rental box is in rented mode.
To be honest, the vast majority of sales come from the sick toys of the Depraved Monkey, but it still feels good when people use the rental box because this product once kept us afloat when we first started last year.

Friday, November 16, 2012

Have you been naughty or nice?

Looks like some people have been naughty and not nice as the holiday season approaches, as I've seen a spike in the number of people buying the Santa's Revenge sex toy.

We did this when we were just kinda starting in December of 2011 I believe, and its age shows, but it's still a fun toy to have for people who think Santa's number one priority is torturing and fucking his constituents, not necessarily in that order.

And as always, get one of the older sex toys and I'll send you another one free. I never advertize that fact, but I've been doing it for awhile now. After buying Santa's Revenge, The Fuck the Drunk Futon, or the Plumber's Pleasure, just IM me (monkeyking2011) and I'll send you the gift.

So, have a happy holiday and try not sticking candy canes in anyone's tushy in real life - well, unless of course they beg you to ;-)

Sunday, October 14, 2012

DM Petter Released

We released the DM Petter today, click here to see it in the marketplace.

However, we never did add any music to the toy, mainly because we were worried about copyright issues. Saying that, the item is still something that is pretty cool, with some sexy sexy dances, as demoed by the lovely TrixxyBell below.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Cumming Soon : DM Petter

In addition to causing addiction, heartbreak, and (alarmingly enough) organ-damage, the beautiful TrixxyBell loves to cause copious amounts of drooling, and what better way to do this than by using our newest toy, the DM Petter.

When you wear the DM Petter, anyone who pets you on the head will cause you to break out in spontaneous dancing, from a selection of 11 random sexy sexy dances. Even better, if you wear your DM Pussy or DMH Penis, petting will excite your genitals and inevitably create an orgasm of seismic proportions.

You can also pet yourself and use a pop-up menu to manually select which dance to activate - always a party favorite lol.

The DM Petter will be released very soon. We just need to add some random music to the  dances ;-)

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Happy First Rez Day to Rae!

"Watta voice!"

An (advanced) happy rez day to one of my older SL friends, Rae (loveangelrae). 

I still remember the first time we met her, she was still less than a month old, a noob. One thing I remember was how determined she was to learn new things, how she kept bugging us for building tips because we were just starting out too at the time, and how she gave us our first (and only!) commissioned job, a couch that we had to place poses in lol. 

And look at her now. She's accomplished a lot in such a short time, and she's currently a builder, model, teacher, and budding scripter. She also is one of the best Voice Actresses in SL, and a very good singer too. I am very proud of her.

I wish her all the best going forward, in SL and (much more importantly) in RL a well.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

To boldly go where no Second Life Ass has gone before

There's no denying it. There are quite a few people who are lovers of the human butt. They want to spank it, whip it, run their hands all over it and kiss it, poke their penises and other miscellaneous toys into it, and delve into its deep inner secrets. There's just something about those curvy muscled round globes with that delectable and deliciously naughty dark center that draw people to them, and charge them with an eroticism far removed from their basic functionality.

We would love to create something for all the ass-lovers out there in SL, but just introducing some basic item with limited features would be a disappointment. It would have to be innovative and unusual. It would have to be something depraved.

The other problem is that most people already have the shapes they want in their avatars, including the ass, so creating something to replace the original shape would also be problematical.

The possible solution, which we've discussed before, would be to have a wearable sculpt of the anus (which can close and open) or introduce an outer transparent "layer" that would go over the the original shape and add functionality to it. I'm thinking of all the functionality of a normal RL ass, as well as features not normally possible in RL. I've also seen some items in SL that create various "assholes", and that would be fine too. Plus, we would include some basic anal toy with it, just like we added a bonus Dildo to the DM Pussy and helped make it the strongest selling full pussy in SL.

I have to admit I'm excited about such a project, and perhaps we can release it before the end of October. If anyone has any suggestions, feel free to IM the avatar depravedmonkey. And remember, we crave depraved, so don't be shy about telling us about your most unusual suggestions.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Cool Spots in SL (Part 1): Poppyport

Lots of aircraft to view and admire.
There are a lot of  cool places that I think embody what SL should be: a place for creative people to make creative things and showcase them. Some of these people have become my friends, so I'll take the time once in awhile to introduce their work.

Sylvie Etoile has been one of my more demanding customers, and I like that (to a point lol) because it makes the product better when people give good suggestions. Once we became friends, she introduced me to her own work, an honest to goodness SL airport called Poppyport, where you can fly aircraft, helicopters, gyrocopters, autogyros, tiltrotors,and various other types of flying contraptions. There is also a marina and harbour next door with berths for rent. I was even surprised to discover that there are airlines flying SL that use her airport!

You can choose from several different planes to fly.
In fact, there is a whole subculture of people who fly airplanes and live the life of flying in SL, which include airlines like Vulture Air and groups for women aviators in SL such as the SL 99's, and talking to Sylvie certainly opened my eyes about this little known and fascinating niche.

Sylvie also owns several residential properties (a notecard to the properties are available inside the airport terminal), and this is one place where she uses the Lemur Rental Boxes. I visited one and was very surprised to see how much the product was modded to accomodate the look and feel of the place. She basically tranferred scripts to new objects that she created and embedded the thing on the wall of the property. Looks very good actually, and she graciously offered to help me create better textures for the one sold in the marketplace.

This Lemur Rental Box looks hell better than the one that's sold!


Poppyport SLURL:

Poppyport Website:

MK's Little Second Life Dictionary (Part 3)

"Wouldn't it suck if the girl in red was actually a cableguy named Tony?"
Gor - because we all know basing one's entire life on a rather boring and immature science fiction/fantasy book is cool (ahem, scientology)

Magic Box - it's not magic cuz it seldom works.

Master - someone with an enlarged cranium in SL who probably makes minimum wage in RL.

RLV - when everyone pretends you can't simply turn off the viewer to get out of the damn cage.

Tier - at least you pay taxes and (most times) get something tangible in return.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

MK's Little Second Life Dictionary (Part Deux)

"Cuz we all know penguins have sexy boobs"

BREEDABLES - a fun way to throw away lots of money that would otherwise be wasted on rent or mortgage.

ESCORTS - will pretend they actually care for you if you throw enough lindens at them. Most likely male in RL. and if female, is probably ugly.

FURRIES - people whose pets hide when they coo "i wuf u".

LINDENS - pretend money used to pay for pretend mansions, where you can engage in pretend sex and raise pretend families. The conversion rate to US dollar depends on the waxing and waning of the full moon, and the general mood and disposition of certain Linden Lab employees. Rumor has it that Oat Bran in the morning results in a strengthening of the linden against the dollar due to higher flow rates.

RL - that thing that everyone in SL desperately wants to avoid.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

MK's Little Second Life Dictionary (Part 1)

"Noobs often engage in bizarre behavior that would have made them blush in RL"

 I've learned a lot since coming here, but for those people who have yet to figure out the intricacies of the SL vocabulary, here's a little guide to some of the common terms used in this little wonderland of ours.

AFK - "I'm doing the dishes. Fuck off!"

ALT - officially sanctioned way to cause trouble and act like a total fucktard without anyone knowing it's you.

GRIEFER - people who are slightly below cockroaches on the evolutionary scale. They like bright flashing lights and lotsa explosions.

IN LOVE - an ephemeral and transient state in SL with an average life span of two weeks, give or take a fling or two.

NOOB - Someone who wears boxes and has no genitals.

SLEX - Sex for those who don't get any in real life.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012


"I need more good SF books, and less SL crap."
It's been a very busy summer, with the new DMH Penis upgrade going out in mid-June, then the DM Pussy introduction on July 20, the DM Whip on August 3, and now the DM Vibrator Set launching today.

I have to admit, I feel burnt out and tired, and it would be good to have a break from all the shit and filth and bullshit that swirls around SL (none of which means anything in the real world). Plus, lotsa RL stuff that needs doing, which of course is more important by far than SL.

There'll be more innovative products I think come Fall, but for now it would be good to take a break and take stock of our progress, our misadventures, and our failures this last couple of months.

Introducing the new DM Vibrator Set with Facial Expression Menu

The new DM Vibrator Set is in the market.

It is fully integrated with the DM Pussy, and is meant to supplement the Pussy.

In addition to self-play, the set comes with a remote control that allows the user of the remote to trigger the vibrator from a long distance away, and induce the unsuspecting wearers of the DM Vibrator and DM Pussy to spontaneously and helplessly orgasm repeatedly in front of surprised passersby.

Or some lucky guy or gal could have their girl partner wear the DM Pussy and a DM Vibrator, then use the Remote Control to trigger the vibrator during play to heighten her excitement, until she cums and squirts all over.

Features include:

3 DIFFERENT VIBRATORS included, with each one being configurable and MOD, so you can change the color and size to your liking..

REMOTE CONTROL - Allows another person in the same region to trigger and control the vibrators from far off. Tested up to 200 m away.

BLACK LIST - prevents black-listed avatars from controlling vibrators even with the remote.

4 ANIMATIONS - can be triggered by the owner or another person using a dialog menu. Also has vibrator buzzing SOUND.

HIDE MODE - allows the owner to hide the fact she is wearing a vibrator.

FACE EXPRESSION MENU - allows user or partner to control the facial expressions of the vibrator wearer. This is a new innovation that will surely increase your enjoyment level. No more blank idiotic stares from avatars even while they are doing radical slex activities.

DM PUSSY INTEGRATION - vibrators will affect the excitement level of worn DM Pussy to provide the ultimate in entertainment. Owner can specify the Jolt levels of each of the vibrators and when triggered, owners wearing the DM Pussy can be induced to cum repeatedly and helplessly.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Facial Control Menu - A new innovation in the DM Vibrator Set

"The right tool for the job!"

Don't let it be said that DM products are rush jobs.

I had solved the problem of the vibrator sound by using an RL Vibrator and converting it to the sound format required by Second Life, which is PCM WAV format, 16-bit, 44.1kHz, mono.I took pics for the web market, and was thinking of placing the product in the market by end of day today, but then while testing one of the DM Vibrators it struck me that one aspect of sex toys in SL that usually is forgotten is avatar facial expressions. Many a toy in SL has been deemed lacking because no matter what sorts of depraved and atrocious actions were being perpetrated on it, the avi continued to display the default benign idiotic facial look

Why shouldn't people be able to control the facial expression of their avatars, since we all know this aspect contributes a lot to the total enjoyment of the toy? So beginning with the DM Vibrator Set, people will now have access to a Facial Menu that will allow them to specify the facial expressions of their avatar.

I believe I should be able to get this done today, assuming no RL activities get in the way. I believe this feature will be very useful to people and contribute tremendously towards their enjoyment.

PS nearly 300 people have the DM Pussy only a month or so after its introduction. Thank you all for your support.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

I need a vibrator (sound) real bad!

Incredibly enough,  the only thing holding back the release of the DM Vibrator Set is the fact that I have not been able to find a good enough vibrator sound. I've been trolling youtube in vain for the past couple days now, all to no avail. I did find a funny clip of Elizabeth Pena finding true love via the touch of her vibrator, but I thought the sound was too low. I have a couple of vibrators in real life, so I guess I'll just have to improvise and use sounds from those, avoiding any copyright infringement whatsoever as a side bonus.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Sex toys should only be seen when needed

"They check in...but they never check out!"
 I was setting up a hanging cage by the side of my little tiki home while chatting with Happy about an RLV problem she had, when an idea popped into my head. I wanted the next product after the DM Vibrator Set to be RLV-enabled (since I was learning about it, I might as well use it), but I'm an atrocious builder at best, so something simple (involving at most square and rectangular blocks haha) would be best. Say, a simple slave display apparatus, two columns or three, with cuff holders on each column.

The front of my home faces the ocean, and I was thinking of placing the columns such that the slave would be stretched out between them and facing the sea. This would give a good view of the slave's rear and back from the living room and outdoor rattan chairs.

The problem would be that when unoccupied, the columns would look quite ugly and destroy the sea view. So it struck me that there is no reason why the owner of the display toy should not be able to make the entire apparatus invisible (and phantom) when not needed! This way, the toy would not get in the way of people when not in use. This feature would be very similar to the way people can "hide" their DMH Penis or DM Pussy.

Btw, a quick note: the DM Vibrator Set is pretty much ready, and it'll probably be put in-store by next week. Thank you again to all the kind users of the penis and pussy tandem.

Friday, August 24, 2012

DMH Penis works on full mesh monsters too

"Someone call 911"

from the journal of an unknown avatar:

I had an unfortunate accident one night while roaming through a dark sim, and was besieged by a pack of werewolves. I took my katana, which I last used on some fucker who was trying to rape a friend of mine last year, and dismembered the flea-bitten monstrosities. But alas, not before I had been bitten twice in a leg and arm.

Needless to say, the change that happened several days later was painful and grotesque, and I had to hide myself under the floorboards of my new home to prevent the neighbors from wondering about the harsh growls and screams that I uttered as the transformation took its way with me.

I emerged a true creature of the night, a meter taller than before, with a full mesh body covered in tangled, matted, dark hair. To my horror, my DMH Penis had undergone the same change, and it was now a long stout rod of blackest night, fully tumescent and dripping thick white semen.

I run. I run under the full moon, from sim to sim, as people fled from the strange growling sounds that emanated from my razored mouth and announced my passage.

I changed back to my human self later that night, but only god knows when this monstrosity that is within me might suddenly emerge,  and I shudder to think of the horrors that my hellish bloated member could inflict on some doomed and wretched woman.


For recent versions of the DMH Penis:

To change the size of your DMH penis, click the APPEARANCE button on the Main Menu, then the SIZE button.

To change the color of your penis:
  1. Edit the penis by wearing the penis then right clicking on it and choosing edit.
  2. Click on TEXTURE tab.
  3. Click on COLOR box.
  4. A color picker will open. The current setting is
  5. Slide the arrow on the left side of the color picker up or down to make lighter or darker until it matches your skin
Full details are available by clicking INSTRUCTIONS on the Main Menu.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

"Losing yourself" in a fictional character can affect your real life

"Ummm, yeah, that's the inner me...really!"

Interesting study from Ohio State University that confirms what most people would believe, that even just reading some book about fictional characters can have strong impacts on what you do and feel in real life. Since SL is significantly more immersive than simply reading a book, people have to be careful about how they portray themselves in this virtual world, and be careful to prevent "leakage" of SL activities that could cause negative consequences into the real world.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Samlowry Hawks was right

"Because we all know pink and blue balls exist in RL..."
Sometimes we get so wrapped up in the never-ending drama that is SL that we forget that in the end, it's just a game, something to while away our precious lives much like kids wasting their time playing PS3 or X-Box video games when they should be out playing in the sun. Our honesty, integrity, loyalty. These are priceless things  that we expose to the vagaries of SL, and sometimes we fail to uphold them because we are caught up in the moment, lost in the limbo and emotional whirlwind that sometimes arrives like a storm in the surreal environs of our virtual wonderland.

So once in awhile I have to remind myself what really matters to me. I am here to create things that hopefully make people happy, to take care of the friends who are loyal to me and care for me, and to explore what other people have dreamt and made virtually real.

That is my happiness here, and my contentment. Everything else is, as they say, pixels in the wind.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

I'm ready to work on the vibrators Captain!

"Pass the lotion, these pale vibrators need to get out more!"

I've started work on the DM Vibrator Set. including the animations and scripting, all to be added into objects crafted by Jen.

In a sense, the hardest part is trying to figure out what features to include in the release. I'll list some of the things I've thought of:

(1) Self triggered and partner triggered animations, with moaning and buzzing sounds.

(2) Ability to increase excitement level of the DM Pussy, with the owner able to CUSTOMIZE each of the vibrators in the set.

(3) Keep each vibrator MOD, so people can customize the sizes and colors.

(4) Remote Control - the set comes with a remote control, which can be passed to another person who can then have access to the vibrators, even from afar.

Say, my baby girl is in one sim, and I'm in another. Having the remote would allow me to trigger the vibrators even across sims and make her happy. I think it's an ok idea, but not really sure. It would be a great idea in RL, but in a world where people can TP instantly to another place it might be overkill and useless.

Anyways, perhaps I can think of other features. We'll see.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

You're not alone

Jen says "Thank You"

We've rolled out the DMH Penis to more than 5000 avatars in SL in the few months it's been up there (since February this year I think), and sold more than 100 of the new DM Pussy in just 3 weeks. Every day, more than 400 avatars use these genitals. Good numbers.

On the pipeline are the DM Vibrator Set (with remote, already assembled by Jen) for your delicate pussies, perhaps the DM Penis Kinks for those who'd like to accessories their penises, and going forward we'd like to start working on the Predator Hunt. Jen has already started musing on the starting point for it and working on various possible building structures.

Thank you, and we hope to continue to provide you with the best sex toys in SL! Enjoy!

Friday, August 3, 2012

DM Whip: Whip them until they cum! In animated style!

We released the DM Whip today.

The DM Whip was crafted by the lovely and talented Jen and is a MUST-HAVE for any dominant in SL, for those times when your sub has been naughty and needs something more than a mere spanking!

It's the first external toy that we are offering to people that is tightly integrated into the DMH Penis and DM Pussy. Each lash of the whip will increase the excitement level of your victim until he or she cums helplessly in front of you! It will also display custom chat messages if whipping is done on a victim with the DM Pussy or DMH Penis.

Take a look at its specs in the marketplace here. It is custom animations, custom chats, sound, and more, so I'm sure you'll agree that it's pretty much a must-have item for the BDSM community.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Talking Pussies and Penises

One of my friends told me she had a rather unpleasant experience at bondage ranch when publicly testing the DM Pussy. She was hassled by two older residents (both of whom had rez dates in 2007) who disparaged the fact that her pussy spontaneously texted RP chat when certain...ahem...things were done to her. This included the cumming chat when other residents tweaked her DM Dildo enough that it peaked her excitement level beyond the tipping point. Luckily, she was rescued by a certain good samaritan who shall remain nameless, but who later was paid in cum...quite a great deal of it too I gather.

To a certain extent I can see their point. The current DMH Penis has a Sextalk function which will randomly text out RP chat when selected buttons are pressed by the owner. Obviously, it would make far better RP for the owner to create things himself or herself. The random sextalk in the penis is pulled from a database of chats that I put up awhiles back (and have been too busy to update to be honest about it). However, I know this feature is heavily used, so some people obviously are okay with it and are helped by it. In the end, the sextalk function is optional (there's no one forcing you to go to the sextalk menu and start pressing buttons like mad), so perhaps I will leave it there for now.

Saying that, I'd like people to have more control over the custom text that is chatted out and we have plans to allow people wearing the DM Pussy and DMH Penis to create custom text in their notecards or through a webform. I think once these features have been added to the DM Pussy and DMH Penis it will make them quite a bit more powerful and flexible, and will allow users to engage in far richer and satisfying role play. In fact, I have incorporated this feature in the new upcoming DM Whip, where the owner can create a custom message that will be displayed when he or she whips someone using the DM Pussy or DMH Penis. We are also going to have this feature in the upcoming DM Dildo Mark II, which will feature many additional animations as well.

Friday, July 20, 2012

The DM Pussy has been released!

The new DM Pussy is out! We worked very hard on it over the last few weeks, and I think you'll find it an amazing realistic little toy that will definitely enhance your SL sex life.

Click here to view new DM Pussy in store.

It has a myriad of features, making it one of the, if not THE most advanced pussy in second life, but there are several features that I'd like to mention.

1. AUTOCUM - This is a major feature that mimics the natural excitement and cumming of a pussy in RL. Your pussy will automatically cum (with animation, sound and spurting of pussy juice) when it reaches a set level of excitement. This is already present in the current DMH Penis.

2. CUM-SYNC will allow sex partners to orgasm automatically AT THE SAME TIME, which will enhance the sexual enjoyment of both partners, not to mention prevent your partner from complaining that you get to have all the fun all the time. When YOU cum YOUR PARTNER cums too!

This is NOT a feature of the current DMH penis in the marketplace. However, if you get the DM Pussy you get a bonus DMH Penis that has CUMSYNC, so you can immediately start playing with both. Remember though that after a simultaneous orgasm, you will need to toggle on CUMSYNC again. This is to prevent an infinite fedback loop of cumming ;-)

3. PARTNER DIALOG MENU - You can allow certain people in a room to have access to a dialog menu where she or he can stimulate your pussy (with accompanying sex talk) until it cums using AUTO-CUM

4. BONUS DILDO - a pink modifiable dildo is included, which when inserted in your pussy will allow people to click on it and trigger various jolts of pleasure to you, causing your AUTOCUM excitement level to rise until you automatically and spontaneously cum.

In future, the DM Pussy will be needed to participate in PREDATOR HUNT, an SL-wide hunt.

So, what are you waiting for? Head on over to the marketplace and try out the new DM Pussy! ;-)

Monday, July 2, 2012

Coming Soon: DM Pussy and CUM-SYNC

Or should that be, CUMMING soon? ;-)

Over the last few days we have been frantically working on the new Depraved Monkey Pussy, which will complement the DMH Predator Penis and is the perfect gift for your loved one.

Why? Well not only because the new DM Pussy will have all the advanced features of the penis and thus be one of the most sophisticated pussy in all of Second Life, but because it will introduce a revolutionary feature that we have called CUM-SYNC.

Using CUM-SYNC will allow sex partners to orgasm automatically at the same time, which will hopefully enhance the sexual enjoyment of both partners, not to mention prevent your partner from complaining that you get to have all the fun all the time. When YOU cum YOUR PARTNER cums too!

Come to think of it, this feature will actually work between two penises and two pussys, so people who prefer same sex partners won't feel left out.

Monday, June 25, 2012

I'm cumming for our country!

Two of Second Life's loveliest ladies show why patriotism is not's mouth-wateringly, cum-inducingly, abso-fucking-lutely SEXY!

My ravishing Sky wears her colors proudly while protecting and taking care of her magnificent elephants, while uber-cool Marie does the lambada in the old red, white, and blue, which is kinda confusing since she's Australian. But hey, who's complaining?

Certainly not me! All I can say is, "Hey girls, let's do it for our country!"

DMH Penis: MonkeyKing2011 screams: OMG  I'm CUUUUMIIIINGGG!!!!!!

Friday, June 22, 2012

The Exquisite Joys of New Candy

I love new candy. I love the noise it makes when you slowly unwrap it. I love teasing it with quick jabs of my tongue, taking in the sweet sugar one lick at a time. I love putting it in my mouth and letting the full range of sensations, from its texture, to its taste, to its solidity and flexibility, wash over me.

My new candy is Marie Monk. She's an Aussie with some moxie, and it took quite a while to convince her to jump into my eagerly waiting fingers. But here she is, all ready and willing to be taken by me. To be unwrapped slowly and with eager anticipation. To be tasted with sensuous abandon over every centimeter of her naked nubile pale body. To be fully immersed in my juices, and melting in my mouth.

Oh marie, what bright pleasures and dark sensual pain await you!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Major upgrade of Depraved Monkey Penis and future plans

The latest version of the most advanced penis in SL was released yesterday.

The Depraved Monkey Penis is available for free at the Elephant Sanctuary. The upgrade box with the Depraved Monkey logo is located close to the large elephants at the back. Just join the group Monkey-Elephant Enterprises, then re-click the box and it will give you the upgrade box. While you're there, please check out and ride the elephants and rocking phants, and be sure to look at some of Ellie the Elephant's beautiful custom themed lamps (they switch on and off!) and other elephant themed items.

I worked almost non-stop for several days to get the new major features out, and they are a doozy, with Sky helping out with the testing and debugging. Check them out!
    This is a major feature that mimics the natural excitement and cumming of a penis in RL. Your penis will now automatically cum (with sound and spurting of semen) when it reaches a set level of excitement. See instructions below for more details. 
    By touching your penis, your partner will have access to a dialog menu where she or he can stimulate your penis (with accompanying sex talk) until it cums using AUTO-CUM 
    This penis now comes with 3 freebie animations, the original whacking penis, a begging pose animation, and a random collection of 3 drunk animations. 
    Male cumming sounds have been added to the previous female moaning and cumming sounds. 
    Two additional special effects have been added, including water cannon and camouflage.

I'd have to say the AUTO-CUM feature was the hardest to do and the most important. Although the user can still manually trigger cumming and the sounds associated with it, having the user and partner work to automatically trigger this event just as in RL makes the experience much more rewarding and realistic.

Overall, I'm satisfied with the work so far, but there are tons of additional upgrades and features that will be added as time passes. These include:

  • Predator Hunt - This will be a difficult upgrade because it will involve synchronizing the penis with an associated female pussy or item of clothing (like a bracelet or necklace or collar). 
  • SLEC - we're still debating the merits of providing a comprehensive database of escorts in SL. But this might come sometime in Summer too.
  • Color and Texture Changer - right now people can change the color and texture of the penis using SL's EDIT function, but sometime later we'll probably provide a HUD for doing this.

But before all those updates we have to start releasing another product to join the various sex toys that we already feature in the Depraved Monkey Store. Any suggestions would be welcome. Just IM me, monkeyking2011.

Hope you all enjoy the new upgrade! ;-)

Saturday, June 9, 2012

It's a wonderful Second Life

Sam's the MAN. Seriously. His machinimas videos are superb, and heart warming. Check them out below.

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Our SL Dream

The dream in SL began exactly one year ago, though Sky and I knew each other before that. It was a fun ride, and we learned a lot in the journey. Like all dreams, you have to finally wake up, and here's hoping what we find upon the waking is worth the wait.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

You talkin' to me? You talkin' to me? You talkin' to me?

Some guy IMed me and asked questions about my profile, so in the interest of clearing up some things and perhaps getting things straight in my head as well, I wrote up a list that best describes me.
  • I am perverted, dominant, and strictly heterosexual. I like BDSM, I like D/s play. But at the same time, I am very romantic. I adore sam lowry hawk's youtube vids showing the vagaries and problems and beauty of SL.
  • I don't kill and eat bunnies, or kick stray dogs, and I get teary eyed by the most ridiculous of scenes in movies or books. I also like strapping women in SL onto crosses, stripping them of their clothes, and whipping them until they cum. Go figure.
  • I like making things in SL, and I like that people use the things I create. I've done sex toys like the the Plumber's Delight, I built the system that runs SL's most advanced penis, the DMH Predator Penis, and I've done various other scripting projects like animations, puppeteering, and the like.
  • I like teaching people, and helping them learn here in SL, and I like watching them grow their skills and thus their confidence and self-worth. I think it comes from my time as a teaching assistant when I was a grad student.
  • I am RL-centered, and think SL is an extension of RL and not a replacement. RL is just too wonderful and beautiful and pleasurable for me to think of trading it for the cartoon wonders of SL. I am a programmer and business person in RL, who travels extensively and has a whole slew of wonderful hobbies that keep me occupied.
  • Therefore, I highly value extending SL interactions beyond sex furniture and poseballs via multiple RL touch points, such as voice, email, and the like. I do not believe in hiding behind SL avatars. It's boring to me not to be able to see the person behind the cartoon figure.
  • I value loyalty. When you're my friend, unless you do something stupid to not deserve it, then I will be there for you and I will never turn against you.
  • I will try to reply to IMs or chats directed at me and NOT ignore them. Just because we all look like bugs bunny, betty boop and various comic book characters here doesn't mean there isn't a real person with real feelings behind the screen who deserves the same respect we would give in RL.
  • I hate alts that are used to cheat and secretly go around relationships. If you're gonna cheat, have the guts to actually do it with your main alt, then sever the old relationship.
  • I like reading and science fiction and nature. I love discussing these topics with like minded people. I think Prometheus will be AWESOME ;-)

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Making Elephants

The best thing I like about SL as a programmer is that it allows people to be as creative as they can be AND SEE THE TANGIBLE RESULTS OF THEIR LABOR.

This is definitely not the case a lot of times in RL, where I dabble in server side programming, and where the apps I create all reside as hidden denizens of web app servers, which themselves are locked down in cooled refrigerated vaults, the better to protect the valuable data contained within.

Take for example, a new beautifully crafted elephant that my pet Sky had artfully built, and into which I imbued the ability to walk and move, acting like some modern day Dr. Frankenstein.

We had developed it for a new sim that we are working on called The Elephant Sanctuary. My Sky adores elephants and this is our own little monument to these fascinating and intelligent beasts.

When completed, visitors can learn about them, ride gigantic full-sized pachyderms, try to get some free gifts in elephant lucky chairs, and other fun activities.

To animate the elephant, you could buy a puppeteer script for 2000L in the marketplace, but the concept itself is fairly simple and it did not take long for us to create our own puppeteer engine. After adding in a few additional features, such as multi-sit poses and elephant roaring sounds, the final animated elephant was complete and ready to roam around the sim, not to mention placed in a new Elephant Sanctuary Store in the Marketplace.

To visit the small sanctuary, which is still incomplete, use this SLURL:

Saturday, May 19, 2012

A typical male profile in SL

A friend changed profile to show what a typical female in SL should post in her SL profile but won't, which caused me to think what the typical guy should post as his SL profile but won't:

stalking psycho, who gets crazy jealous. I am also looking for quick dirty sex. I believe that it takes 10 min, TOPS, to find some other guy pretending to be a woman to have bunny sex with. I want a big ass house where i can entertain my 10 female slaves and pretend my RL life as an overworked, underpaid, unmarried and unloved accountant who lives with his mama does not exist.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

How I Met Sky

"Need a ride sweetcheeks?"

One day I was headed for lala land,
gunning past the desert sun and swirling sand.
When I spied by the road, this girl thumbing her way
in short shorts and halter top by the lonely highway.

I stopped by her and asked, "Where you going love?"
As she peered from sunglasses that perched high above
a patrician nose that twitched quite prettily,
while she smiled and exclaimed "to infinity!"

So I took her with me, this farm girl from the plains.
Far away from the cows and the ripening grains,
To a land where rice fills the thatched granaries,
and the sea wipes out all bad memories.

Now we sit by the beach in our tiki hut,
wrapped in each other's arms and knowing that
it will soon be the time for the moon to see,
tender kisses under the elephant tree.