Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Let's Ride (Again!)

My bike idling in front of the previous Linda Lou Store
A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away...oh wait...that's Star Wars...

Well, a few years back Linda bought me a custom bike.

She's a real life biker, and I'm this island guy who's never ridden one in RL at all and thinks they're death traps, but the great thing about SL is that you can go straight up a tree in them (which Linda frequently did) and not even get your hair mussed.

Chewing up the road
I took out that old bike and drove it around the paved roads on the sim where Linda once had her store (she took it down a couple weeks back, though I've kept the rent and added a small memorial to it for now). The store is gone now, but I did thankfully give a tour of it earlier.

It felt good driving the thing.

Nowadays all my time is spent on D/s and socializing at Austin, and I've forgotten the things I used to do for fun way back when.

Back in 2014
Damn, she was really cute in that mickey mouse helmet....

Friday, June 23, 2017

Weird Sex Toys

As part of Weird Week, Amita and WW were holding  a Weird Sex Toy event at night.

I dropped in, and was accompanied by Meli and Dakota after Marcus had left.

The event was very heavily attended, and it was fun to see some of the weird gadgets that one can obtain and play with in SL.

I even managed to quickly demo the DM Toilet that I had made in 2012!

People who attended included:

O-girl aisha
O-girl aria
Master-O Hunter
O-girl syndra
O-girl dakota
sub-O melinda
Dom-O MK
Master-O WW
Tyro Benros
Applicant carla
O-girl sammi
Alumni xyla
Applicant angie
Master-O RB
Master-O Jon
O-girl sassy
sub-O amiata
Master-O Duke
O-girl Ivy
Dom-O Marcus
O-girl shiloh
Valet Michael

Some pics below:

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Chicken Shit Bingo at Austin

This is Austin Weird Week, and I attended one of the events in the celebration called Chicken Shit Bingo, with the always cute and sexy Avril providing the lap warming.

This is actually basically bingo, but with a funny chicken (Meli in a chicken suit lol) going around on a big board "shitting" sunny side up eggs on the selected numbers. I created the egg laying animation and egg rezzing script for her, and provided the prizes for the winners. I believe Marcus created the big board.

The first session was heavily attended, and we had a good time ribbing each other as we played three games over 2 hours. The second session had a bit less people, but they managed to get in five games in two hours.

The winners in the first session were:

O-girl sage (SageWisdom Resident)

O-girl sammi (SamDelainey Resident)

O-girl cara Olivieri

The winners in the second session were:

Master-O Jonathon Carbenell - 2x

O-girl sassy Snoodle - 2x

O-girl dakota

Some pics from the first session:

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Asal Kau Bahagia (So long as you're happy)

Good song in Bahasa Indonesia, nice presentation. It hit 100 million views on youtube in only 4 months. Sometimes the simple path is the better one.

It's about a guy who sees his girl friend cheating on him, but then tells her he's fine with it so long as she can face him and tell him she's unhappy with him, and that she's now happy.


Baby, yesterday i saw you.
You met him,
And I think you're still
thinking about him

Aren't I enough in your life
That you have to cheat on me?

Tell me now that you aren't happy...
I have your body, but not your heart.
You don't have to lie
You still want him.
I'm ok if you're with him,
So long as you're happy

Baby, I think you're still
Thinking about him.
Aren't I enough in your life
That you have to cheat on me?

Tell me now that you aren't happy....
I have your body, but not your heart
You don't have to lie
You still want him
I'm fine if you're with him,
So long as you're happy.


Tell me now that you aren't happy....
I have your body, but not your heart
You don't have to lie
You still want him
I'm ok if you're with him,
So long as you're happy.

So long as you're happy.....

Tuesday, June 13, 2017


Somewhere there is one perfect moment in time when you are always with me. It is just out of reach, but I can almost see it if I close my eyes. Tak sesal, tak lupa.

Meli and Amiata's Erotic Reading

Meli and Amiata hosted an Erotic Reading Event at Austin on June 4.

Unfortunately, I was not able to attend, but a crowd of around 25 gathered for the event.

The event program was:

sammi - "A foolish girl"

sage W - "Cafe"

sammi - "A new beginning"

Jon - "E's Punishment - Part 2"

sammi - "Expectations"

melinda Nyn - excerpt from a  Cherise Sinclair novel

sammi - "Butterflies"

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Austin RP Lottery picks

The always lovely Sage A rolled the dice and the first Austin RP Lottery winners were picked.

After the picking, Sage notified each girl in turn of the winning Master.

Thanks to all those who are participating in the RP game, and now go enjoy and have fun! x

Sunday, June 4, 2017

Austin Lottery Starts

I scripted some scene boards for a new RP game at Austin called the Austin Lottery Week.

Girls in the Austin group think of a scene and submit it to a poster on the board anonymously.

Doms during the first week can read the NCs and request those scene proposals that they are interested in. Since the cards are anonymous, their choice will be on the scene and not on the girl.

At the start of the second week, we randomly pick which Dom "wins" each of the scene proposals, and the pair then have the entire week to set up and enact the scene.