Friday, March 24, 2017

Second Anniversary of Collaring Purple Haze Party (Arie and mari)

Thank you to GIS laila (lelie Baxton) for most of the pictures in the blog post! Great job as always x

I attended a surprise purple haze party to celebrate the second year anniversary of the collaring by Arie of mari. The very nice looking venue was created by naughty Glimmer, the DJ was aqua, and I think sage was hosting it.

I was wondering about the theme of the party, but it was explained to me that mari's favorite flowers are orchids, and that the color of orchids is purple, so there you have it.

I danced first with meli, then laila, and finally spent some time with sammi.

Arie gave a very emotional and heartfelt speech:

[13:46] Arie: Mari and I want to thank all of our guests for taking the time to celebrate with us today. We understand that being here was a special sacrifice for some.
[13:46] mari (mari Carducci) smiles hearing Sir Marcus arrive
[13:46] Marcus (MarcusMassaro Resident): smiles... up Meli and come dance
[13:46] laila (lelie Baxton) smiles hello Master Marcus
[13:46] Melinda Nyn: yes Master
[13:46] aqua (Aqua Fearne): hello sir Marcus
[13:46] Arie: We truly are humbled by the show of love and support that we have received from family and friends not just today, but also over the last two years. So many of you have helped with various aspects of the planning and I can say this anniversary would not have been nearly as beautiful or as organized without your help.
[13:47] RB (RB Quan) beams to the happy couple
[13:47] Melinda Nyn steops onto the dance floor
[13:47] mari (mari Carducci) smiles and nods to Master agreeing with Him...
[13:47] Sage Avedon (SageWisdom Resident) tears rolling on my cheeks hearing the song and the words spoken
[13:47] Arie: This is certainly a special day for Mari and me, and I hope that the support that you've shown us will continue. As we embark on our life together, I hope that those of you who have been together for many years will be willing to offer advice when needed. We are committed to staying together for the long haul, and we know it will be so much easier with all of your by our sides.
[13:47] Arie Looks in Mari's eyes,
[13:47] Sammi (SamDelainey Resident) smiles as i listen
[13:47] mari (mari Carducci) smiles lthrough tears looking at Master with love in my heart
[13:47] Ratzu Darkstone: smiles wide at the happy couple
[13:48] Arie: All I've learned in my time with you the past 2 years , I've learned from you . You gave me the opportunity to be a better Dom and a better man.  We did grow together in a way I could not even imagine 2 years ago.
[13:48] Sylvie (Sylvie Etoile) is online.
[13:48] Marcus (MarcusMassaro Resident): looks around for the guests of honour .... many congratulations
[13:48] Syndra Rothmanay (SyndraOfFinwe Resident): -smiles over at the lovely couple
[13:48] Arie Smiles at his sweet sub
[13:48] mari (mari Carducci) nods as I listen to my Master, my love, my heart
[13:48] Billy Avedon (BillyEagle Avedon): Smiling at the  wonderful words from Arie
[13:48] Arie: Owning your collar makes me feel the richest Master in Austin, or even the proudest man on earth.
[13:49] Arie: Thank you my sweetie , for giving me the best a girl can ever give a Master. I will always hold you close to my heart. I remember today very fondly and hope to share many, many more ...
[13:49] mari (mari Carducci): awww ....oh .... I am the proud one, my Master.   I am blessed to be yours
[13:49] Melinda Nyn: awww thank you Aqua for this song
[13:50] Syndra Rothmanay (SyndraOfFinwe Resident): I love it too :)
[13:50] Melinda Nyn smiles
[13:50] Melinda Nyn: it's our song :)
[13:50] Melinda Nyn: my Master and me
[13:50] Melinda Nyn: not me and aqua!
[13:50] Syndra Rothmanay (SyndraOfFinwe Resident): lol
[13:50] mari (mari Carducci): I, who always has to much to say, am speechless .... and awed by you my Master.....
[13:50] Melinda Nyn: just saying...
[13:50] laila (lelie Baxton): so love this song
[13:50] Marcus (MarcusMassaro Resident): pulls Melinda close
[13:50] laila (lelie Baxton): snifs a litle
[13:50] WW (worldwide Pedalo): Great and moving compliments congrats you both
[13:50] Arie: Wonderful celebratory milestones with you.
[13:50] Melinda Nyn smiles up at him, eyes shining
[13:51] aqua (Aqua Fearne): smiles to mari
[13:51] Arie Looks at the crowd
[13:51] AImee (iFyoUseeKaiMEe Swansen) is online.
[13:51] Arie: Enjoy the rest of the party, and again, thank you all so much for being here today. It means more to both of us than I could ever express.
[13:51] mari (mari Carducci): I can say that i treasure these two years.... and look forward to many more years and time with you .....and I will hope to be the submissive you dream about and desire ..... and that I can please you forever, my Master.
[13:51] Sage Avedon (SageWisdom Resident) applauds
[13:52] mari (mari Carducci): I love you.
[13:52] Marcus (MarcusMassaro Resident) applauds loudly
[13:52] mari (mari Carducci): I love you
[13:52] RB (RB Quan): perfect imperfectrions
[13:52] RB (RB Quan) claps loudly for Arie and Mari
[13:52] Sage Avedon (SageWisdom Resident): congratulations Master Arie and mari
[13:52] Arie leans and takes her hands
[13:52] Naughty Glimmer: congrats to the both of you andmany more happy times to come
[13:52] WW (worldwide Pedalo): *:-.,_,.-:*'´ `*.   APPLAUSE   !¸.*´`'*:-.,_,.-:*
[13:52] laila (lelie Baxton) smiles looking at Master Arie and mari
[13:52] Sammi (SamDelainey Resident) smiles and wipes a tear
[13:52] Belle (Darlingbelle Resident): Yayayayay
[13:52] Melinda Nyn: lots of perfet imperfections
[13:53] Sage Avedon (SageWisdom Resident): we love you and wish you many many more years of happiness and love
[13:53] Melinda Nyn: my favourite phrase
[13:53] mari (mari Carducci) looks at Maser and rises up softly hand in His.

I've known Arie and mari for quite awhile now, and they've always struck me as one of those perfectly matched couples. And of course, mari is a serious sweetheart who you can't resist loving (even though she's an Alabama Crimson Tide fan *smh sadly*).

I send them my warmest congratulations, and I wish them all the best going forward xxx

Attendees to the event included:

aimee (iFyoUseeKaiMEe Swansen)
O-girl aqua (Aqua Fearne)
Master Arie Sewell
TyroMaster Benros Karlfeldt
O-girl bri (AmbrisiunePhoenix Resident)
O-girl belle (darlingbelle)
Dom-O BillyEagle Avedon
Master egoes Alter
GIS laila (lelie Baxton)
Dom-O Marcus Massaro
O-girl mari (mari Carducci)
sub-O melinda Nyn
Dom-O MK (monkeyking2011)
Aimee naughty Glimmer
GIS ny (nyleni)
Master Ratzu Darkstone
Master RB Quan
O-girl sage Avedon (sagewisdom)
O-girl sammi (SamDelainey Resident)
GIS syndra Rothmanay (SyndraOfFinwe Resident)
Master WW (worldwide Pedalo)




Arie and mari

Arie and mari

Arie and mari

egoes and belle

egoes and laila
Marcus and meli

Marcus and meli

MK and sammi

MK and laila

Ratzu and aqua

RB and ny

Mk and laila


Marcus and meli


Billy and sage


egoes and belle

WW and bri

sammi and MK

Monday, March 20, 2017

Sassy Moments

Linda is a sassy sub in day to day life, and I would not have it any other way. Listed below (in no particular order) are some of the times I remember she had gotten into mischief and erupted into giggling fits of laughter.

1. Getting Master into the camp fire

We were about to embark on one of the Wanderling expeditions, and just before she TPed me over, Linda had positioned herself so I landed directly on the camp fire in Billy and Sage's backyard. In between fits of laughter, she repeatedly inquired when I rezzed in whether my feet or bottom were hot.

2. Dick Ed

Linda and Sage were thinking about names for me, and Linda suggested Richard Edward...then giggled and said that the name is short for "Dick Ed", which I repeatedly didn't get smh....

All I can say is..."The cage! The cage!"

3. Bill Clinton

During one of the voice chats, I had mentioned to the group that Avril and the Chocolate Belgian guy had been engaging in "aural" sex, and Linda had immediately exclaimed that it looks like they had finally found Bill Clinton, and "oral sex" is "talking about sex"!

4. Let's Get Naked!

I can never leave earlier than Linda, because that girl will immediately start looking for sailors...and firemen!

[07:13] MK (monkeyking2011 Resident): well, i'm going out again in two weeks
[07:13] Knyght Hesse: be back laters everyone, RL begging
[07:13] Rafe Allardyce: Back here, the time flew, Ratzu, I could not believe you were away over a week
[07:14] MK (monkeyking2011 Resident): so you know what i think about it
[07:14] Linda Burnstein-King (lb Burnstein): take care Sir Knght
[07:14] MK (monkeyking2011 Resident): see ya knyght
[07:14] Avril (Avril Aura) is online.
[07:14] Ratzu Darkstone: nearly 2 weeks
[07:14] Linda Burnstein-King (lb Burnstein): Master is out and about again soon..:(
[07:14] Rafe Allardyce: Nice seeing you, Knyght
[07:14] MK (monkeyking2011 Resident): another 2 weeks
[07:14] Linda Burnstein-King (lb Burnstein): gonna have to see if the 5th fleet is in
[07:14] Ratzu Darkstone: laughs
[07:14] Rafe Allardyce: Chuckles
[07:14] MK (monkeyking2011 Resident): linda linda...why go to the sailors when the firemen are only a few blocks away????
[07:14] Rafe Allardyce: All the nice Girls......
[07:15] MK (monkeyking2011 Resident): haven't i taught you about the value of time?
[07:15] Linda Burnstein-King (lb Burnstein): ?
[07:15] Rafe Allardyce: ... loves a sailoooorrr
[07:15] Linda Burnstein-King (lb Burnstein): firemen...mmm
[07:15] Ratzu Darkstone: there are more sailors that firemen
[07:15] Rafe Allardyce: All the nice Girls...
[07:15] Rafe Allardyce: ... loves the sea
[07:15] Linda Burnstein-King (lb Burnstein): lol
[07:15] MK (monkeyking2011 Resident): i might be derezzing guys
[07:15] MK (monkeyking2011 Resident): see you all later x
[07:15] Ratzu Darkstone: bye MK
[07:15] MK (monkeyking2011 Resident): nice to have you back ratzu
[07:15] Linda Burnstein-King (lb Burnstein): bye Master
[07:15] MK (monkeyking2011 Resident): and later baby
[07:15] Rafe Allardyce: Cheers, MK
[07:15] Linda Burnstein-King (lb Burnstein): ok..everyone get naked!!
[07:15] MK (monkeyking2011 Resident): xxx
[07:15] Jen (Jen Umaga): Have a good day Sir MK
[07:16] MK (monkeyking2011 Resident): shut up linda...i'm still here!
[07:16] Ratzu Darkstone: you first linda
[07:16] Linda Burnstein-King (lb Burnstein): oh danggg...
[07:16] Jen (Jen Umaga): lol
[07:16] Linda Burnstein-King (lb Burnstein): too fast
[07:16] Rafe Allardyce: You are a minx, Miss Bernstein-King
[07:16] MK (monkeyking2011 Resident): please do it when i'm actually gone at least.

5. Pimping Master

Every time the auction  at Austin comes around I always have to be on the lookout for my own picture up on the auction board, as Linda has a penchant for telling people that she had put my picture up along with entreaties for having a good time.

*Wham Bam to the Moon!* grrrrr

6. Mic and earphone shenanigans

I sometimes have problems with my mic and earphones when going into voice chat, and my mischievous baby makes full use of my problems.

One time I remember she pretended she couldn't hear me as I repeatedly said "Can you hear me now?", and another time she pretended to be breaking up when talking to me, just to make me believe something was wrong with my earphone.

Oh, she also pretended to Meli one time that I had been IMing her naughty things to do, when all I sent her were some innocuous IMs.

7. Sudden Embarrassing Moments

Linda is sometimes prone to sudden emotional outbursts, some of which are embarrassing lol

I remember one time we were all in the Cafe chatting in voice, when she suddenly called me a "big silly goose" and said she wanted to pinch my cute cheeks. at which point I announced I'd be retiring as a Dom and turning in my Mastercard *smh*

8. Picking Up Linda

I was getting ready to go to voice chat one day, when I suddenly got a message from Linda saying "getting a piggyback ride from some guy..he picked me up..."

I rushed into SL and immediately went to  Austin, fully expecting to see my boo in the hands of some sex blood was up, and my head was about the explode....

When I got to the Cafe I demanded to know who had taken my girl, and Linda said it was some guy who told her he loved her and had promised her a car!

I was about to go bazonkers when I realized everyone was piggy-backing on some noob item passed around by Meli!

Hmmmm....there were probably a lot more times when my boo had tried my patience, but time passes and I forget.

Anyways....I'm still waiting for that money for burgers.....

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Spring/St Patrick's dance

I managed to drop in for some minutes to the dance hosted by O-girl jules (jules faith), with the DJ being O-girl dee.

I think i first met jules when we were thinking of putting together a collection of some of the older pics at Austin, and she had given me tons of pics from 2009 going forward. Jules is one of the earlier O girls who have been at Austin for awhile, and I don't see her inworld that often, so it is always a treat to see her in SL.

I danced with applicant ny (nyleni), RB's girl, and though I tried the entire time to steal her away from RB, the girl just wouldn't budge...I guess some people got it, some don't  *smh*

A ton of people were there, including:

aimee (ifyouseekaimee swansen)
Alang Fall
Tyro-Master Benros Karlfeldt
Dante Parabola (Supervac Parabola)
O-girl dee Wolfe
jillian Karas
O-girl jen Umaga
Master Jonathan Carbonell
GIS laila
Applicant Marc
Dom-O Marcus Massaro
O-girl mari
sub-O melinda Nyn
Dom-O MK (monkeyking2011)
meryl Fall
Associate naughty Glimmer
Applicant nyleni
O-girl jules Parabola
Master Ratzu Darkstone
Tyro-Master Remington Rothmanay
O-girl sassy Snoodle
Master WW

A few pics from the event....unfortunately, I don't take pics well, so if anyone has additional pics, please send them to me if you'd like me to post them.

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Voice Chat Friday: Truth Ball Galore

I attended the Friday voice chat late, doing my usual ninja style drop into the room about an hour into the proceedings.

Avril in full little girl mode
The usual gang was there, though supplemented by quite a lot of new applicants and cafe members. Avril was in full little girl mode, cute as pie and pretty in pink with roller skates on.  A new applicant named Marc was next, then Ratzu and Aqua were a seat or two away in all green for St. Patties, then Arie and Mari, Billy and Sage, Marcus and Meli, Benros, Laila, eGoes and Belle.

On the other side of the room were aimee, bri, Remington and syndra, a new visitor called Creed I think, and later orchid and a few others (sorry if I missed your names).

The event was the usual fun and laughter, and some of the many topics covered included:

- playing truth ball and all the interesting revelations that came out of that (sorry, can't tell!)

- belle meeting a phone blind date and finding him completely bland

- meli calling a Dom Mr. Thingy

- talking about urban blight

- my pee bottle (again!)

- Joking about how applicants are never seen when meli mentioned she could not see the new applicant Marc

- Avril laughing at inappropriate moments because of her penchant for multi-tasking (smh)

All in all, we all had a lot of fun and laughs, a nice ending to another week ;-)

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Bailey's O-Ring Ceremony

Thank you to laila (lelie Baxton) for all the awesome pics.

I attended part of bailey's (thorgrimsinga Resident) O-ring ceremony at Austin.

There was a huge crowd of people, and I could barely move, but I did manage to catch parts of the event.

WW led the Girl in Silence to the podium, and her mentors Aisha and Aria (represented by Jen) presented her to the waiting crowd, then people spoke out for her one at a time, including her Master estos.

Lifted from her Silence Bailey started by saying..."I can not thank you all enough for coming here today to celebrate this coming of age.  I have never worked for anything so hard in my life.  I never would have manged this without help and I would like to thank them at this time."

After she recited the O girl creed, the crowd moved on over to the dance, with DJ io Mooncheeks.

Attendees included:

aisha Sohl
bailey (thorgrimsinga Resident)
Belle (Belledujour Arida)
Benros Karlfeldt
Domi Galli
Duke (Dukexxl Resident)
estos Putzo
io Mooncheeks
ivy Rose (ivy1)
jen Umaga
laila (lelie Baxton)
Marc (Munxar Magic)
Marcus Massaro
melinda Nyn
MK (monkeyking2011)
Michael Blackmountain
Nik Jharls
OhLord Petrov
orchid Zsun
Ratzu Darkstone
RB (RB Quan)
Rectus Raypher
Remington Rothmanay
sage Avedon (SageWisdom Resident)
sammi (SamDelainey Resident)
sue Bowenford
syndra Rothmanay (SyndraOfFinwe Resident)
tara (tarailene Resident)
ulrika Tomsen
WW (worldwide Pedalo)

Thanks to Laila for all the great pics below!

aisha, sage, and jen







Laila and Benros


Duke and Ivy



Melinda, Marcus and Duke

Michael, DanialBlack, and sammi



Ratzu and Bailey

Remington and Syndra

Bailey and WW

Bailey and WW




Belle and OhLord Pterov