Sunday, July 26, 2015

Racing the Linda Lou

For the first time in weeks I took the Linda Lou out for a spin, sailing north at a fast clip from our home in Sailors Cove South, through the Spoondrift Narrows and then turning west after Horseshoe Park to go past Santa Catalina Island then southwest to moor at Sirens Isle.

On the way up I passed (and almost rammed!) another fast boat manned by Keliani, who was kind enough to accept my apologies for doing the sailing equivalent of street racing.

I moored in my usual spot, on the northern end of the chain, then rested on one of the outside seats to watch the passing traffic.

Sirens Isle itself had changed slightly, and not for the better in my opinion. The arrangement of land seemed more open, and less embracing than it used to be. although the crashed plan was still there.

But it was still a popular resting stop for passing sailors, who moored in its relatively sheltered waters after a long journey.

Interestingly enough, I think i was even privy to an unusual pick up attempt, with one man sidling over to a moored boat with a female captain and sunning himself while she did the same only a few meters away.

Alas, the woman left abruptly, and I could almost feel sad for the man as he raised sail and slowly moved on to the next island stop.

Friday, July 24, 2015

Billy and Sage's Beach Bash on 7/23/2015

I attended a beach party hosted by Billy and Sage Avedon in a beautifully-appointed sim called Tranquil Tiki Island, where they have a beach house. The owners of the sim, Wim Metty and Anne Buscayle were kind enough to set up a seaside dock as the venue.

I have to admit, the scenery was beautiful, as I've always been a fan of tropical beach settings, and  DJ Dee (Diana Wolfe) provided awesome music to complete the ensemble.

                Beautiful Tranquil Tiki island
The moment I arrived, Sage gave me a lei, which looked quite fetching on me. I may be domly, but that doesn't mean I can't look...hmmm...flowery...while practicing my craft!

Billy and Sage also made sure the bar was well stocked, another big plus, which later caused quite a few people to become tipsy. Thank heavens Linda was not there or she might have gone above her two beer maximum and in a drunken stupor perhaps even (horror of horrors!) taken out her ukelele to belt out a raucous song that would (in her own words!) "make even cats cry".

But since Linda could not come due to RL, I drafted my store manager alt Ronnie (ronhuber) to act as my dance partner, though she proved rather clumsy, and I ended up getting my toes stepped on quite a bit.

Melinda Nyn later came in with Marcus Massaro. In addition, some of the other guests present included Crux Maximus, Dakota, Tiger Zepp, Arie Sewell, Mari Carducci, Damion (Cyberdami) and Lilian Howley.

It was a fun time for all, with jokes flying all over and the drinks flowing freely. I managed to stay for almost the full two hours of the party, and only had to leave because it was time to go home.

Thanks to Billy and Sage again for a great party! Here's to more drunken celebrations in the future!

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Friday, July 17, 2015

New inworld store locations

Due to unforeseen circumstances, Linda "The Slumlord" Burnstein-King and I (aka "the proletariat") had to move our inworld stores from Viper Bay to a new location in the mainland.

Linda's huge store is located at ground level:

The Depraved Monkey store is located at 1500 meters here:

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Animal Dance at Cafe LaPe'rouse @ Austin

Melinda Nyn organized and hosted an impromptu Animal Dance event at Cafe LaPe'rouse @ Austin on July 12, 2015, with Painthorse Graysmark as the DJ, and Aria Vyper helping with the posters.

There was no temporary venue created for the event. Instead, the dance was held at the Cowgirl Heaven area of the sim. I could not join in the festivities, but I did drop by for a few minutes to take some pics and shoot a short video of the event.

A list from Melinda of some of the dancers and their costumes are listed below:

Melinda Nyn - rainbow horse
Marcus Massaro  - ape
Darla - tiger
Forest of Azure - werewolf
Aimee - skin      
Sergej - as himself
Orchid Zsun - pussy cat in gown
Mari Carducci - fox
Marion Fadlan - butterfly
Ratzu Darkstone - snoopy and woodstock
LG (Lord Glasswing) - brown bear
Opie - wolf
Sweetness Whitesong- leopard leotard
Avril Aura - panda
Sassy Snoodle - little fox
Kaer (Kaerlove Resident)- little unicorn
Alvise - bear
Rafe Allardyce - holding a flamingo
Jen Umaga - holding a flamingo
Dakota (dakota0therbee) -  white feathered neko outfit
Sevros Descent (Sevros Resident) - as self
Aisley (AisleyRansom Resident) - as self

Enjoy the short video of the event below, compiled to the tune of Maroon 5's 'Animals'.  I tried to synch the music with the dance. It was the first time I've taken an SL video in 4 years, and unfortunately I forgot to mute sound, which resulted in a hissing background to the vid.

You can click here to go directly to youtube and view it in high definition 1080p or 720p.

And some pics from the event:

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Ten important features and goals of Objectification, Dehumanization, and Depersonalization (ODD)

This is the second in a series of posts that will deal with fetishes that have been labeled as objectification, dehumanization, and depersonalization in BDSM, which I will refer to as ODD for short. To see more writings on this topic, click the ODD label below this article..

Submissives in a D/s or BDSM relationship who participate in ODD fetishes are trained to exhibit certain distinguishing features, which can also be thought of as goals or objectives in the context of a training regimen.

It is up to the submissive and her Dominant to decide how to weight the importance of each in their consensual relationship, as well as how to structure training so as to accomplish all the mutually agreed upon objectives.

In future posts I will go over each in turn.

1. Instrumentality

The submissive is simply a tool to be used.

2. Denial of Autonomy

The submissive lacks autonomy and self-determination. She can neither select her fate nor act independently.

3. Inertness

The submissive lacks agency, and is by herself non-moveable and unchanging.

4. Fungibility

The submissive is interchangeable with other people (or objects);

5. Violability

The submissive lacks boundary-integrity and her personhood can be encroached upon at will by her owner.

6. Ownership

The submissive is owned and can be bought or sold.

7. Denial of Subjectivity

The submissive's experiences and feelings do not need to be taken into account.

8. Reduction to Body

The identity of the submissive can be reduced to simply her body, or even mere body parts.

9. Reduction to Appearance

The submissive is valued merely in terms of how she looks, with no value attached to any higher intelligence or emotion or personality.

10. Silencing

The submissive is silent, lacking the capacity to speak unless directed to do so.


Langton, Rae, 2009, Sexual Solipsism: Philosophical Essays on Pornography and Objectification, Oxford: Oxford University Press.

Nussbaum, Martha, 1995, “Objectification”, Philosophy and Public Affairs, 24(4): 249–291.

Friday, July 10, 2015

Happy First Year Anniversary to my Boo!

Next week marks the first year of our time together....a year when we've been seeing each other almost every day

It's weird, but I can still remember vividly that day on July 16 of last year when I met Linda at The Chamber.

I was bored and doing my piano gig while working in RL.

As was usual, I was perving the profiles of a few people (both men and women...I wasn't looking for love, or even a little slex) who were at least moderately interesting, when I spotted a girl standing near the terrace doors who was wearing a blindingly bright orange outfit.

I almost, almost (!),  passed over her, but I figured I might as well say something about the outfit. Plus, her avi had a regular name and a full profile, which are big big pluses in my mind.

Little did I know I was going to get hitched that very day.

MK: Your outfit nearly blinded me when I popped in ;-)  Cool orange!

Linda: Ohh are gonna need sunglasses

MK: Ma'am, I wear sunglasses all the time. I've been mistaken for Corey Hart at times.

Linda: Nice looking man

Linda: I get mistaken for Kellie Pickler...dont think it's a

MK: That's what lots of lindens will get you ha ha. No, let me correct that...that's what some lindens will get you AND an eye for looking like Keannu Reaves.

MK: *runs to google*

Linda: laughsss

MK: Va va va voom!!!!

Linda: Lots of lindens got me great boobs too...gotta love the adjust buttons.

MK: Let me see that outfit again...*clicks zoom*

Linda: Ohh i thought you meant RL.

MK: *ohh i thought you meant RL* you look like her in RL? Will you marry me?

Linda: Yes i will marry you!!!

MK: Well, that line HAD to work someday. Yay!

Linda: Are you rich and old?

MK: Old is a relative term. Rich too. Give me parameters.

Linda: laughssss

The conversation went on for some time, and it was immediately obvious to me that Linda was a smart, and quite funny girl. She walked over to the piano to watch me play, and before we parted friended me.

The rest, as they say, is history.

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

AFTER 4th JULY DANCE - PJs PARTY at Cafe LaPe'rouse @ Austin

Guest blogger Melinda Nyn hosted the AFTER 4th JULY DANCE - PJs PARTY at Cafe LaPe'rouse @ Austin on July 5, 2015. I managed to join in at the end of the festivities, though at the expense of the gathered party-goers, who were treated to the horrifying sight of my green undies peeking out of my red pants. Someone who shall remain nameless even suggested there was something stinky and moldy going on...ahem. Anyways, enjoy the report and video below.

After the excitement of real life 4th July celebrations what better than to relax with a lazy Sunday pajama party?

I took over the newest area of Austin, the Mountain Retreat, and DJ Painthorse Graysmark was on hand to belt out some of the best of the tunes of yesteryear - well 60s and 70s!  The dress code,  of pjs, sweats or nighties, was strictly adhered to and Master Ratzu laid down line dancing pods for all.

There was a good crowd of Austin folk in attendance on what could've been a quiet stay-at-home day  - Avril even managed to video some of the dancing so you can  enjoy it as if you had been there!

- Melinda Nyn

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Friday, July 3, 2015

Basic Guide to Objectification, Dehumanization, and Depersonalization (ODD) in BDSM

Milking the nurse cow
This is the first in a series of posts that will deal with fetishes that have been labeled as objectification, dehumanization, and depersonalization in BDSM, which I will refer to as ODD for short. To see more writings on this topic, click the ODD label below this article.

Some of the more extreme aspects of BDSM are found in a broad range of fetishes that have been categorized as objectification, and which I'll lump into a group (Objectification, Dehumanization, and Depersonalization  or ODD) for the purposes of this post. These range from some less objectionable types of play such as dressing up someone to change their appearance, to more extreme fetishes, such as treating a person as a toilet or a mere piece of meat to be used at will by anyone.

There has always been some confusion about ODD. This is mainly because some of the definitions used are so all-encompassing that they have been ascribed to more than one type of fetish, or the delineation between the types are sometimes vague and you get a range of play that merge from one type to the other with no real distinct boundaries.

This post is an attempt to provide some structure to the various fetish plays that fit into the broader ODD grouping. It is not meant to be a final and unalterable dogma on the topic, but rather a work in progress that can be updated and modified.

Listed below are definitions of the subcategories of ODD and some examples of each.


Clockwork Doll
This refers to treating the person as a mere inanimate or non-living object, and may include the following types of play, where the person is treated as:
  • A living doll or mannequin
  • A toilet or various other degrading objects that deal with human waste
  • A sushi platter or various other similar objects
  • A piece of furniture such as a stool or chair (forniphilia)
  • A piece of art such as a statue
  • A robot
  • A sex toy (e.g. gimps)
  • Glory-holes and other similar contraptions such as slut-in-the-boxes where the person is whittled down to a set of functionalities
  • Forced transformations into objects

Pony Girl
This refers to treating the person like an animal or a beast, and may include the following types of play:
  • Pet play (dog, puppy, kitten, etc)
  • Pony play
  • Service pets
  • Breeding and Milking (maiesiophilia)

Generic slave
This is the least extreme of the various ODD subcategories, and refers to treating the person as if he or she has a different identity or no identity and human rights at all. The amorphous nature of this subcategory means that it oftentimes seamlessly merges into broader role play fetishes, and so in this post I will try to define the term as it applies to ODD.

For our purpose we will restrict this subcategory of ODD to those situations wherein the person is stripped of all personhood or unique personal characteristics, such that he or she is perfectly interchangeable with another physically similar person who can fulfill the same exact role. That is, one can swap the subject person with another person who is physically similar without creating any significant problems or loss of enjoyment/pleasure for the partner(s) or target audience.

As such, this may include such things as:
  • Slaves
  • Ragdoll and corpse play
  • Forced modifications of physical appearance
  • Dressing up
As I noted above,  this post is not meant to be a final and unalterable dogma on the topic, but rather a work in progress that can be updated and modified. I welcome any comments and suggestions regarding the topic, and you may get in touch with me via my main avatar in second life, MK (monkeyking2011 resident).

More in the series:

Ten important features and goals of Objectification, Dehumanization, and Depersonalization (ODD)

The Alanis Angels at Alanis Gallery in Xaara

Depersonalization during anonymous sex rituals

Austin Sculptures

Humphrey Bogart? Pfffft!!!

I'm trying to take good pics to catalog some of the poses in one of the Austin chairs when Linda starts chomping on a cigar and wants all of us there to think she's channeling Bogart....rigggghtttt!!!! *nods vigorously*

Oh, and just call me no-neck Mr. Toad....whose left hand seems suspiciously close to his Windy Willows.

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Rozku's GIS Event at Crepax Gallery

Linda and I managed to catch the last part of Rozku's GIS Event at Cafe O on July 2, 2015, a voice reading of selections from The Story of O read by several different people, where the venue was nicely decorated with comic book scenes done by Guido Crepax, a renowned graphic illustrator.

The voice presentations were done by Avril Aura, Rozku, Tiger Zepp, and Melinda Nyn. I missed out on hearing Tiger's and Avril's parts, but did manage to catch Meli's narration in her low sultry British voice, as well as Rozku's European-accented rendition of the seminal work by writer Anne Desclos (writing under the name Pauline Réage).

Avril Aura reading

Tiger Zepp reading

Melinda Nyn reading

Rozku reading