Thursday, December 29, 2016

WTF settings on Firestorm - Tuesday Voice Chat at Austin

Because of the holidays, only a few people showed up for voice chat on Tuesday. In addition to myself, Avril Aura, Sage (SageWisdom), Laila, Screwtape, Mari, and a couple others were there.

Nevertheless, it was a lot of fun, and we were still there after 6 pm, when the voice chat normally finishes.

Topics included:

  • Avril shenanigans
  • Sage's dress
  • The death of Carrie Fisher and George Michael
  • No butts on certain avatars
  • Girl vs Boy brains
  • The WTF setting on firestorm
  • Sage winning a competition by creating a huge Santa hat on their cottage

Alyah - Half a Life of Regret

Sad beautiful song about mistakes made in the past...I provided a translation below in English for those who do not know Bahasa Melayu/Indonesia, but the gist of the song is fairly obvious from the video...though the fact the girl died is less obvious.

Sesal Separuh Nyawa

Andai pastinya ku tahu
If I had only known for certain

Takkan aku tinggalkanmu
I would never have left you

Namun masih keliru teringat masa lalu
Though I still wrongly remember the past

Tetap tiada kulupakan
And yet, I won't forget

Indah setiap sentuhan
The sweet moments of your touch

Cinta yang kau tinggalkan
The love that you left behind

Kekalnya berdampingan
It is with me all the time

Mana harusku hamparkan
Where must I disperse

Rindu tiada kesudahan
A longing that will not end

Sesal biar separuh nyawa
Although I regret half my life

Takkan hilang
It won't fade away

Masih terasa nafasmu
I can still feel your breath

Lembut menusuk jiwaku
Piercing softly my soul

Dengan dihembus bayu
Blown away with the wind

Membawa khabar rindu
Bringing along longing

Tapi sulit kuteruskan
But it is difficult for me to move on

Engkau jauh kehadapan
You are far ahead

Aku, tabah berjalan sembunyikan harapan
I patiently walk and hide my hope


Separuh sayangmu dihati
Half of your love is in my heart

Separuh lagi kau bawa pergi
Another half you've taken away

Tiada arah jodoh kita
We're now apart

Tuhan tentu… kannya
As God wills it

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Short clip of Linda and Sage Dancing

In January of this year, we spontaneously congregated at the new "Frat Room" at Austin, where a lap dance broke out.

Before that however, my baby girl and Sage did a synchronized dance that I managed to capture partly on video.

The segment was way too short to be used for a full musical video, but I spliced it repeatedly to create something that might be amusing to watch.

All I can say is we've got some really really sexy girls at Austin! ;-)

Austin's Secret Santa Dance

I attended the Secret Santa dance on December 22.

I had to improvise my outfit at the last minute, but instead of putting together a nice ensemble I simply looked at my old outfits and finding one that said "Santa", I put it on and ended up looking rather...uh...

Anyways, it was a cool dance with DJ Storm and Melinda as host. I danced with Shiloh first, then Avril after, before needing to head home.

More pics from the always dependable Laila:




Billy and Marion


Egoes again!

Marcus and Belle

Marcus and Laila

MK and Shiloh

Lucy and Ratzu


Sammi and WW

Meli and Shiloh


MK and Shiloh

Avril and MK

Monday, December 19, 2016

Avril's Head

I teleported Avril into an Austin discussion, and I noticed her head did not really rezz for me. It turns out she was wearing a new mesh head that can only be seen by Firestorm 5 viewers, so she took a pic so I could see it.

All I can say is.....Vavavavooom!!!! My creamy friend's a serious cutie! *runs to get version 5 viewer* lol

Friday, December 16, 2016

Fair warning...

What can you do with two scheming subs who conspire to poke fun at one of your idiosyncrasies?

I am notorious for being unable to stay inworld during most nights, and I frequently have to tell people that, fair warning, I could derezz at any moment.

During one of their talks, Dakota and Meli snickered about this fun fact about me, and lo and behold, the next time I met Kota girl inworld she had a gift for me....made by one of her friends...

And all i could think was....

"If only...if only they weren't owned...." the moon!!!! *smh sadly*

Thank you for the great shirt! Makes me look buffed! *smiles*

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Voice Cum Tuesday at Austin (oh sorry, I meant Voice CHAT!)

Old pic of Starbucks Voice Chat
We had an absolutely hilarious voice chat yesterday, though I have to say some of the girls were starting to get out of control....topping was rampant, cum was everywhere (*wonders who's gonna be wiping off the residue before the next chat*), sexy buttcheeks were in abundance (Avril!), and Sage almost passed out due to laughing.

Unfortunately, due to the fact this is a family oriented blog, I cannot in good conscience post any of the many MANY pics I (and Aisha!) took, and I will have to content myself with placing said photos in my Blackmail Scrapbook (which in the time I've been at Austin has grown to roughly the size of Tolstoy's War and Peace).

Thanks to everyone who was there....

Sunday, December 11, 2016

Kehilangan (and some nice romantic tripe)

Good a crazy ass Indonesian stalker kinda way...*smh*

And whoever did the english translation on the video needs some help *smh again*

I gotta admit, I sometimes indulge in seriously romantic tripe.

I found the song below beautifully melodic, albeit romantic in a high schoolish kinda way (and thank god we're past that! teenagers, what can you do? *smh again and again*)

No english translation, but I'll bet you can easily guess what the song is all about...oh, and the face of the kid at the end when the girl leaves...priceless ;-)

ps. yes, i know i'm being a meanie...

And lyrics for both:

Di Saat Aku Mencintaimu

Mengapa kau pergi
Mengapa kau pergi
Di saat aku mulai

Berharap engkau
Jadi kekasih hatiku
Malah kau pergi
Jauh dari hidupku

Menyendiri lagi
Menyendiri lagi
Di saat kau
Tinggalkan diriku pergi

Tak pernah ada
Yang menghiasi hariku
Di saat aku
Terbangun dari tidurku

Aku inginkan diri mu
Datang dan temui aku
Kan ku katakan padamu
Aku sangat mencintai

Aku inginkan diri mu
Datang dan temui aku
Kan ku katakan padamu
Aku sangat mencinta

Menyendiri lagi
Menyendiri lagi

Di saat kau
Tinggalkan diriku pergi
Tak pernah ada
Yang menghiasi hariku
Di saat aku
Terbangun dari tidurku

Aku inginkan diri mu
Datang dan temui aku
Kan ku katakan padamu
Aku sangat mencintai dirimu

Aku inginkan diri mu
Datang dan temui aku
Kan ku katakan padamu
Aku sangat mencinta

(Semoga engkau)
(Kan mengerti)
(Tentang perasaan ini)
(Maaf ku telah terbuai)

Akan indahnya cinta

(Maaf sungguhku tak bisa)
(Untuk kembali padamu)
(Maaf ku telah terbuai)
(Akan indahnya cinta)

Aku inginkan diri mu
Datang dan temui aku
Kan ku katakan padamu
Aku sangat mencinta

Aku inginkan diri mu
Datang dan temui aku
Kan ku katakan padamu
Aku sangat mencinta

Aku inginkan diri mu
Datang dan temui aku
Kan ku katakan padamu,
Aku sangat mencinta


Ku coba ungkap tabir ini
Kisah antara kau dan aku
Terpisahkan oleh ruang dan waktu
Menyudutkanmu meninggalkanku

Ku merasa tlah kehilangan
Cintamu yang tlah lama hilang
Kau pergi jauh karena salahku
Yang tak pernah menganggap kamu ada

Asmara memisahkan kita
Mengingatkanku pada dirimu
Gelora mengingatkanku
Bahwa cintamu tlah merasuk jantungku

Sejujurnya (sejujurnya) ku tak bisa (ku tak bisa)
Hidup tanpa ada kamu aku gila (aku gila)
Seandainya (seandainya) kamu bisa (kamu bisa)
Mengulang kembali lagi cinta kita (cinta kita)

Takkan ku sia-siakan kamu lagi

Asmara memisahkan kita
Mengingatkanku pada dirimu
Gelora mengingatkanku
Bahwa cintamu tlah merasuk jantungku

Sejujurnya (sejujurnya) ku tak bisa (ku tak bisa)
Hidup tanpa ada kamu aku gila (aku gila)
Seandainya (seandainya) kamu bisa (kamu bisa)
Mengulang kembali lagi cinta kita (cinta kita)

Sejujurnya (sejujurnya) ku tak bisa (ku tak bisa)
Hidup tanpa ada kamu aku gila (aku gila)

Takkan ku sia-siakan kamu lagi..
Takkan ku sia-siakan kamu lagi..

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Tiggaa's GIS Event: Victorian Skating!

I attended Tiggaa's GIS event today, which had λરίε (Arie Sewell) as the DJ.

The theme was Victorian Skating, and the set was absolutely beautiful!

I danced with Laila first, wobbling around on my skates and threatening to drag her down with me to the slippery ice, but I managed to steady myself with her help.

I then danced with O-girl Kaer (Kaerlove) for the rest of the time, until I had to leave for home in RL about halfway through the dance .

More pics of the event below. Thanks to Laila (lelie Baxton) for most of the great pics. I cannot believe how much better her resolution and color palette is compared to what I see! And thanks to Tigga for hosting and organizing such a fun event and such an amazing venue!

Jen Umaga by Laila

Billy and Sage Avedon by Laila

Marcus Massaro and Sammi (SamDelainey) by Laila

MK and Kaerlove by Laila

Will Titus and Laila by Laila

Will and Orchid Zsun by Laila

WW (worldwide pedalo)and Aga Cisse by Laila

WW and Laila by Laila

Tiggaa by Laila

Remington and Syndra Rothmanay (SyndraOfFinwe) by Laila

Cool Cats in the Cafe

I didn't realize the cool cats with Linda's sunglasses are still at the Cafe *smiles*

Monday, November 28, 2016

Let it not be said that I don't have the thanksgiving spirit

Nothing says "Macho" like riding on my fair steed
Meli and I were hanging out at our home at Sailors Cove South, when she decided we should get into the spirit of this decidedly non-British holiday (Linda once called it the "F* You Holiday" when it came to the Brits).

I must admit we looked quite dignified *reaches up to take a turkey leg, then munches thoughtfully on it*

Monday, November 21, 2016

Linda's Top 5 Cheek Hurt Moments

Linda has a beautiful southern voice, but I think what attracts me more is her laughter and her great sense of humor.

She loves to laugh, and in fact when I first met her, the top line on her profile was "live, love, laugh often....".

Her repertoire ranges from mischievous giggles, to audacious snorts, to long silences where she has literally lost her breath laughing.

I love hearing her laugh, the sounds of her happiness, and without further ado, here are what i think are the top 5 moments when Linda laughed so hard that she started snorting or even (and I quote her) her cheeks actually hurt:

1. Sake Time (2016-10-29)

It was a Saturday night....I had been imbibing half a bottle of sake (which is 15% alcohol by volume) and was kinda buzzed...and me and Linda were voicing with Aqua at the Cafe.

Somehow it had gotten into my mind that blow drying one part of me after an ice cube massage would be a GOOD IDEA! Don't ask me how I got the idea, but I'm pretty sure Linda had something to do with it....*mutters under breath*

I prepared all the items, all the while hearing Aqua and Linda laughing like loons and worrying about the police finding me electrocuted in a puddle of water with a blow dryer in one hand.

I remember Meli IMing me to go to a party, and me telling her I was too busy blow drying my you know what...she had replied in typical deadpan British fashion "Of course you are."

2. Dancing MK (2015-9-17)

It was the Austin 7th Anniversary Week and Linda and I were attending WW's Bound or Undressed Party Game.

I was participating in the game, but I have to admit the only reason I was competitive was because both Linda and Meli were feeding answers to me. Yes, subs are frequently smarter than the Doms!

Anyways, Linda was already giggling over the way I was trying to answer the questions when she gave me some object, and asked me to wear it.

Being the innocent and trusting soul that I am (and being really busy concentrating on the game), I donned the object and suddenly found myself dancing!

It was River Dance, and I must have looked kinda funny dancing it because Meli, Avril (?) and Linda started laughing hysterically.

In between bouts of giggling and snorting, Linda gave me another object, and when I donned it, I now started dancing like a 1920s flapper, which caused the girls to laugh even harder.

Suffice it to say, that was the last Bound or Undressed game WW did in a long time ;-)

3. MK arrested (early 2016)

I was in voice chat at Starbucks when I suddenly had to move my car. I switched on the car and slowly moved to another spot, but as I struggled with the headphones and earplugs and mouse that were in the way, I could hear shrieks of laughter coming from the earphone.

I started cursing as I went up one of the islands in the parking lot, and this induced more fits of laughter from the ungrateful %^%$^$&%$ who were allegedly my friends.

Anyways, once I got settled back down, Linda said (in between lots and lots of snorting and giggling) that they thought i was being arrested, and they had all quieted down to hear how it went.

Obviously, this made me realize who my real friends are....

4. ADD and ADHD (2016-6-24)

During a voice chat at Austin, Ratzu asked Linda about why she had covered the girl posters in the room with sunglasses, and I told him it was because she had ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder), which caused a fit of snorting in my little boo when she tried to explain it and then couldn't after her mind started to wander..she also started pretending to be one of the rock band AC/DC after I said AC/DC instead of ADD.

5. Mushrooms and Submarines (2016-10-21)

At one voice chat, I mentioned that Linda calls me the "Submarine" (I should not need to explain that reference for those who know me well! *grins proudly*), at which point my boo countered that she actually calls me "Mushroom", all the while giggling mischievously.

Woland asked whether it was because I released torpedoes sporadically, and Sage wondered whether it's because Linda "kept me in the dark and fed me bullshit" (!!!), but Linda smoothly noted it's because I was her "Umbrella of Love" hahahaha...rigggghhhhht!!!!


Extreme Cold (2016-9-9)

At another voice chat recently, we were talking about the effects of extreme cold, and I in my most logical frame of mind, noted that due to higher insulation, cold would have less of an effect on overweight people. This caused Linda, obviously in her PC frame of mind, to start laughing like a loon and exclaiming to me "don't! don't go there!" and that what i was saying was basically that "we should send out the fat people cuz they would last longer" in the cold. To his credit, RB noted that I was probably right due to spherical objects having less surface to volume ratios.

Oh, in that chat we also talked about surviving extreme cold by crawling into the body of a dead animal, surviving extreme cold by masturbating, and what appendages might break off in the cold, and masturbating next to a police a car...with no trousers on....and a dead animal by your side...which caused more fits of laughter from everyone.

Well, there you have it folks...the top 5 cheek hurt moments of Linda!

I noticed five of the top 6 are actually fairly recent (in 2016), but unfortunately that's an artifact of the fact I've forgotten a lot of other stuff in the past. Oh well.

I hope you enjoyed that list, and please come back again next time for another episode of..."As Linda's World Turns"...and turns...then turns some more...then loosens and rolls down the drainage ditch...

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Curi's Thank You Dance

New O-girl Curi (CuriousHeart Loordes ) held a Thank You dance on November 17. The venue was created by Curi herself, and the spinner of music was Dj Ariana Petrova.

People were supposed to wear an outfit that reflected something they were thankful for, and earlier in the day I talked to Meli while she created boxes that had textures of her friends on it! ;-)

Linda and I ended up as part of her triangular hat.

For myself, I created a flat board that was transparent on one side, but which rotated pictures of Linda on the other, back, side.

I danced mostly with the lovely Sage, who had an outfit with lots of tiny pics of Billy on it.

More pics from the event...thank to Curi for hosting such a fun event, with lots of laughter and good camaraderie x