Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Talking Pussies and Penises

One of my friends told me she had a rather unpleasant experience at bondage ranch when publicly testing the DM Pussy. She was hassled by two older residents (both of whom had rez dates in 2007) who disparaged the fact that her pussy spontaneously texted RP chat when certain...ahem...things were done to her. This included the cumming chat when other residents tweaked her DM Dildo enough that it peaked her excitement level beyond the tipping point. Luckily, she was rescued by a certain good samaritan who shall remain nameless, but who later was paid in cum...quite a great deal of it too I gather.

To a certain extent I can see their point. The current DMH Penis has a Sextalk function which will randomly text out RP chat when selected buttons are pressed by the owner. Obviously, it would make far better RP for the owner to create things himself or herself. The random sextalk in the penis is pulled from a database of chats that I put up awhiles back (and have been too busy to update to be honest about it). However, I know this feature is heavily used, so some people obviously are okay with it and are helped by it. In the end, the sextalk function is optional (there's no one forcing you to go to the sextalk menu and start pressing buttons like mad), so perhaps I will leave it there for now.

Saying that, I'd like people to have more control over the custom text that is chatted out and we have plans to allow people wearing the DM Pussy and DMH Penis to create custom text in their notecards or through a webform. I think once these features have been added to the DM Pussy and DMH Penis it will make them quite a bit more powerful and flexible, and will allow users to engage in far richer and satisfying role play. In fact, I have incorporated this feature in the new upcoming DM Whip, where the owner can create a custom message that will be displayed when he or she whips someone using the DM Pussy or DMH Penis. We are also going to have this feature in the upcoming DM Dildo Mark II, which will feature many additional animations as well.

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