Sunday, January 27, 2013

As irresistible as the tides...


What's one man against the tides and the deeps of the ocean anyways? ;-)

Good wishes to Lori Novo and her man!

- Senior Edwardo

ps. %^$^%$%^$%^%$#%^%$#^%$#$%W#%$!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Edwardo's Angel

I'll never forget the first time I ever laid my eyes on my friend Lori Novo. I had been out of SL for awhile on an RL vacation, and as is usual for me nowadays I was feeling quite nostalgic and exploring the walkways of Tempura when I chanced upon this lovely form sitting primly on the grass, a pair of luminous angel wings rising from her and gently stirring in the slight breeze. She promptly became for me the Melancholy Angel of Tempura, and nothing I've found out since has changed my mind about the aptness of that moniker. Lori is sweetness personified, a Texan with a heart as big (but hopefully not as armed) as the state where she lives.

Unfortunately for her, I am a wicked wicked man, with no scruples whatsoever, so when I learned that her friend Ocean dreamed that a guy called Edwardo had captured Lori's heart I could not resist the implacable forces of destiny and had to confess to her the truth.

monkeyking2011: EDWARDO!
Lori Novo: haha
Lori Novo: that's funny
monkeyking2011: that name tickles your funnybone. it's so weird that that's my RL name
Lori Novo: omg, is that ur real name?
monkeyking2011: Yes it is, if you got rid of the E, D, and W, and rearranged the remaining letters...then add a few more. So, the simple answer is...YES!
Lori Novo: haha :)
Lori Novo: maybe it was u in Ocean's dream after all
monkeyking2011: i end up a lot in people's dreams. normally, it's when they're having a nightmare ;-)
Lori Novo: haha, u r so silly :)

Things came to a head when Lori put up her new profile pic, and she was a form of such radiant beauty that  upon seeing it I uttered in whispered disbelief a poem I had made and buried so long ago, but which now rose from the depths of my Edwardian soul as relentless as the evening tides:

I see you in the twinkling of an eye across a crowded room;
in the iridescent wings of a hummingbird;
in soaking rain and beautiful sunshine;
in the cusp of a moment, and in every single movement.

Lori, Lori Novo, has your Edwardo come at last?

Monday, January 14, 2013

TUSK: Work started!

Well, we've started work on the TUSK toy, and I'm kinda enjoying the time spent creating it because I haven't done such work in awhile. Plus, I'm learning new stuff, such as the use of CISS chains to create a more realistic BDSM effect, as demonstrated by the always juicy cowgirl Angel (angelstar2) above.

We're also planning some pretty innovative scenes featuring animated phants, which I'm sure will be quite fun to do, so am looking forward to that as well.

The older sex toys were done in furious spurts that lasted at most 2 weeks, but I think we'll spend a more leisurely time creating this one, learning new things as we go along and generally avoiding stress, which after all is why we're all here in SL. I do this for fun, so it shouldn't actually become a chore lol.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

MIRP Engines and the upcoming Tusk: Revenge of the Matriarch Sex Toy

The first sex toy we made was a bare table that had some simple sex animations built in, the whole contraption being powered by MLPV2. It was a good learning experience, but the animation was bad, and it was buggy (lol). I remember frantically trying to do some fixes while on vacation in Las Vegas last November 2011, while my partner fielded irate customers.

That product (which we pulled out of the store  a long time back) was also a revelation in that we realized making generalized sex toys for the market that was indistinguishable from the tons of sex beds, mattresses, and sofas out there was kinda boring.

So the next three products we made all had (to some degree) some SETTING and STORY to them.

This made them all much more interesting to make, which I've found is a prime consideration in SL.

I started calling the products "MIRPEs" or "Micro Role Play Engines" because they all facilitated specialized and more narrowed RP, unlike the generalized tables and beds and BDSM equipment out there. In the case of the Plumber's Pleasure toy, our last MIRPE, we even rezzed white storyboards in the background of certain poses (lol).

For the upcoming Tusk sex toy, we'd love to be able to take the engine to the next level in sophistication, with a more complex storyline and the introduction of animated bots as part of the system.

It'll definitely be a challenged to make, and I'm sure we'll learn quite a bit trying to make it work, but I'm also sure there will be some fun had in the making.

Monday, January 7, 2013

Tusk! Revenge of The Matriarch

The poaching of elephants and rhinos and other endangered species for their ivory is one of the worst crimes against nature that is rampant in areas where these great animals roam.

This pair of tusks represents the beginning of the newest sex toy from Depraved Monkey, and involves the story of how bloody revenge was exacted against the greedy immoral poachers who killed an entire herd of phants. This will be the most depraved, the sleaziest, the bloodiest offering yet from the makers of the Fuck the Drunk Futon and Santa's Revenge.

We've had a year to hone our animation skills,  a year since the last toy to bone up on scripting, and so I hope we will be able to offer an excellent and worthwhile product.

It won't sell that many since sex toys that aren't normal beds or whatnot are a niche market, but hell we'll enjoy making it, and may even put out a limited edition version that has additional options. Seriously, who wants to put out another bed that does a gazillion standard poses that every other bed does?

Plus, it'll have tight integration with the best-selling DMH Penis and DM Pussy.