Monday, June 25, 2012

I'm cumming for our country!

Two of Second Life's loveliest ladies show why patriotism is not's mouth-wateringly, cum-inducingly, abso-fucking-lutely SEXY!

My ravishing Sky wears her colors proudly while protecting and taking care of her magnificent elephants, while uber-cool Marie does the lambada in the old red, white, and blue, which is kinda confusing since she's Australian. But hey, who's complaining?

Certainly not me! All I can say is, "Hey girls, let's do it for our country!"

DMH Penis: MonkeyKing2011 screams: OMG  I'm CUUUUMIIIINGGG!!!!!!

Friday, June 22, 2012

The Exquisite Joys of New Candy

I love new candy. I love the noise it makes when you slowly unwrap it. I love teasing it with quick jabs of my tongue, taking in the sweet sugar one lick at a time. I love putting it in my mouth and letting the full range of sensations, from its texture, to its taste, to its solidity and flexibility, wash over me.

My new candy is Marie Monk. She's an Aussie with some moxie, and it took quite a while to convince her to jump into my eagerly waiting fingers. But here she is, all ready and willing to be taken by me. To be unwrapped slowly and with eager anticipation. To be tasted with sensuous abandon over every centimeter of her naked nubile pale body. To be fully immersed in my juices, and melting in my mouth.

Oh marie, what bright pleasures and dark sensual pain await you!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Major upgrade of Depraved Monkey Penis and future plans

The latest version of the most advanced penis in SL was released yesterday.

The Depraved Monkey Penis is available for free at the Elephant Sanctuary. The upgrade box with the Depraved Monkey logo is located close to the large elephants at the back. Just join the group Monkey-Elephant Enterprises, then re-click the box and it will give you the upgrade box. While you're there, please check out and ride the elephants and rocking phants, and be sure to look at some of Ellie the Elephant's beautiful custom themed lamps (they switch on and off!) and other elephant themed items.

I worked almost non-stop for several days to get the new major features out, and they are a doozy, with Sky helping out with the testing and debugging. Check them out!
    This is a major feature that mimics the natural excitement and cumming of a penis in RL. Your penis will now automatically cum (with sound and spurting of semen) when it reaches a set level of excitement. See instructions below for more details. 
    By touching your penis, your partner will have access to a dialog menu where she or he can stimulate your penis (with accompanying sex talk) until it cums using AUTO-CUM 
    This penis now comes with 3 freebie animations, the original whacking penis, a begging pose animation, and a random collection of 3 drunk animations. 
    Male cumming sounds have been added to the previous female moaning and cumming sounds. 
    Two additional special effects have been added, including water cannon and camouflage.

I'd have to say the AUTO-CUM feature was the hardest to do and the most important. Although the user can still manually trigger cumming and the sounds associated with it, having the user and partner work to automatically trigger this event just as in RL makes the experience much more rewarding and realistic.

Overall, I'm satisfied with the work so far, but there are tons of additional upgrades and features that will be added as time passes. These include:

  • Predator Hunt - This will be a difficult upgrade because it will involve synchronizing the penis with an associated female pussy or item of clothing (like a bracelet or necklace or collar). 
  • SLEC - we're still debating the merits of providing a comprehensive database of escorts in SL. But this might come sometime in Summer too.
  • Color and Texture Changer - right now people can change the color and texture of the penis using SL's EDIT function, but sometime later we'll probably provide a HUD for doing this.

But before all those updates we have to start releasing another product to join the various sex toys that we already feature in the Depraved Monkey Store. Any suggestions would be welcome. Just IM me, monkeyking2011.

Hope you all enjoy the new upgrade! ;-)

Saturday, June 9, 2012

It's a wonderful Second Life

Sam's the MAN. Seriously. His machinimas videos are superb, and heart warming. Check them out below.