Sunday, December 21, 2014

Blog List: Some Movies I remember from the early 1980s

The Terminator 

Nothing else to say here. A classic. I watched it maybe 3-4 times in the theater that first day, though fell asleep in between I think. This and the second in the series were never surpassed or even matched by the sequels later. Must watch.

Micki and Maude

Mostly forgotten by people, but I remember watching this at least twice that day. It was funny, and the lead guy Dudley Moore was famous from Arthur.

Back to the Future

Another superb classic that spawned several good sequels. Nothing else need be said. Must watch.

Streets of Fire

Forgettable except for two things. The music Nowhere Fast and Diane Lane.

St. Elmo's Fire

Nothing says early 1980s than the brat pack. Also liked Demi Moore and the music.


Good holiday film that I enjoyed. I don't know. It wasn't really that great, but I still remember it, and of course it was helmed by Spielberg.

The NeverEnding Story

I liked the movie, and the concept of the bookish boy becoming a hero (yes, i was a bookish boy myself), and the music was very good.


Great gangster movie. And I love Michelle Pfeiffer. Gorgeous. Must watch.


The second in the series, and just as good as the original, though in a different way. Another science fiction classic! Must watch.

Vision Quest

Another forgettable movie except for the song Crazy for You by Madonna.

Howard the Duck

Don't lose some respect for me, but I actually liked this movie, although it has made several worst movie lists and is the "let's hide him in the basement" progeny of George Lucas. The only thing I found objectionable were those really weird moments of intimacy between the girl and the duck. Seriously. Oh, and I loved the bad-ass scorpion-like alien at the end.

How bad was it? The moments of intimacy between Lea Thompson and Howard were particularly objectionable and creepy. And no no no, Ducks do not have boobs!

Friday, December 19, 2014

The cream colored angelic suit

My girl Linda Lou gifted me with a cream colored suit, and we spent some time getting the color combination right at Cafe O. It's the only light suit I have, and so I told her I'd call it my angelic outfit, in contrast to all the dark outfits I usually wear.

We had lots of fun getting it right...oh, and I did say I would put this local chat on record *evil grin*

Suffice it to say, this is the first time the dreaded F word has ever been used by this shocked writer in almost three years of writing this blog!

Shocked, I tell you, I am shocked!!!!

[09:50] MK (monkeyking2011 Resident): *sneaks peek at self in mirror again*
[09:50] MK (monkeyking2011 Resident): i could dance with myself
[09:50] Linda Burnstein (lb Burnstein): you do rook mavouloussss
[09:51] MK (monkeyking2011 Resident): is that your Japanese accent? Ya, i rook mahvelous!
[09:51] Linda Burnstein (lb Burnstein): billy christal
[09:51] MK (monkeyking2011 Resident): billy crystal is Japanese?
[09:52] Linda Burnstein (lb Burnstein):'s old SNL stuff
[09:52] Linda Burnstein (lb Burnstein): i have to get you a tv
[09:52] MK (monkeyking2011 Resident): you're all the entertainment i need baby
[09:54] MK (monkeyking2011 Resident): you're like comedy and drama and porn all rolled into one
[09:54] Linda Burnstein (lb Burnstein): lol
[09:54] MK (monkeyking2011 Resident): did i just say "porn"?
[09:54] Linda Burnstein (lb Burnstein): so like if i did porn i would fart?
[09:54] MK (monkeyking2011 Resident): *clapsmouth shut*
[09:54] MK (monkeyking2011 Resident): i need to watch home alone this holidays
[09:54] Linda Burnstein (lb Burnstein): lol..we just watched
[09:54] MK (monkeyking2011 Resident): did my sexy girl just say fart!!!????
[09:54] MK (monkeyking2011 Resident): ok ok there goes my hard on
[09:54] Linda Burnstein (lb Burnstein): i know..looks to the ground
[09:55] Jen (Jen Umaga): laughing.....this is like stand up comedy
[09:55] MK (monkeyking2011 Resident): did you watch the fierst one? that's the classic
[09:55] Linda Burnstein (lb Burnstein): omg..i thought everyone was gone...sorry jen
[09:55] Jen (Jen Umaga): Ahahahahahahaha
[09:55] Jen (Jen Umaga): No, it's awesome
[09:55] Linda Burnstein (lb Burnstein): thats the only one i have seen
[09:55] MK (monkeyking2011 Resident): i gotta record this
[09:55] Linda Burnstein (lb Burnstein): i didnt know they made more
[09:55] MK (monkeyking2011 Resident): linda said fart

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Starting on DM Nyotaimori

100% Mesh Table
I am happy to have started a new DM project.

It is a nyotaimori table with full animations and much more. A mesh builder friend created the mesh table, which consists of the dark red wood base, a middle layer of thick ebony wood, and a bamboo mat on top which will hold the human platter.

I am currently adding poses and animations to it. Props such as the sushi themselves, the chairs, and plates will all be added later. In addition, I will be creating special features to the product that will take it significantly beyond any other such table in second life.

I look forward to adding more news tidbits about it as the work progresses!

Friday, December 12, 2014

Movie Trivia Night at Cafe LaPe'rouse at Austin

I normally do not go inworld during night times, but I had the opportunity to do so on a limited basis last night and managed to drop in at the half point of Cafe O's Movie Trivia Night, which was hosted by Sage (SageWisdom resident) and Mili Adored.

The first thing that struck me was the nicely-decorated settings, which the hosts proudly announced was done by Naughty Glimmer. The second thing I noticed was the comfy red plushy chairs.

I sank into one and sighed, then looked around.

The room was filled with about 14-16 people, and I recognized most of them, including Reni (Serenity Streusel) and Dakota (Dakota0therbee Resident), our partners in Afro hair crime; Melinda Nyn, she of the gorgeous gluteus maximus;  Serena Mist (xurtheone), my mesh builder extraordinaire; as well as Taylor Smitty (TaylorSmitty Resident), BillyEagle Avedon, RB Quan, Aisha Sohl, Hunter Teodosio, Jen Umaga, Lia (Naharlia Resident),Darla Lacombe, and Johnny Avon, and probably some others I missed (sorry).

The game was simple. You had to put on a HUD that had four buttons labeled A to D, and when the hosts called out a multiple choice question, you simply pressed one of the buttons on your HUD. Each correct reply got you a point, and the points were totaled at the end to get an overall winner.

I have to say I had loads of fun doing this. The joking around and repartee between the competitors was non-stop, and even though I sucked big time at it (unfortunately, my girl Linda the Movie Trivia Diva was not on hand to uphold the family honor), I did manage to accumulate a few points.

I added a short cut of the public chat below just to show how one round went. Of course, I picked a round where moi won *grins*

But in the end after two games, the pretenders melted away and the real winners showed up...and they were...uh...Lia...both times I believe *grumbles*

[18:35] Sage (SageWisdom Resident): next question

[18:35] Melinda Nyn grins at MK
[18:35] SageWisdom Resident: 
QUESTION#15 In the 1951 science fiction movie, The Day The Earth Stood Still, what was the name of the robot?

[A.]Gort   [B]Klaatu  [C] Robby  [D] C3PO

[18:36] MK (monkeyking2011 Resident): GOT THIS!!!
[18:36] Lia (Naharlia Resident): same name as the new one...
[18:36] MK (monkeyking2011 Resident): cuz i'm just a shy sci fi geek
[18:36] 4Kittens Trivia Controller v1.5: Serenity Streusel (B), Melinda Nyn (C), TaylorSmitty Resident (C), Naharlia Resident (B), Dakota0therbee Resident (B), RB Quan (C), Johnny Avon (B) got the answer wrong!
[18:36] 4Kittens Trivia Controller v1.5: monkeyking2011 Resident got the answer right!
[18:36] 4Kittens Trivia Controller v1.5: The Correct Answer Was: A
[18:36] 4Kittens Trivia Controller v1.5: And the winner is: monkeyking2011 Resident!!!
[18:36] RB (RB Quan): we are up to movie 48 already
[18:36] Taylor Smitty (TaylorSmitty Resident) shouts "Tom Hanks"
[18:36] Dakota (Dakota0therbee Resident) laughs
[18:36] Sage (SageWisdom Resident) claps for Sir MK
[18:36] MK (monkeyking2011 Resident): woooohooooo! 
[18:36] Melinda Nyn: haha well done MK Sir!
[18:36] Dakota (Dakota0therbee Resident): congratulations shy Sir
[18:37] MK (monkeyking2011 Resident): Where's lewisy? Gotta bring her up too
[18:37] Melinda Nyn: shy?
[18:37] Melinda Nyn chokes
[18:37] Dakota (Dakota0therbee Resident): lol
[18:37] Sage (SageWisdom Resident): lol
[18:37] Dakota (Dakota0therbee Resident): his words
[18:37] Reni (Serenity Streusel): Are you sure you are shy
[18:37] Sage (SageWisdom Resident): next question Masters and ladies

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

The Beatles 1960s Dance at The Olive Branch

My Linda Lou and I attended an absolutely fabulous dance party held on December 9 at The Olive Branch, with Melinda Nyn and Sage (Sagewisdom) hosting, and Stormy Dench as the DJ. The theme was The Beatles music and 1960s music pop culture in general, and the entire fantastic set was created from scratch by Melinda and her crew for the event!

I was dressed in my cool psychedelic hippie digs, including my towering Afro (which incidentally had saved my life the evening before!), while flower child Linda Lou was a mouth-watering morsel in her India Fringe Top and flowered jeans.

MK and Linda grooving to the music!
About 40 people crowded into the venue, surrounded on all four sides by towering walls built by Melinda depicting 1960s London, with the centerpiece being  the outside of the theater showing the Beatles' Hard Days Night movie premier.

Start of the dance as people trickle in looking stage right
Scattered around the venue were a slew of items from the 1960s, including a couple of big red London buses built by WW (worldwide Pedalo) specifically for the event, and an RLV-enabled phone booth which was inevitably dubbed as Dr. Who's Tardis. Lilian Howley provided the nice dance floor, while Mili Adored provided some technical assistance.

Start of the dance looking stage left
The place soon got really crowded, with people grooving to the music provided by DJ Stormy Dench, mostly Beatles interspersed with the sounds of 60s London and the Merseybeat.

DJ Stormy Dench
It was a hoot to see all the 1960s outfits on display, from variations on the hippie-theme (a hey ho to my brotha from another motha, AustinMartin1, who looked like my less tropical twin), to mini-skirts, go-go boots, and pillbox hats, to retro airline stewardess uniforms.

Hosts Melinda and Sage (background)
The event lasted for 2 hours, with people dancing until the very end. Melinda showed off her own Hippiemobile to shouts of "Herbie!" and the more controversial "R**E mobile!", and ended up toot tooting the little bug around the dance venue to cheers and whistles.

All in all, it was great fun, and very successful, with almost 40 people crowded into the arena. A great big thanks to all the hard work done by the hosts of the event, and here's hoping to more fun times in the future!

Monday, December 8, 2014

The Night of the Hippiemobile

So what do you do when you have two friends over and your Master is draped in cool hippie attire?

Well, if you're Linda, then you take them out on a wild ride down the streets of Viper Bay on your very own Hippiemobile!

But I am getting ahead of myself.

Let me start at the beginning.

So there I was, chilling by my beach home in my cool rags and even cooler afro, listening to Jimi Hendrix and smoking my...cig...when I get a notice my main squeeze Linda had rezzed inworld.

I TPed over to her LindaLou art store, and after we were joined by Melinda Nyn and Sere (Serenity Streusel), we sat on her porch just enjoying the view and...well...chillin.

Linda being Linda, she soon had rezzed her hippiemobile and wanted to show us how it drove, so she rezzed one at street level and we piled into the small car.

We had barely managed to squeeze ourselves into our seats when Linda suddenly gunned the engine and zoomed recklessly along the avenues and byways of the sim, narrowly missing various walls, store fronts, fences, and trees.

I hang on for dear life as the car bounced, and weaved, and rattled its way, caroming over as many objects as Linda could reliably aim and hit, and my only consolation was  that I had a great view of Melinda's gorgeous bouncing...ahhh...

Anyways, suffice it to say all the passengers were heartened to know that in the event of a sudden (and likely) catastrophic failure, we would probably all be cushioned from mortal injury by my great big hairdo, which stuck out of the car like a huge bowling ball.

The car drove so recklessly that I soon had the urge to welcome back to the world the California sushi rolls I had for dinner, but fortunately Linda made a hard right turn at the next side street, and I flew head first out the window.

I believe I hit a few trashcans and perhaps a stop sign or two before ending up in a sodden heap next to the Depraved Monkey store, where I gratefully passed out after thanking the gods for my very own personal air bag.

When I came to, the three girls had departed and gone over to Cafe O, and I dragged myself into a limo and joined them, thanking my lucky stars that the night of the hippiemobile had finally ended.

Friday, December 5, 2014

The uses of the leash

There is something very atavistic about using and seeing a leash being wielded on another person. It calls up feelings deep within us that are raw and slightly out of bounds of normal societal standards.

More than the collar, the sight of the leash by those not in the D/s world brings up feelings that might range from revulsion to confusion, and its overt use is not at all a common sight even in the relatively more liberal confines of SL.

From my perspective as a Dom, the leash has several functions, some of which are utilitarian, some of which are symbolic, and some of which fulfill emotional wants and needs.

1. The leash symbolizes the close relationship between the owner and the leashed. It is a physical manifestation of this relationship, much like the more inconspicuous collar.

2. The leash denotes ownership and protection, a symbolic sign to others around of the special bond between dom and sub, warning them that the leashed person is off limits to others, and that the sub is under the protection of the leash holder.

3. The leash functions as a guide. For example, it ensures that your sub will follow you and not get lost, especially in situations where there are crowds. Or it allows you to guide the sub to areas that you wish them to go.

4. The leash can be used in scene play as a simple prop.

5. The use of the leash engenders positive emotional feelings ranging from pride, to satisfaction, to lust. The sheer pleasure derived from the simple act of holding one's most treasured possession by the hand via the physical existence of the leash cannot be overemphasized.

In second life, most leashes are just one of the many features of the collars in use, and can be rezzed and derezzed at the whim of an owner.

The chat commands to manipulate the leash are one of the most important for any beginning leash owner. It is cumbersome to try to open menu commands via touch, and in truth there are not many commands to commit to one's memory anyway. The leash commands are listed here.

It is also incumbent upon the owner to be aware of various rules and protocols that may need to be observed when using leashes. For example, some sims frown strongly on the use of leashes, and it is not your place to thumb your nose at the preferences of the sim owners or the people who inhabit the sim and may feel that your kinks are being forced on them. You should also unleash your pet before any derezz, and the use of a leash holder prevents the leash from attaching to your center point.

The leash owner may also elect to train their sub on various hand commands to facilitate interactions while leashed. For example, a quick downward pull on the leash signifies that the sub should kneel or assume any of the lowered postures agreed upon with her Dom, while a quick tug upwards indicates that the sub should get up.

In the end though, the leash is an instrument that hinges on the personal one on one relationship between the Dom and his sub, and its role and significance could vary from couple to couple. It is up to you and your partner to attach meaning to this tool, one that will enrich the D/s experience for both of you.

Thursday, December 4, 2014

TV Trivia Night at Cafe LaPe'rouse at Austin

A report by guest blogger Melinda Nyn on the TV Trivia Night held at Cafe LaPe'rouse @ Austin on December 1, 2014 at 6 pm SLT.

Gnashing of teeth and whirling brains could be heard and sensed at Austin on Monday when Mili Adored and  Sage (SageWisdom) ran a TV Trivia quiz.

People were slow to arrive but soon the room was filling fast, and the somewhat unusual seats in front of the stage almost ran out as more and more people flocked in to test their TV Trivia knowledge.  The quiz team themselves were sprawled on a set very reminiscent of the Johnny Carson show. The view of the  New York skyline  (I think, but as a Brit how should i know?) was breathtaking.

The questions were easy for some; very difficult for others.  At the end of each, as the answer appeared, it was announced that a random person, who had got it right, was the winner. So each of us had a chance of being up front - provided we knew the answer!

How difficult were they? Well, being a Brit it wasn't easy as some programmes had never materialised over here. Yet some were easy, some were on the tip of my tongue but ... elusive!  They ranged from 'What was the last name of Rosanne's character in the show Roseanne? to 'Which spaceman said 'nanu nanu?' All questions were multiple choice so some who hadn't a clue were still able to amass points!

After two rounds it was the visitors who were victorious - Darla Lacombe won the first game and her partner, Johnny Avon, the second.

All in all it was a fun event and we are all looking forward to the Movie Trivia Quiz which is happening  next Thursday, 11th December.

- Melinda Nyn

Monday, December 1, 2014

Master Ceremony of Lazarus Quixote at Roissy Val d'Oise

L to R: ThomasX Xue, Nara (nara1 Resident), René (geir Resident)
Vette (yvetteSapphyre Resident), Lazarus Quixote, Kurt (Kurt8 Resident)
I attended the Master Ceremony for Lazarus Quixote in Roissy Val d'Oise at the invitation of Vette (yvetteSapphyre Resident).

As always, I was entranced by the beauty of the grounds in the sim, and I followed a heavy stream of people to the Chateau Patio, where we sat down on chairs and pillows to await the beginning of the ceremony.

The event was heavily attended
My Linda Lou could not attend, but Melinda joined me and knelt at my left, and we proceeded to do the usual round robin greeting of incoming guests.

Melinda Nyn joined me at the event.
The ceremony started with an introduction by Thomas (ThomasX Xue), the Dom Supervisor, who summarized the meaning of the ceremony and the significance of the attainment by Lazarus of the title Master of the Chateau.

He was followed by René (geir Resident), the sim owner, who thanked everyone for their contribution to the success of the community

Vette talking about the final task
Samois Supervisor and O Aspirante Vette was the next to stand and speak, as she was the sister assigned for Lazarus' final task, and she had nothing but praise for the candidate, noting that "He did not just come to me and say you have been assigned to me for my final task. Instead He came to me as a respectful dom and asked to dance and spend time getting to know each other and build a scene with all the elements required in the written assigned task."

She was followed by the guest speaker, Kurt (Kurt8 resident), a master at the sim, who gave a personal account of his very positive interactions with Lazarus, concluding that "It is not common for the dominants to get to know much about each other. But Lazarus is not only the type of person who we know as intelligent, witty, caring and dedicated, he is also someone we want to be close to and someone we feel good to be around as well."

A toast to the new Master
Finally, the audience gave a toast to the new Master, who gave a heartfelt speech to thank people in the community who had helped him achieve his goal.

This ended the formal part of the ceremony, and people started to stream to the Chateau Gardens, where live music and dancing capped the eventful and exciting night!

The dance with live music after.

Holiday festivities

My well-marinated Linda Lou decorated her store in holiday season dressing, and when I met her she was knitting a Santa hat for Cafe O, so I guess it's that time of the year again, when everyone in this neck of the woods is fighting and yelling and grumbling about the frenetic holiday festivities....

Oh wait...I'm supposed to make it seem merry.

Hmmmmm....well...she looked really really cute in her outfit, with her pale blue eyes twinkling and her blond 'do all made up.

I was merry.

Natalia Jiménez - Creo en Mi (I believe in me)

I heard this relatively new song on the radio and immediately was taken by the lyrics and tune. The message wasn't too shabby either. Enjoy!