Thursday, December 20, 2012

Holiday candies to everyone!

There's no better feeling in the world than having a beautiful girl clinging to you, trusting completely in you, giving herself completely to your wishes as the Mayan Long Count Great Cycle begins anew.

My good Aussie friend Marie Monk, who when not rowdy and completely stone-faced drunk, is just about the sweetest nicest girl in SL, was really too cute in her holiday outfit, so I donned the santa's hat from the Santa's Revenge toy and we took some cool holiday pics.

Couldn't find the damn candy cane though, which was most fortunate for my unsuspecting candy girl. So happy holidays from all of us to you! May you find your own sweet candy to usher in the new Mayan Long Count Cycle!

For more good information on the Mayan Calendar, here's this link from Foxnews, which for the first time that I know of, is actually good for something after all ;-)

PS. It's interesting that Psy's Gangnam Style, youtube's most viewed video ever (it's currently at 994 million as I write this), is going to hit one BILLION views on the same day the world end. Coincidence? lol.

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