Monday, June 29, 2015

Another good day

So soft...I could spend hours just holding her
Another good day with my lovely boo...

We spent the last part of the day dancing at Cafe O....I love the dance moves on one of the couple balls...some elegant poses, as can be seen below.

I then spent a few minutes chatting with Mari (Mari Carducci), Marcus (MarcusMassaro Resident), Aisha Sohl, and Screwtape (Screwtape Foulsbane) about the reasons why I felt Austin was special: the long history and continuity provided by the sim (my girl had been there even as early as 2010 or 2011!); the people who make it more than just pixelated buildings and other inanimate structures; and the minimal drama in it compared to other sims....

Saturday, June 27, 2015


Coming back home to my sweet baby girl
It's always a minor miracle when I come back home to find the crops growing...and Linda's Little Black Book still safely locked and unopened.

I missed my little boo, but had her in my thoughts always.

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Setting up a 1950s photoshoot

Gonna miss my little boo
I'll be missing my little color-coordinated barbie doll this coming week, but we did manage to start preparing for a 1950s photoshoot that Lilian Howley would be doing.

I've found the process of preparing for it somewhat interesting.

First of all, we needed outfits for both of us that would be in line with that period of time.

Linda had some clothes that fit the 1950s mold, but i decided to shop around anyways for a couple more outfits to fatten up the selection. Plus, I liked dressing up my little boo, an alarming discovery similar to when I first realized I liked mixing and matching my own outfits a while back!

1950s Betty Dress
In my case, and as always for the males, the process was quite a bit easier, and I decided some suit would do just fine for the shoot.

The next step would be to create or find animations and poses for the shoot.

For this step, we decided to test out one of the chairs that we had stumbled upon at Austin, which was called a Dutchie maledom club chair, and which I thought was rather overpriced in the MP at 5000 Lindens.

In addition to the usual sex and pre-sex poses and animations, it had several categories that I found might serve our purposes.

The first one, called HIS, contained about 6 or 7 poses that were very D/s related. I loved some of the more dignified poses, but a few were outright funny, with the girl worshiping the Dom's feet for example.

One of the HIS poses
The second called SERVE contained some poses where the girl would be providing some servile work for the seated Dom such as serving drinks, while the last category called TLC had some rather nice poses where the affection between the Dom and his sub was in full display.

One of the TLC poses
In the end, we thought the chair would serve nicely as a prop during the shoot, though we're still on the lookout for other props.

A kitchen scene perhaps? ;-)

Monday, June 15, 2015

1950s Fetish

As some of you may know, I have a 1950s fetish.

I like seeing women in those prim outfits, cooking and baking in the kitchen, serving their men in every which way possible with nary a complaint, and all in all being the proper housewife.

I find the juxtaposition between this prim and proper image and the underlying sexuality of the woman alluring. I find the thought of taking this same woman and savagely exposing the raw and animal slut inside her irresistible - using her to satiate my needs and leaving her soiled and undone, the direct opposite of the apotheosis of the model housewife and mother.

Saying that, I think we all have to be careful about going overboard and actually thinking that the 1950s in America was a better time overall for most people. We have to be careful about separating out the fantasy and nostalgia and fetish elements from the reality of the period. We have to be careful about not looking at the era using rose colored glasses that filter out the vast societal inequalities and unfairness that was rampant at the time.

The 1950s were not exactly the best times for many people in America.

1. Jim Crow laws still had a hold on most of the country, and racism was frequently overt and vicious. It wasn't until the 1960s that most of these laws were assigned to the dustbin of history where they rightfully belong.

2. Domestic violence against women was probably just as widespread then as it is now (no, people were not somehow morally "better" then), but it was not until the 1970s when widespread attention was called to this problem, so the hidden incidences per capita of such abuses could have been much worse.

3. The Civil Rights Act was not in place until the 1960s, which meant people could routinely be discriminated against for their race or gender or sexual preferences without any consequences for the malicious parties.

4. Although women did work outside the home at the time, mostly in menial and domestic type jobs, there were definite barriers to them being able to climb up the corporate ladder or work in certain types of jobs, and in all cases women earned significantly less than their male counterparts.

5. Communicable diseases had a much stronger grip on the nation at that time due to the lack of vaccination and many other health conveniences we take for granted today. For example, polio still routinely killed infants and young children, and in the epidemic of 1952 several thousand children died and tens of thousands were left disabled by the disease.

6. Many of the modern conveniences like cellphones and the internet that we have today were non-existent at the time, and people lived in a world that was much more limited and constraining.

7. People smoked. They smoked a lot. Besides the second hand smoke that intruded on the health of even those who chose not to smoke, the smell of cigarette probably permeated closed rooms and almost everywhere people gathered in large numbers.

8. Mainstream culture was a lot less tolerant of anyone who deviated from the norm than today, whether  it involved the LGBT community or other alternative lifestyles.

In the end, there is nothing wrong with romanticizing that period in time, or looking back at it nostalgically as a simpler era. But it behooves us not to forget the very many negatives that were happening at that time as well.

Friday, June 12, 2015

Lori Novo models Miss SL Indonesia 2015 Costume

Lori Novo looked resplendent in an outfit made for Miss SL Indonesia 2015 by Dani Plassitz.

The kebaya costume was accented by jewelry that made me think of the highly ornamented accessories worn by very young Balinese Legong dancers.

Makasih Lori, kau cantik sekali!

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Submission Gallery Tour at Cafe LaPe'rouse @ Austin

Quite a large crowd gathered for a tour of the Submission Gallery at Cafe LaPe'rouse @ Austin on June 10, 2015.

Under the guidance of Ratzu, people selected one of the images that decorated the many floors of the gallery. Each image had quotes in them, and the participants were encouraged to discuss the meaning of the writings, in addition to their personal feelings about it.

I've found that the format of these discussions are always a welcome respite from the usual gatherings, where people simply sit down and discuss a specific topic. The informal nature of the activity, and the somewhat random selection of images to be studied and discussed, always makes for lively discussions.

As Ratzu himself pointed out at the start: "We also do not know what we will be talking that makes it exciting."

A good sized crowd gathered for the tour

Linda and I strike a pose...there's nothing to it! Vogue!

There are many images to choose from and discuss

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Rice Wars Episode V and two-thirds: Interlude

The content in this post is rated TMA for lots of tooting, acrobatic mayhem, and a willfull and blatant assault on the human olfactory organ (aka nose).

I finally managed to get some downtime and soaked in the new hot tub that my mischievous subbie had gotten for our home. It was the end of a horrible week, when I saw most of my crops devastated by the depredations of the ravenous Linda and her co-conspirator, the dastardly Melinda, and I was in the midst of a long crying jag when the two suddenly appeared after one of their usual shopping sprees.

I was really getting into my "Dom in Distress" schtick by this time, complete with sobbing and grief stricken tears running down my fat cheeks, and after a few snickers, they were determined to console me. They quickly donned their sexy two-piece swim suits and joined me in the hot, steaming, swirling waters.

I have to admit it. The two girls had finally shed all the weight they had gained during their rampage through the rice fields, and there is nothing that will take a man's mind off his problems faster than two gorgeous women caressing, stroking, cuddling, and cooing at you..... even if those same two women were the CAUSE of the problems in the first place!!!!

As Linda sometimes says: "oyyyyyy!!!"

Anyways, suffice it to say that there were lots of bubbles (and not all from the whirlpool air jets - someone who shall remain nameless admitted after a few "accidents" that she had been eating cheese enchiladas, rice and BEANS!); lots of stroking of my muscular torso (playing with nipples WAS encouraged!); and lots of aerial acrobatics when I dared Linda to say a bad word and, true to form, my little barbie doll said it and started having seizures right there in the pool.

After we managed to calm her down (and attend to my slightly bruised forehead), I took off

and that's how it ended, with everyone fully sated and content. I hope you enjoyed this episode of As the Whirlpool Whirls. Now back to our regular programming.,,,Naked Sushi Tables!