Thursday, August 16, 2012

Samlowry Hawks was right

"Because we all know pink and blue balls exist in RL..."
Sometimes we get so wrapped up in the never-ending drama that is SL that we forget that in the end, it's just a game, something to while away our precious lives much like kids wasting their time playing PS3 or X-Box video games when they should be out playing in the sun. Our honesty, integrity, loyalty. These are priceless things  that we expose to the vagaries of SL, and sometimes we fail to uphold them because we are caught up in the moment, lost in the limbo and emotional whirlwind that sometimes arrives like a storm in the surreal environs of our virtual wonderland.

So once in awhile I have to remind myself what really matters to me. I am here to create things that hopefully make people happy, to take care of the friends who are loyal to me and care for me, and to explore what other people have dreamt and made virtually real.

That is my happiness here, and my contentment. Everything else is, as they say, pixels in the wind.

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