Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Happy First Rez Day to Rae!

"Watta voice!"

An (advanced) happy rez day to one of my older SL friends, Rae (loveangelrae). 

I still remember the first time we met her, she was still less than a month old, a noob. One thing I remember was how determined she was to learn new things, how she kept bugging us for building tips because we were just starting out too at the time, and how she gave us our first (and only!) commissioned job, a couch that we had to place poses in lol. 

And look at her now. She's accomplished a lot in such a short time, and she's currently a builder, model, teacher, and budding scripter. She also is one of the best Voice Actresses in SL, and a very good singer too. I am very proud of her.

I wish her all the best going forward, in SL and (much more importantly) in RL a well.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

To boldly go where no Second Life Ass has gone before

There's no denying it. There are quite a few people who are lovers of the human butt. They want to spank it, whip it, run their hands all over it and kiss it, poke their penises and other miscellaneous toys into it, and delve into its deep inner secrets. There's just something about those curvy muscled round globes with that delectable and deliciously naughty dark center that draw people to them, and charge them with an eroticism far removed from their basic functionality.

We would love to create something for all the ass-lovers out there in SL, but just introducing some basic item with limited features would be a disappointment. It would have to be innovative and unusual. It would have to be something depraved.

The other problem is that most people already have the shapes they want in their avatars, including the ass, so creating something to replace the original shape would also be problematical.

The possible solution, which we've discussed before, would be to have a wearable sculpt of the anus (which can close and open) or introduce an outer transparent "layer" that would go over the the original shape and add functionality to it. I'm thinking of all the functionality of a normal RL ass, as well as features not normally possible in RL. I've also seen some items in SL that create various "assholes", and that would be fine too. Plus, we would include some basic anal toy with it, just like we added a bonus Dildo to the DM Pussy and helped make it the strongest selling full pussy in SL.

I have to admit I'm excited about such a project, and perhaps we can release it before the end of October. If anyone has any suggestions, feel free to IM the avatar depravedmonkey. And remember, we crave depraved, so don't be shy about telling us about your most unusual suggestions.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Cool Spots in SL (Part 1): Poppyport

Lots of aircraft to view and admire.
There are a lot of  cool places that I think embody what SL should be: a place for creative people to make creative things and showcase them. Some of these people have become my friends, so I'll take the time once in awhile to introduce their work.

Sylvie Etoile has been one of my more demanding customers, and I like that (to a point lol) because it makes the product better when people give good suggestions. Once we became friends, she introduced me to her own work, an honest to goodness SL airport called Poppyport, where you can fly aircraft, helicopters, gyrocopters, autogyros, tiltrotors,and various other types of flying contraptions. There is also a marina and harbour next door with berths for rent. I was even surprised to discover that there are airlines flying SL that use her airport!

You can choose from several different planes to fly.
In fact, there is a whole subculture of people who fly airplanes and live the life of flying in SL, which include airlines like Vulture Air and groups for women aviators in SL such as the SL 99's, and talking to Sylvie certainly opened my eyes about this little known and fascinating niche.

Sylvie also owns several residential properties (a notecard to the properties are available inside the airport terminal), and this is one place where she uses the Lemur Rental Boxes. I visited one and was very surprised to see how much the product was modded to accomodate the look and feel of the place. She basically tranferred scripts to new objects that she created and embedded the thing on the wall of the property. Looks very good actually, and she graciously offered to help me create better textures for the one sold in the marketplace.

This Lemur Rental Box looks hell better than the one that's sold!


Poppyport SLURL: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Inari/98/30/39

Poppyport Website: http://www.poppyport.com/

MK's Little Second Life Dictionary (Part 3)

"Wouldn't it suck if the girl in red was actually a cableguy named Tony?"
Gor - because we all know basing one's entire life on a rather boring and immature science fiction/fantasy book is cool (ahem, scientology)

Magic Box - it's not magic cuz it seldom works.

Master - someone with an enlarged cranium in SL who probably makes minimum wage in RL.

RLV - when everyone pretends you can't simply turn off the viewer to get out of the damn cage.

Tier - at least you pay taxes and (most times) get something tangible in return.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

MK's Little Second Life Dictionary (Part Deux)

"Cuz we all know penguins have sexy boobs"

BREEDABLES - a fun way to throw away lots of money that would otherwise be wasted on rent or mortgage.

ESCORTS - will pretend they actually care for you if you throw enough lindens at them. Most likely male in RL. and if female, is probably ugly.

FURRIES - people whose pets hide when they coo "i wuf u".

LINDENS - pretend money used to pay for pretend mansions, where you can engage in pretend sex and raise pretend families. The conversion rate to US dollar depends on the waxing and waning of the full moon, and the general mood and disposition of certain Linden Lab employees. Rumor has it that Oat Bran in the morning results in a strengthening of the linden against the dollar due to higher flow rates.

RL - that thing that everyone in SL desperately wants to avoid.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

MK's Little Second Life Dictionary (Part 1)

"Noobs often engage in bizarre behavior that would have made them blush in RL"

 I've learned a lot since coming here, but for those people who have yet to figure out the intricacies of the SL vocabulary, here's a little guide to some of the common terms used in this little wonderland of ours.

AFK - "I'm doing the dishes. Fuck off!"

ALT - officially sanctioned way to cause trouble and act like a total fucktard without anyone knowing it's you.

GRIEFER - people who are slightly below cockroaches on the evolutionary scale. They like bright flashing lights and lotsa explosions.

IN LOVE - an ephemeral and transient state in SL with an average life span of two weeks, give or take a fling or two.

NOOB - Someone who wears boxes and has no genitals.

SLEX - Sex for those who don't get any in real life.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012


"I need more good SF books, and less SL crap."
It's been a very busy summer, with the new DMH Penis upgrade going out in mid-June, then the DM Pussy introduction on July 20, the DM Whip on August 3, and now the DM Vibrator Set launching today.

I have to admit, I feel burnt out and tired, and it would be good to have a break from all the shit and filth and bullshit that swirls around SL (none of which means anything in the real world). Plus, lotsa RL stuff that needs doing, which of course is more important by far than SL.

There'll be more innovative products I think come Fall, but for now it would be good to take a break and take stock of our progress, our misadventures, and our failures this last couple of months.

Introducing the new DM Vibrator Set with Facial Expression Menu

The new DM Vibrator Set is in the market.

It is fully integrated with the DM Pussy, and is meant to supplement the Pussy.

In addition to self-play, the set comes with a remote control that allows the user of the remote to trigger the vibrator from a long distance away, and induce the unsuspecting wearers of the DM Vibrator and DM Pussy to spontaneously and helplessly orgasm repeatedly in front of surprised passersby.

Or some lucky guy or gal could have their girl partner wear the DM Pussy and a DM Vibrator, then use the Remote Control to trigger the vibrator during play to heighten her excitement, until she cums and squirts all over.

Features include:

3 DIFFERENT VIBRATORS included, with each one being configurable and MOD, so you can change the color and size to your liking..

REMOTE CONTROL - Allows another person in the same region to trigger and control the vibrators from far off. Tested up to 200 m away.

BLACK LIST - prevents black-listed avatars from controlling vibrators even with the remote.

4 ANIMATIONS - can be triggered by the owner or another person using a dialog menu. Also has vibrator buzzing SOUND.

HIDE MODE - allows the owner to hide the fact she is wearing a vibrator.

FACE EXPRESSION MENU - allows user or partner to control the facial expressions of the vibrator wearer. This is a new innovation that will surely increase your enjoyment level. No more blank idiotic stares from avatars even while they are doing radical slex activities.

DM PUSSY INTEGRATION - vibrators will affect the excitement level of worn DM Pussy to provide the ultimate in entertainment. Owner can specify the Jolt levels of each of the vibrators and when triggered, owners wearing the DM Pussy can be induced to cum repeatedly and helplessly.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Facial Control Menu - A new innovation in the DM Vibrator Set

"The right tool for the job!"

Don't let it be said that DM products are rush jobs.

I had solved the problem of the vibrator sound by using an RL Vibrator and converting it to the sound format required by Second Life, which is PCM WAV format, 16-bit, 44.1kHz, mono.I took pics for the web market, and was thinking of placing the product in the market by end of day today, but then while testing one of the DM Vibrators it struck me that one aspect of sex toys in SL that usually is forgotten is avatar facial expressions. Many a toy in SL has been deemed lacking because no matter what sorts of depraved and atrocious actions were being perpetrated on it, the avi continued to display the default benign idiotic facial look

Why shouldn't people be able to control the facial expression of their avatars, since we all know this aspect contributes a lot to the total enjoyment of the toy? So beginning with the DM Vibrator Set, people will now have access to a Facial Menu that will allow them to specify the facial expressions of their avatar.

I believe I should be able to get this done today, assuming no RL activities get in the way. I believe this feature will be very useful to people and contribute tremendously towards their enjoyment.

PS nearly 300 people have the DM Pussy only a month or so after its introduction. Thank you all for your support.