Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Girl on Fire - The BDSM Pussy

Tinka - Girl on Fire

Development of the upcoming BDSM Pussy has started and the beautiful fetish model Tinka, has signed on to help in the release.The BDSM Pussy will be an upgrade to the DM Pussy, which we started selling a few months back and has already sold nearly 1000 units in that time.

Tinka is not only an experienced biker in both RL and SL, but she is also a "girl on fire", a bonafide dragon-rider in SL! She'll be modelling many of the new D/s poses that will be included in the pussy, as well as providing research support.

In addition to the multitude of features of the DM Pussy, some of the various new features of the BDSM Pussy will be as follows:

1. New Depraved Monkey original poses and other D/s poses will be integrated into the menu

2. Users will now be able to customize chats (and of course turn them off altogether if need be).

3. Original D/s sounds will be integrated into the menu, voiced by our talented voice actresses

4. An owner system and menu will be added to the pussy, which will allow primary and temporary "owners" to have various levels of control over the user's pussy.

5. Integration with a Hunt system which will allow a user to be hunted for points. The Hunt system is based on the DM Tusk Hunt Engine and will be sold separately, but the pussy will allow a user to register as the prey of as many hunters as she wants. Hunter who gets the most points after she drops gets her ;-)

We've already started on some of the D/s poses. Below are examples of some original poses made for the new BDSM Pussy, as modeled by Tinka. Click pics to get larger images.

"Offering the Crop" (Original DM Pose)

"Surrender" (Original DM Pose)


"Hands Open"

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Friend Requests

I've been getting friend requests from out of the blue lately, and I'll assume it's from those who use some product. I've turned them all down, because unless we actually know each other and interact on more than a passing basis, there's no need to clutter our lists with random strangers. To any who got pissed, apologies from the zef side.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Why Do I Blog Meme?

Hey, another one of those meme posts started by Strawberry Singh and passed along by Lori Novo, on the back of the Silly Meme theme from last month.

1. How long have you been blogging?

I started this blog on May 13, 2012, so that would be about a year ago only.

2. Why did you start blogging?

Mostly to keep customers up to date on products being launched by our stores. It's evolved since then to become more of a grab bag of stuff that I feel like writing about.

3. How many times a week do you post an entry?

Not that often, I'd say maybe once a week on average, though there are times when I am driven to post more.

4. How many different blogs do you read on a regular basis?

Hmmmm...other than dropping in on Lori's blog once in awhile I don't believe I'm that much of a reader.

I used to read forceme silverspar's blog quite often, until she closed it, also Swan Quartz's blog about D/s, now also closed.

5. Do you comment on other people's blogs?

I try when I can.

6. Do you keep track of how many visitors you have? 

I look at the stats once in awhile. I'm always amazed at the number of people who come from many different countries, and I usually laugh at the search terms in google that they use to get to the blog.

"monkey pussy"? "penguins boobs"? "talking pussy"?

People are seriously weird out there.

Because we all know birds have mammary glands.
7. Did you ever regret a post that you wrote?

No, but I have hidden and moved back into draft quite a few posts that dealt with my ex from a year ago (time is weird in SL, it seems so long ago and yet it was only last year in RL).

8. Do you think your readers have a true sense of who you are based on your blog?

Yes, I really am a 2.7 meter tall hunk with buns of steel, and screwed up in the head. I blame the Catholic Church, Santa Clause, and the Dalai Lama, not necessarily in that order.

Santa's being naughty, not nice.

9. Do you blog under your real name?

Yes, my mother named me Monkey King because I sorta looked like a little brown banana when I first came out.

10.  Are there topics that you would never blog about?

Nothing that would hurt my friends.

11. What is the theme/topic of your blog?

The main focus is on products released by my stores, but I've blogged recently about exploring SL in my sailboat, the Wallaby, and perhaps one day I'll start blogging about my BDSM experiences in SL/RL as well.

12. Do you have more than one blog? If so, why?

No. No fucking time.

13. What have you found to be the benefits of blogging?

It helps me keep track of all the broken promises I've made about future products and features. Then I hang my head in shame for about 1 minute and get over it, until the next time I read another old post.

14. So, why do you continue to blog?

I'm sick I tell you...sick! Please shoot me now!

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Kinbaku: You're not broken yet baby, just bent

I'll be adding Kinbaku-inspired poses to the Tusk product and will fully integrate Tusk with a newer version of the DM Pussy.

The new pussy will probably be a separate product and be more focused on BDSM related activities than the basic version. For example, wearers of the new pussy will cum helplessly as a pussy leash is attached by clips to the labia and clitoral hood and tagged and played by malevolent strangers. Or the very act of being roped will cause a flood of juices to drip from the aroused and engorged member.

Not broken yet? Shhhhh baby girl....let me bend you just a little bit more.

Friday, April 19, 2013

Dust in the Wind

I close my eyes
Only for a moment and the moment's gone
All my dreams
Pass before my eyes a curiosity

Dust in the wind
All they are is dust in the wind

Same old song
Just a drop of water in an endless sea
All we do
Crumbles to the ground though we refuse to see

Dust in the wind
All we are is dust in the wind

Now don't hang on
Nothing lasts forever but the Earth and Sky
It slips away
And all your money won't another minute buy

Dust in the wind
All we are is dust in the wind
All we are is dust in the wind
Dust in the wind
Everything is dust in the wind
Everything is dust in the wind

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Daily Rental Box

 A customer wanted to know whether the rental box could be set for daily rentals, so I modded the current weekly rental box so it can be used for daily rentals.

Now each package of Lemur Rental Boxes + Prim Counter + Remote Status Monitor contains TWO copy rental boxes, one for use with weekly rentals and one for use with daily rentals.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Two more cute chatty critters from Timeless Treasures

Ronnie informed me today that two new products from Timeless Treasures have been placed on market.

The first is a Cute Wearable Talking Anime Cat (with floating text), which features a really cute cat critter that will perch on your shoulder and chat with people around you. This basically has the same functionality as the older pet bird and sheep.

The second is a much more sophisticated Animated Cute Wearable Talking Baby Mummy (with floating text), where a baby mummy stands beside you and has all the features as the anime cat, but which also has additional features, including walking animation, hopping animation, and exploding animation.

Check them out! ;-)

Monday, April 1, 2013

Exploring Sirens Isle

When I was first exploring the Blake Sea, I happened upon an island that was so unique and beautiful that it drew me to it repeatedly, much like the siren's call drew unwary travelers to their doom in classical mythology.

Indeed, the first thing one notices when approaching the island from the north (I first saw this island after visiting Crow's Nest) is the wreck of a large turbo prop bi-plane.

The isle forms a half oval shape, and creates a small cove in center which is perfect for sheltering weary travelers.

Beneath the waves of this small cove lie wonders upon wonders, perfect coral reef communities teeming with fish and other marine life.

I love to anchor The Wallaby in the northern part of the cove when I am otherwise busy in RL....

 ...and rest peacefully in the large bed in The Wallaby's spacious cabin.

While by the side of the sailboat some ducks cruise like tiny little steamboats.

When not sleeping, I sometimes anchor on the south side, near the downed plane.

On this side one can find the remnants of the lost traveler: a campfire, a chair with an old writing pad next to it sheltered by a make-shift tent, wooden boxes that hold his precious few belongings, and sundry warped planks that litter the white sands.

It's quite relaxing to settle oneself on the dilapidated chair and watch the sailboats and planes go by, and muse on the precariousness of man's existence as exemplified by the wrecked plane, in an uncaring and cold world.