Monday, June 25, 2018

Elicia's sub-O Graduation Dance

All pics courtesy of Sage Avedon

I'm not much in SL anymore, but I took the time to attend Elicia's (Lorelaei Resident) sub-O graduation dance on June 15.

For long time readers of the blog, you'll probably know that I have known this girl since summer of last year, and I'll wager that you won't find another sub who is any sexier and smarter than her (in both Sl and RL) - and I'm not saying that just because she was my unoffical wardette at the time.

Elicia's accent is extremely appealing, although I sometimes have to ask her to repeat something she said, since she at times uses strange words in her lexicon (but, this definitely adds to the cuteness factor!). In most discussions she attends, she does not hesitate to contribute her ideas and questions, and from the talks we've had I know for a fact that cute head of hers contains a razor sharp brain. She can be mischievous at times (*remembers the gimp episode* ahem), but she is never malicious and speaks her mind when needed.

She's gone through a lot in that one year (including having her first baby in RL!), but in the end she lowered her head and did what she had to do in order to make her stay in Austin a resounding success.

I am so very proud of her, and I'm sure she'll keep making the Austin community proud of her as well.

At the dance, she gave a short speech, and with her permission I post it below. Her friend Angelo also sang a song that he composed for her in voice, and more pics of the event are at the end of this post, courtesy of the always-sexy Sage Avedon.

First I wish to thank you all for joining in to celebrate my graduation to Sub-O. I been GIS since July last year so I have taken my time to come to this point. My mentors were Marion and Syndra and I want to emphasize their commitment to helping me progress through my studies as a person and as a submissive of Austin. I had times where I considered giving up- not all days been easy. When I first looked at the assignments I felt I was to climb Everest and my shyness really kept me from asking people for help. I suppose my real life circumstances of moving to a new country and the real life Austin certainly posed challenges. I was pregnant and now had a sweet baby girl in January. In truth a big obstacle was myself suffering from depression and having very hard to like myself and believe in that I can accomplish things. I had a number of people that supported my new life in rl here in Austin and I am very grateful for the reach out of your sincere friendship and warmth making me part of our family.

As a submissive I let myself mature through a lot of mental processing of what DS is and what it is not. I boosted my duty and right to say no to activities I don't feel comfortable in doing and illuminate my limits and wishes. I am very certain my concept of how to play safely have improved on a deep level. Submissives are indeed to please others- but not available for abuse. The Masters of Austin have shown deep commitment in learning and evolving themselves and for this I admire this very community, not only focusing on the submissives to grow. We never are finished but progressively changing for the better. Maturing in our roles understanding the needs and differences of others. Respecting our diversity and embracing it letting everyone have fun in their own way as long as we keep within SSC and our sim rules.

I stand here before you as Sub O today because I am spite my rl attachment to this world of DS since I was 18 years old- yet is quite inexperienced in scening. I am not quite rooted in my submission spite 3 years in gor as a slave. Austin is much more real than other places and the feeling is different. Austin allow me to be who I am but I have yet confidence and security to build within myself. Austin evolve me in social contexts and I know I got some miles to walk in how to behave and express myself and yet keep others feel comfortable. I know I am not the mosy smooth or submissive girl if we are to compare such trait- but I am happy you all show patience in me. I trust that starting my practical phase in Austin DS will be a little more free to shape not taking the path of O girl at this point.

I love the O girls and one day I do believe I really want to stand by their side and take on the challenge of serving in the Chateau. For now Sub O will allow me to develop a little slower and discover my submission in a gentle way. Being an O girl would naturally be the title of unicorn and fairies that most girls desire in their heart - but in the core titles don't make who we are or determine our happiness. It's how we feel needed and contributing to a common goal that makes us glow. I hope to be able to make my new Sub O tag shine too and be a proud part of our community and here for the members.

Thank you all- but especially my dear Syndra & Marion- for all the support and love you given me through my path. I admire the time everyone give in teaching others and allow us all to grow and discover our roles. Thank you Master Ratzu for your long time devotion to keep Austin a loving DS community. Last but not least- thank you Aqua for spinning the tunes of this party and our dear Master Angelo, that is much special to me, for playing his own composed music for us!

Sunday, May 6, 2018


Lost the account, then managed to figure it out again. Glad to be back here.

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Ratzu and Aqua celebrate their 2nd Anniversary

Ratzu Darkstone and Aqua (aqua fearne) celebrated the 2nd Anniversary of their collaring on February 17 with a formal dance. O-girl Dee provided the music.

I could not really attend the celebration, but I did pop in quickly to wish them congratulations on their anniversary.

Ratzu and Aqua have been friends of mine for quite a long time now, almost ever since Linda dragged me over to Austin in 2014. I believe I first saw Ratzu when he was hosting the Austin Auction in October of that year, and of course I have grown to know him (and like him) as the Austin sim owner and moderator of the famed Gallery Discussion. On the other hand, I first met Aqua I think in the Olive Branch and not Austin. She was wandering around looking at the beautiful scenery in the place, and it was only later that I got to know her better, especially during voice chats. She has a kind heart, and an infectious giggle, and she dances like a Doll (literally!). Of course, I'm saying nice things about her since she's holding the secret of the blow dryer like the Sword of Damocles over my head, but I probably would like her anyways even without that.

Anyways, I am so very happy that they have been together for two years, and I know that they will continue to love and take care of each other for many more years to come. Oh yeah, and I'm sure they'll also continue to do that D/s thang that they do so well together.

Congrats to Ratzu and Aqua! xxx

More pics of the two of them during the dance, though I am a horrible photographer I noticed *smh sadly*

Monday, January 22, 2018

Leashing in Austin (Dancing leashed in the Cafe)

I was talking in the Cafe, and we started discussing the use of leashes in Austin. Everyone seemed to agree that would be a good thing, although the actual instances of leashing are pretty rare, which is disappointing.

I have always been in favor of leashing your sub. I used to even leash Linda during gallery discussions and pull her along like my little pet, and I almost always leash her when she dances at the Cafe (just in case some other Dom has a sexy accent and she "inadvertently" drops onto his lap *smh*)

I have always believed that the  leash is one of the deepest symbols in a D/s relationship:

(1) It is the physical manifestation of a bond that is deeper than friendship and darker than love.

(2) It is a reminder that you claim her, and that she is yours to do with as you please.

(3) It is the road between two roles: The one who follows at one end, and the one who leads and guides her through less traveled and darker paths at the other end.

(4) It is the yoke around her neck that reminds her of her place; the symbol of her submission.

(5) It says "I am Yours" at one end, and "Mine" at the other.

I found two vids I took of us in the Cafe with Linda leashed, and I decided to share it here in the interest of promoting more leashing in public.

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Master Ceremony at Austin: Peter Jackson

I have known Peter and his girl Cara for some years now, and I still remember very fondly the times we voiced with Linda and others, as well as some of the times we have discussed some rather controversial topics at the Cafe.

Yes, the guy has very strong opinions of things, and although I sometimes may not agree completely with some of his ideas, I have always thought he laced his rallying causes with good arguments and sound points.

I like the guy, and I think a lot of other people like him too, and so I was very happy to know that he had attained Master status at Austin.

I managed to catch the last part of his ceremony, and the seriously sexy Cara provided some pics as well (thanks Cara!)

The ceremony was hosted by Ratzu Darkstone, and his mentors Duke and Rafe both gave glowing recommendations towards him. His girl Cara also gave a beautiful speech about their time together.

[08:14] Duke: It has been a pleasure getting to know Peter better and to watch him progress through his training....
[08:14] Duke: He brings a lot of creativity to his interactions and immerses himself fully in his assignments and the training of our girls here in Austin.  The girls that have had that opportunity can certainly attest to his innovative and interesting approaches. ...
[08:14] Peter Jackson smiles
[08:15] Duke: He has grown in the process and continues to contribute to our community and our goals of providing a safe and exciting venue to practice our D/s lifestyle.
[08:15] Duke: He continues to be diligent in his work and is always looking for ways to be more effective...
[08:15] Duke: Along with his girl cara, we are pleased that he is here and will be joining the ranks of our Austin Masters...
[08:16] Duke: Ratzu, Peter has completed the requisite training and is prepared to don the tag of Master...
[08:16] Duke: It is Rafe's and my honor to present Peter for this ceremony and the recognition of his accomplishments.#

[08:17] Ratzu Darkstone: Rafe has rl focus at this time so I ask jen to read his thoughts and words to share with us
[08:17] Ratzu Darkstone: jen-->
[08:17] Jen: Thank you Master Ratzu
[08:17] Jen beams a warm smiles up to Master Master sends his apologies for not being here and his best regards for you on this day ....smiles.  He was here earlier today, but has house-guests in RL, this week and next, and so his time online is sadly not predictable.  He has these words for you on this very special day....
[08:18] Jen: It has been almost three years since Peter arrived at Austin, and today I am honored to be able to enthusiastically support his promotion to a Master of Austin. We now have another incredible D/s couple; along with his lovely Girl, the adorable Cara; and indeed a strong and trusted Master for the girls of Austin.....
[08:18] Peter Jackson smiles and listens
[08:18] Jen: I have had the pleasure to be involved with Peter's training from the beginning and wrote my first comments about him way back in February 2015, when I said that any Master of Cara's was good enough for me and so he has proved, assignment by assignment; interaction by interaction; and discussion by discussion over time; that my initial observation was indeed correct......
[08:18] Jen: After a gap when RL took him away, Peter returned and set to work with diligence, dealing efficiently with all of his assignments, popular with all of the O Girls and creating a reputation for himself as being an effective Valet and an all round decent guy, reliable and honourable.  And THAT folks, is what it's all about.....
[08:19] Jen: I have been proud to assist him along the way and now wish him all the best in his new role as a full Austin Master.  I have no doubts that he will be a valuable and well regarded member of the Austin community. #

[08:19] Ratzu Darkstone: now I ask cara, who is the collared girl of "Petey" to share some words with us now
[08:20] Ratzu Darkstone: cara-->
[08:20] Peter Jackson laughs
[08:20] Jen: smiles
[08:20] Cara Jackson blushes
[08:20] Cara Jackson: When Petey and I first met here five years ago, he was none too thrilled about the D/s lifestyle and our first conversations on the subject were quite interesting to say the least. Fast forward three years later and lo' and behold, he joined me here. I'm not going to lie- I was nervous. I mean, here was this great guy that had gone from not even letting me wear my oGirl tag when we were together, to suddenly returning to the place where we'd first met and actually making an attempt at the training program. Oh boy.
[08:20] Cara Jackson: Our first few months in Austin as a couple was definitely interesting and our different experiences with D/s led to our fair share of disputes, misunderstandings and yes, even punishments. At times I was frustrated and cranky- after all, I was the experienced oGirl and Petey was a new Master with far less experience. What did he know, right?
[08:20] Cara Jackson grins
[08:21] Peter Jackson grins
[08:21] Jen: chuckles softly
[08:21] Cara Jackson: But then it came to pass where as his knowledge of the lifestyle grew, so did my own and it really did sink in that an oGirls journey truly doesn't end. As we finally began to settle together, I realized I was no longer the teacher, but the student all over again. Now, the knowledge that he's gained and his natural instincts have created a most wonderful and precious gift. I cannot imagine a more thoughtful or selfless Master. One who is fair, firm and consistent and more generous than most. More importantly, he makes me a better person. I can't even wrap him around my finger, and trust me... I've tried!
[08:21] Cara Jackson winks at her Master
[08:21] Cara Jackson: All of the hard work that Petey has put forth and continues to show is a shining example of how perfect and deserving of this moment he is. It's been five years and I never could have imagined we'd be standing here today, or that I'd have given my heart and soul and submission to someone as generous and loving as he is.
[08:21] Cara Jackson looks up at him, smiling brightly
[08:21] Cara Jackson: I am so proud of you Petey, for all that you are and all that you've become and I can't thank you enough for everything you've given me and taught me. Thank you for your incredible patience and tenacity and the lessons you've helped me learn. Thank you for helping me love and become the best part of myself. Oh, and thank you for sometimes, letting me have my cake and eat it too.
[08:22] Cara Jackson: You're my strength, my home, my lover, my best friend, my husband and my Master. And now, today, I get to officially see you share all of that goodness with the rest of the group. No one deserves this moment more and I'm so honored to be here, sharing it with you. #
[08:22] Peter Jackson smiles wide and blows a kiss to her

Finally, Peter gave his own speech:

[08:27] Peter Jackson fumbles through his jacket and pulls out his prepared speech and nearly steps on the bottom end of the page
[08:27] mari Carducci grins
[08:27] Peter Jackson: Thank you Ratzu .. and Good morning, afternoon or Evening, Brothers and Lovely ladies
[08:28] Peter Jackson: I have a lot to be thankful to Austin for starting with my lovely wife so i thought i wd share some of my journey and what makes me tick with all of you, i hope you all have patience to sit through that ..  Just kidding ..
[08:28] Peter Jackson: :)
[08:28] Peter Jackson: My first experience of Austin was towards end of December 2013/ early January of 2014 and that was when I met Cara, she was hosting an event where my SL daughter was DJing her first gig and was excitedly called me over. I met a whole bunch of lovely ladies here including my Cara and was puzzled by why they kept insisting on calling me Sir, I was just Peter or if they wanted to really get formal They could call me Mr. Jackson .. but Sir ?  I corrected a few girls, gently requesting them to call me by name till Cara reached in to my IM and told me that they are doing what is expected off them at the sim.
[08:29] Peter Jackson: Now, look at me where I am.. correcting girls if they are not using correct honorifics ..
[08:29] Peter Jackson smiles at some of the victims of the correction around here
[08:30] Peter Jackson: Now, before you laugh, here is some background, I was brought up in a Traditional Indian Matriarchal family (Mom Ruled the house, Dad Ruled everything else but mostly Mom whacked us, when needed, we were shit scared of Dad) and had 2 elder sisters and 5 other elder girl cousins in the extended Family and they whacked my behind when they thought I was being disrespectful or out of line so .. Respect for Women was what I grew up with and that included never raising hand on a Woman.
[08:30] Frank Lardner: afk
[08:30] Jen: smiles at reading that
[08:31] Peter Jackson Sighs, "look at me now, signing my name up for GIT 231…"
[08:31] mari Carducci smiles
[08:31] Peter Jackson: btw .. that is the SAdo machoism assignment for GITs , grins . .
[08:32] Jen: grinsss
[08:32] Duke: Save the apankings for me and Rafe!
[08:32] Peter Jackson: But the Training through the program has certainly been a learning experience for me which has helped me incredibly in my SL but a lot in my RL as well. The Qualities of leadership and empathy that are drilled in to Masters here are not just relevant in SL DS relationships, they are very useful in RL as well.
[08:32] Peter Jackson takes a breath ..
[08:33] Peter Jackson: Austin training has certainly made my relationship with Cara more fulfilling for me as well as for her. We met here at Austin and then I pursued her for about a year as a Vanilla guy, hoping that I will rid her of her craziness about DS, if only I gave her unconditional and fulfilling love, she will not have the need to feel like she needed to resort to DS to meet her needs.
[08:33] Peter Jackson Rolls his eyes at his naivety.
[08:33] Peter Jackson: My first discussion with Cara about collars was being able to TP each other when other was AFK *cues for laughter* and I wondered why she was not very receptive to it.
[08:34] Peter Jackson face palms.
[08:34] Jen: chuckles
[08:34] Peter Jackson Sighs.. and look at me now.. Disciplining, Correcting, Whipping, Guiding, and enjoying it all with complete abundance.
[08:34] Peter Jackson: All that said, this journey has not been a lonely journey, Starting with Aqua guiding me through the process as the applicant first time round and again when I rejoined in my role as Valet – Thank you very much Aqua for your patience, I am sure you meet a whole bunch of jerks/Cocky Masters from else where who do not really understand why they have to go through it all and yet you persevere through that.
[08:35] Cara Jackson grins up at Petey, listening intently
[08:35] Peter Jackson: Many heartfelt thanks to Alvisse and RB who patiently guided me through my Tyro Phase, We had our differences in philosophies and how I might do something but you always drilled the core of the Austin through that i.e. utmost respect for the Fellow Masters, Love and reverence for our lovely girls and the Creeds.
[08:35] Peter Jackson: My heart felt thanks also goes to Rafe, Jen, Orchid, Jon, Meme, Avril, Domi G, Herc, Sage A and WW for helping me through various assignments and working through the idiosyncrasies that I brought to the discussions and/or my approach to the assignments.
[08:36] Peter Jackson: I took a long break, about a year, to focus on RL Work issues and to focus on building up what we had between Cara and I, to apply what I had learnt between us as couple and continue next phase once my RL pressures decreased. Through the break, I kept coming back here cause it felt home, the community felt like the local neighborhood where you grow up.
[08:36] Peter Jackson: I joined back July 2017 as a Valet and was thrilled to have Rafe and Duke as my mentors, Rafe – someone I respected very much even through my journey as Tyro and Duke, who I knew was an experienced Master.  Thank you very much Rafe and Duke for your patience as I finished my Valet assignments in fits and starts.
[08:37] Duke: nods and smiles
[08:37] Peter Jackson: Thank you very much to Sage, Frost, Dakota, Wild, Nik, Ny, Remmington, Syndra, Fia, WW and Jon for helping me finish my journey as a Valet and come to this milestone. I certainly am not an easy person to work with and I do appreciate your patience and willingness to listen to my ideas and my approaches to DS and be guides.
[08:37] Peter Jackson: While, I wanted to thank each person who has helped me through my journey with one assignment or other, but there are others who are equally valuable and are equally cherished. Each girl and each Master bring their own flavor to the Sim and contribute to the character and culture of the Sim in their own way, thank you very much all the Masters, Valets, DOMs, Tyros, O Girls, GITs, Sub Os, GISs, and applicants who are part of the Austin family.
[08:38] Sammi: ME SMILES
[08:38] Peter Jackson: Melinda – for your constant presence and perspectives and keeping that connect with me alive while I was an Alumni
[08:38] Peter Jackson: Naughty – You make Austin a beautiful place .. in more ways than one. Thank you for your hard work and friendship.
[08:38] Peter Jackson: MK, Billy, Marcus  - Thank you for adding to the sim with your presence, fun conversations and company that you have provided over last 3 years.
[08:39] Peter Jackson: Avril – for being the breath of fresh air and being the odd ball out, you are someone I relate with very much .. and there is a compliment in that somewhere, let me know when you find it ??
[08:39] Peter Jackson: Frank – for Speakeasy and reigniting the D/S play parties in Austin, for a while, we had become just an educational sim there for a while… ??
[08:39] Sussesweet: -giggles-
[08:39] Peter Jackson: WW  - Thank you for your dedication to Valet training and unadulterated enthusiasm around Dominating girls and guiding us noob Masters.
[08:39] Frank Lardner: -blushes-
[08:40] Peter Jackson: Jen -  thank you for tirelessly managing the endless list of assignments pending and done and keeping us Masters straight on what we still have to do.
[08:40] Peter Jackson: Finally, and Most importantly, Cara – My best friend, My lover, my Wife, My girl, My Slave – I would not be here if not for you, you encouraged a pure vanilla guy to explore the Dominant in him and allowed him to channel it right, we have had an interesting Journey in last 5 years, even more so in last 3 years and I know I am saying it for you as well, this has made us Stronger and better than we were as couples before we came back to Austin. Thank you for Standing by me, thank you for your patience and confidence and pride in me.
[08:40] Jen: smiles warmly
[08:40] Cara Jackson sniffles and wipes at her tears
[08:41] Peter Jackson: I remember an assignment I did with Rafe around Love in D/S relationship and the passage from the book comes to mind when Stephen released O because he was falling in love with her and felt that he could not dominate her because of that. Like the rest of the book, I am glad that we can demonstrate that D/S can thrive alongside deep love and respect for each other and it is not an Either-Or situation.
[08:41] Jen: wipes a tear
[08:41] Marker Hastings nods agreeing
[08:41] Peter Jackson: And while today marks a milestone in my training, I do not believe that it is the end of the training, Like O Girls, I believe Masters need to continue their training as well, may be more informally, but there is always more to learn, to contribute to the community and pay it forward.
[08:42] Peter Jackson reaches  for water under the podium and tries to sneak a sip off hte camera and makes a mess of it
[08:42] Sammi smiles nodding emphatically
[08:42] Jen is offline.
[08:43] Peter Jackson: And thank you, Ratzu for providing a venue and opportunity and leadership for making this invaluable training and community happen and keeping it thriving  last 10 years through continuous changes and evolutions. I know we are all different, it is a good thing that you are a Cat guy cause running a sim like this can be like herding cats.
[08:43] Ratzu Darkstone: chuckles
[08:43] Peter Jackson: Thank you every one once again and i look forward to continuing my journey with all of you . .
[08:43] Peter Jackson: #

Attendees included:

Pupsy Hastings
Marker Hastings
Jeanvince Admiral
Marion Fadlan
Benros Karlfeldt
Gerritt Resident
Di Anne Night
Syndra Rothmanay
Beldom Wuyts
Sage Avedon
Billy Avdeon
Dante Parabola
Mari Carducci
Ratzu Darkstone
Frank Lardner

More pics from the Ceremony:

Monday, January 15, 2018

Collaring Ceremony of Benros and Sammi

Some fantastic images were taken by Melita, and I noted them as such. Thank you Melita!

I attended the collaring ceremony of Benros Karlfeldt and Sammi (SamDelainey Resident). Ratzu Darkstone hosted the event, and Duke (Dukexxl Resident) introduced the pair, while sammi was assisted by azdra Fall - Nikolaidis (Azdra Resident).

The ceremony was very moving, and was attended by more than 40 people! The highlight of the ceremony was the saying of vows:

[14:43] Sammi looks up smiling
[14:43] Sammi: Master .. i offer you my vows
[14:43] Sammi: I vow to you my Master
to give you my submission
to be Your girl for always
and obey Your discretion
[14:44] Sammi: I kneel here before you
naked as i am
ready to serve you Master
in every way i can
[14:44] Sammi: I accept from you your Collar
As a symbol of this vow
an outward sign for all to see
I belong to you from now
[14:44] Sammi: I promise to support you
to be the wind beneath your wings
to make you proud you own this girl
You are the centre of my being
[14:44] Sammi: We face the world together
two halves that make the whole
i offer you all i have to give
mind,  body,  heart and soul
[14:45] Benros: Sammi,  how will you respond ...
[14:45] Benros: If it pleases me to have you kneel before me?
[14:45] Sammi: I will kneel reverently.
[14:45] Benros: If it pleases me to bind you?
[14:45] Sammi: I will gladly offer my body to you.
[14:45] Benros: If it pleases me to touch you?
[14:46] Sammi: I will beg you to be touched.
[14:46] Benros: If it pleases me to give you my instruction?
[14:46] Sammi: I will learn all I can.
[14:46] Benros: If it pleases me to correct you?
[14:46] Sammi: I will erase my mind and write in your words.
[14:47] Benros: If it pleases me to punish you?
[14:47] Sammi: I will accept it without objection.
[14:47] Benros: If it pleases me to allow you to serve me?
[14:47] Sammi: I will serve you with loyalty and devotion.
[14:47] Benros: If it pleases me to have your obedience?
[14:47] Sammi: I will give you my obedience above all others.
[14:47] Benros: Sammi, with the placing of this collar around your neck and your acceptance of it, I vow to be worthy of you. I promise to hold you, protect you, stretch you and give you certain freedoms to grow, and to respect the needs of our relationship, I further vow to love you, honor you,
[14:48] Benros: support you in all things. I accept the trust you have placed in me and the responsibility that goes with that trust. I accept the gift of total submission you have made to me. This collar will be a symbol of your commitment to my ownership of your body and mind, your heart and sou
[14:49] Benros: sammi, I will not forget the responsibility that I have undertaken.. My decisions affect you in every way. Your life is in my hands and I will use the power you have given me wisely. . I will be mindful that you will look to me in all things for guidance and teaching.
[14:49] Benros: sammi from this point on, in front of all these friends as our witnesses, you are totally mine, now and forever, just as I am yours.  #
[14:49] Sammi  ods smiling
[14:49] Sammi: thank you my Master
[14:49] Benros: Azdra please dress sammi, my girl, my life, my love
[14:50] Azdra Fall - Nikolaidis (Azdra Resident) rises to her feet and steps up to the platform behind Sammi.  She giggles softly.
[14:51] Benros: Your collar is locked, please stand and dress
[14:51] Sammi: thnak you maaster
[14:51] Benros gives her a hand to help her rise
[14:51] Azdra Fall - Nikolaidis (Azdra Resident) smiles at Sammi, holding out the dress for her to step into.

Ratzu himself had some final words to give to the pair:

[15:03] Ratzu Darkstone: let me say some final words
[15:04] Ratzu Darkstone: Benros-the Dominant, I say: never forget the responsibility that you have undertaken here.
[15:04] Sammi (SamDelainey Resident) smiles at Master Ratzu's words
[15:04] Ratzu Darkstone: You are charged with the well being of your submissive in all you do. Your decisions will affect her in every way. Her life is literally in your hands. Do not shy away from that responsibility but use the power you have been given wisely.
Never consider only yourself. Remember that your submissive will follow wherever you go. Do not lead her into danger and be mindful that she will look to you in all things for guidance and teaching.
[15:04] Ratzu Darkstone: Learn from sammi what is good for her, and be prepared to give as much, or more than you receive.
[15:04] Benros Karlfeldt nods
[15:05] Ratzu Darkstone: Benros, your hand is a double edged sword. It can give pleasure and it can punish. The Master must never forget that, and must consider every facet of any situation before using that power, and always used for the well being of your sammi.
[15:05] meander (meanderingmuse Resident) left the region.
[15:05] Ratzu Darkstone: sammi, having chosen to submit to Benros, you must never feel dignity's loss. True submission is something that few ever receive, so remember that what you have offered is a treasure, to be kept safe by Benros. Walk beside Him and be proud of what and who you are. To be a submissive makes you the treasure in this relationship. Never be afraid to speak out. In times of trouble look to your Master, and run to Him, not away.
Finally I urge you both: Have patience with each other and remember there will be bad times as well as good. Love each other, always, and demonstrate that love as often as you can and in as many ways as you can.
[15:05] Ratzu Darkstone: They now have pronounced their commitments to each other and symbols of the power have been exchanged between them. Benros owns sammi and she will wear his collar as a symbol of his domination over her and her willing submission to him. Now all may rise and join me in Benros and sammi deep and enduring joy, and to pledge our support in this commitment
[15:06] Benros Karlfeldt listens and accepts the words offered by Ratzu


Some more pics from the event, this time from my own amateurish camera smh:

The Attendees included:

vanessa Hunt
ivy Rose
Arthur Twindle
Shaane Mode
Angelo Scurita
olly Otoole
Rafe Allardyce
Marcus Massaro
Jim Bomazi
jen Umaga
Alvise Cliassi
Billy Avedon
dakota Taylor
marion Fadlan
sassy Snoodle
Michele Aria (Dancer)
mari Carducci
Eldin Stonecutter
star Novahwolf
indy shadows
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Thursday, December 28, 2017

Shopping with the Girls

I had time available, so I spent some nice voice time with Elicia in the afternoon (her cute Swedish accent always makes me smile). Then later that night, I met Meli and Kota for 55 L Thursday shopping (also in voice), which Kota told me was something that Linda had taught them about earlier (and yes, I do remember Linda doing lots of 55L shopping).

The girls moved from store to store while I tagged along. Unfortunately, as the guy, I got to lug more and more colorful bags of stuff that they had bought! It seems that in SL, as in RL, my sorry lot in life is to follow women around with shopping bags *smh sadly at the indignities suffered by all men*

It did get slightly interesting though when Kota put on an outfit that was not only sideboob-friendly (my favorite kind) was ALL sides-friendly!

After some time spent drooling over the outfit (and yes, my camera was VERY busy!), I decided my back couldn't take the weight of the shopping bags anymore, and I rezzed off to RL (where, knowing fate, I'll probably soon be lugging tons of shopping bags for the wife as well).

Anyways, it was a good day spent with the three beautiful Austin girls.

ps. note to self: never ever volunteer to go shopping with just end up as the pack animal....

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Happy Holidays!

I really like this pic from the Winter of 2015...she looked so cute in her outfit, though to be honest I have to wonder whether her otherwise "hot" butt froze because of the short pants ;-)

I think this was taken at Avril's awesome sim "Heart's Cove"...I found the pic while looking back on some of the old pics...

Sunday, December 17, 2017

Star Wars: The Last Jedi (fanboys get outta the way)

Kinda psyched to watch the Last Jedi.

I loved the Force Awakens, or at least the first half of it, because of the chemistry between Finn and Rey and the humor. Although I almost fell asleep later because it was a replica of the original Star Wars (A New Hope).

I loved Rogue One, and I thought it was better than Force Awakens because of the originality and the great ending.

I'm one of those people who go ho-hum at the original trilogy (SW 4,5,6) and really liked the prequels.

Some fanboys who need to get a life have briganded the fan ratings on rottentomatoes to push it down, BUT the critic's reviews are 93% and the Cinemascore (an audience poll which cannot be manipulated) for it is A, so it looks pretty good so far.

So, let's hope I really like this one.

Saturday, December 16, 2017

PJ Party!

I was rooting through some old pics last night and I found this pic that I took in January 2016, almost two years ago. It's funny, but I look at it and I think to myself: there is the Daddy, and there is the Mommy, and there is Kota girl, the little Daddy and Mommy's laps.

See, you have to understand that when we first met Kota (in 2014!), she was only a GIS, and a mischievous one at that. When I first talked to her one on one, I could tell this was one smart cookie in front of me. But even though I now know Kota is a mature, complex, and very adult woman, I still sometimes remember her as this youngish GIS who danced in big afros with Linda and me.

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

1930s dance at Austin

I attended the 1930s dance at Austin. Meli was host, DJ Stormy provided the music, and I believe Aria did the venue.

It's been a while since I last wore the old black tux, which I believe was one of the first formal outfits I got for MK version 3 (I'm on version 4 right now I believe).

I danced with my ward Elicia, who looked quite yummy, and it was good to just chat with the people there....

Some pics from the dance, most from the always-dependable Laila x

MK and elicia

laila and Gerritt

Benros and sammi

Gerritt and laila


Marcus and melinda

Rizzent and orchid


"It was THIS big!"