Monday, September 10, 2012

Cool Spots in SL (Part 1): Poppyport

Lots of aircraft to view and admire.
There are a lot of  cool places that I think embody what SL should be: a place for creative people to make creative things and showcase them. Some of these people have become my friends, so I'll take the time once in awhile to introduce their work.

Sylvie Etoile has been one of my more demanding customers, and I like that (to a point lol) because it makes the product better when people give good suggestions. Once we became friends, she introduced me to her own work, an honest to goodness SL airport called Poppyport, where you can fly aircraft, helicopters, gyrocopters, autogyros, tiltrotors,and various other types of flying contraptions. There is also a marina and harbour next door with berths for rent. I was even surprised to discover that there are airlines flying SL that use her airport!

You can choose from several different planes to fly.
In fact, there is a whole subculture of people who fly airplanes and live the life of flying in SL, which include airlines like Vulture Air and groups for women aviators in SL such as the SL 99's, and talking to Sylvie certainly opened my eyes about this little known and fascinating niche.

Sylvie also owns several residential properties (a notecard to the properties are available inside the airport terminal), and this is one place where she uses the Lemur Rental Boxes. I visited one and was very surprised to see how much the product was modded to accomodate the look and feel of the place. She basically tranferred scripts to new objects that she created and embedded the thing on the wall of the property. Looks very good actually, and she graciously offered to help me create better textures for the one sold in the marketplace.

This Lemur Rental Box looks hell better than the one that's sold!


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