Saturday, April 25, 2015

Another quiet Saturday night

It was another quiet Saturday night in RL writing, while in SL I sat on our deck also tapping away on a virtual typewriter.  The deck juts out across the water and this is usually where Linda and I enjoy entertaining guests who come over. It's quite peaceful and beautiful there, and I always feel very relaxed as I work in RL and SL at the same time.

Later that night I joined in on an impromptu voice chat at the Star Bucks in Cafe O. Since most of the participants were slightly intoxicated by the time I got there, I mixed some ginger ale with white zinfendale (the only leftover liquor I had since i don't normally drink) and proceeded to sip at it. Lotsa fun and laughter as people took turns clicking on the truth ball, and I have to admit I was negligent in my writing while joining in the convos. We even got Ratzu (Ratzu Darkstone) in there, though he refused to touch the truth ball no matter how hard Peter (peterjackson72) tried to get him to do so, as well as a visitor who sounded and looked like Cruella Deville, complete with puppy in arm.

Friday, April 24, 2015

Cooper Creek Wilderness Area at Sailors Cove South

When my girl Linda found our current parcel at Sailors Cove South in January of this year, I did not realize at the time the extent of the community's beauty and uniqueness. I had tasked her with finding a location that would have direct access to the Blake Seas, as I wanted to be able to sail the Linda Lou directly from our home.

The Linda Lou in front of our home
The new parcel proved that it could indeed serve this purpose, and I've been recently taking our boat past Sailors Cove and all the way towards Sirens Isle and the Galaxy Cruise Ship, although via a somewhat circuitous route.

However, I also recently found out that the community had a common wilderness park located northwest of our home that was open to all visitors called the Cooper Creek Wilderness Area (located here), and I was interested enough to visit it yesterday.

I will tell you now that I have been in SL long enough that almost nothing surprises me anymore, but my first explorations of the park literally made me start going "omg" several times.

The park setting was decidedly tropical to subtropical, with towering banyan trees taking root along the many small waterways that wound their way throughout the area. But the way I toured the place was what really made it for me.

Visitors can use wooden paths to access the entire park
One of the signs directed me to a kayak rezzer, and I immediately made my way along the rickety wooden footpaths towards it. In RL I am an avid kayaker, and I decided I would probably like seeing the park in one as well.

Kayak rezzer allows for single or dual kayaks
It was an amazing first tour of the park!

The first sight I encountered was a series of waterfalls that covered the walls of a somewhat claustrophobic tunnel, which was also laced with vines and other plants that clung precariously to the ceiling and sides of the passageway.

I decided to give the spot the moniker Waterfall Alley, and below are some pics I took of my passage through it from the kayak rezzer point.

Past Waterfall Alley you have the option of turning right immediately after the last waterfall, and after passing through a rather tight narrow passage you'll come upon the aptly named Butterflies House.

Colorful butterflies flutter inside the Butterfles House

Another kayak rezzer lies near the Butterflies House
Beyond Butterflies House I came upon two majestic banyan trees, their buttress roots rising from the soggy ground, and their prop roots sinking deep into the soil and turning into huge trunks in their own right.

One of the banyans behind Butterflies House
Because the area was criss-crossed by an extensive waterway system, the creators of the park also added quite a number of bridges that spanned the various cut off islets and enabled those who would like to simply stroll access to all the hidden campsites and other resting places.

Wooden bridges span many of the islets
I only explored a small portion of the place, although I obviously mean to rectify that in the coming days, but the attention to detail and just the sheer exuberance of the plant life in the park left me agog.

Below are some more pics I took of my first trips into Cooper Creek Wilderness Area.

Swan boat on other side of kayak rezzer

Tight passage to the Butterflies House

Temperate looking area of the park
Remnants of crashed plane beyond the park

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Attack of the Lepus!!!!

Ferocious beast scouting its next victim
I knew it! I told Linda about my new zombie insurance rice garden, and what do you know...

I was relaxing in her sandbox, listening to the soothing rush of water as it cascaded down the central fountain, when suddenly from out of nowhere I suddenly heard:

rice eatter cuttiepie: Chomp! Chomp!

I whirled, searching for the thing that was making the chomping sounds, and to my horror, found myself staring at a ferocious beast lying in wait among the ripening panicles of my rice plants! 

Evil bunny lying in ambush
I did my patented Home Alone pose, my breath coming in short gasps as I watched the ravenous creature hopping in and out of the delicate foliage of my crop.

Truly, could there be anything more savage than an attack by the lepus!!!????

Hmmmm...I'm gonna get you for this the moon!

Monday, April 20, 2015

Sailors Cove South to Sirens Isle

I finally took the Linda Lou for a long sail towards Sirens Isle.

The route I took was fairly convoluted, and it took about 40 minutes or so to get to my destination, but it was so very relaxing to finally moor at the Isle.

From our home, I sailed north past Bulia, then east until I sighted Spoondrift, whereupon, I again turned north, continuing all the way until I passed Horseshoe Park on the port side.

I then made a strong turn towards the west and out into the open seas, sailing southwest until I came upon the Isle.

Route from Sailors Cove South to Sirens Isle (A)
and Galaxy Cruise Ship (B)

MK's Rice Garden

I decided to set aside a plot of land in Linda's Private Sandbox to grow a few rice plants.

There were some (you know who you are!) who thought I was nutballs to be growing my own food. But I'll bet they change their tune when the zombie apocalypse comes and they're trying to claw their way into my garden!

Friday, April 10, 2015

Khalil Gibran and the red river

On April 8, Ratzu took us on a tour of the Art gallery at Cafe LaPe'rouse @ Austin. Each girl on the tour had to pick an image and elaborate on why she picked it, and what sort of fantasy the picture represented for her.

It was a welcome change from the usual sit down discussion the sim usually has on Wednesdays, and Linda and I enjoyed it. By coincidence, Linda picked the same picture as Marion and Ratzu, while Melinda was enamored of an image depicting rope work. I was into kinbaku in RL at one time (but lacked a regular partner so my interest flagged), so this was interesting to me as well.

Later that night, I took another look at the image Linda picked and noticed that right next to it was an image with text from a poet I really like, Khalil Gibran, which went :

And he said, 'Your pain is the breaking of the shell that encloses your understanding. Even as the stone of the fruit must break, that its heart may stand in the sun, so must you know pain'.

Of course Khalil was not really referring to anything fetish related when he created those words, but they do resonate anyway among those to whom pain is a cleansing agent, and the next day I created a short poem for my baby girl that echoed that sentiment:

Let the pain I give be a red river 
that sweeps away
the flimsy constructs of your life,
and reveals the secret key to the hidden
byways of your feral heart.

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Savage Saints Rally 2015

The Savage Saints MC held their 2015 Rally from March 27-29. It was the first rally held by the club.

Linda and I had contributed to the design and development of two of the games in the event, and we had stalls for our stores as well.

I could not really join in on the festivities due to the timing, but I did manage to drop in occasionally to take pictures.

As is usual for biker events, attendance was very heavy. On the occasions that I did manage to visit, the sim was crowded with 40 or more people.

I also liked the design of the entire sim. The event was held in an open field, surrounded by the various stages and games such as the Cage of Death, Balance Beam, and Bull Riding coral. But above the open field they had placed an amazing track that swooped and circled and  wound its convoluted way above the heads of the participants.

Congrats to Ron Casson (RonRon57), Papillon Casson (Papillon Chatnoir), Jasonn Mckeenan, and all those others who made the event such a great success!

Below are some pictures I took from the event.

The rally sim from high above
The Balance Beam I helped create for the event
The Cage of Death I helped create for the event

Linda's store and mine were side by side
Serena (xurtheone) also put up her own stall
Cage of Death Competition
Lotsa dancing going on too

More dancing!

Bull riding competition

Bull riding competition

Balance Beam competition
Balance Beam competition
Balance Beam Competition

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Happy Sounds

I love how she laughs, and giggles, and even snorts. I could listen to her happy sounds all day.