Tuesday, September 4, 2012


"I need more good SF books, and less SL crap."
It's been a very busy summer, with the new DMH Penis upgrade going out in mid-June, then the DM Pussy introduction on July 20, the DM Whip on August 3, and now the DM Vibrator Set launching today.

I have to admit, I feel burnt out and tired, and it would be good to have a break from all the shit and filth and bullshit that swirls around SL (none of which means anything in the real world). Plus, lotsa RL stuff that needs doing, which of course is more important by far than SL.

There'll be more innovative products I think come Fall, but for now it would be good to take a break and take stock of our progress, our misadventures, and our failures this last couple of months.

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