Saturday, August 25, 2012

Sex toys should only be seen when needed

"They check in...but they never check out!"
 I was setting up a hanging cage by the side of my little tiki home while chatting with Happy about an RLV problem she had, when an idea popped into my head. I wanted the next product after the DM Vibrator Set to be RLV-enabled (since I was learning about it, I might as well use it), but I'm an atrocious builder at best, so something simple (involving at most square and rectangular blocks haha) would be best. Say, a simple slave display apparatus, two columns or three, with cuff holders on each column.

The front of my home faces the ocean, and I was thinking of placing the columns such that the slave would be stretched out between them and facing the sea. This would give a good view of the slave's rear and back from the living room and outdoor rattan chairs.

The problem would be that when unoccupied, the columns would look quite ugly and destroy the sea view. So it struck me that there is no reason why the owner of the display toy should not be able to make the entire apparatus invisible (and phantom) when not needed! This way, the toy would not get in the way of people when not in use. This feature would be very similar to the way people can "hide" their DMH Penis or DM Pussy.

Btw, a quick note: the DM Vibrator Set is pretty much ready, and it'll probably be put in-store by next week. Thank you again to all the kind users of the penis and pussy tandem.

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