Thursday, December 27, 2012

Sadists like flowers too (aka "dont hate me cuz I'm beautiful")

Thanks to the always beautiful and fashionable Lori Novo for thinking I'm interesting enough to be listed in her writings.

In the (often misquoted) words of the immortal Sally Field:  "You like me, you really really like me!"

And thanks for adding the dainty red does add that...hmmm..."feminine touch" to someone who otherwise looks like a Matrix reject sporting a lethal assortment of BDSM accoutrements. 

Kinda like Dustin Hoffman's Tootsie meets the sadomasochistic Cenobites from Hellraiser.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Holiday candies to everyone!

There's no better feeling in the world than having a beautiful girl clinging to you, trusting completely in you, giving herself completely to your wishes as the Mayan Long Count Great Cycle begins anew.

My good Aussie friend Marie Monk, who when not rowdy and completely stone-faced drunk, is just about the sweetest nicest girl in SL, was really too cute in her holiday outfit, so I donned the santa's hat from the Santa's Revenge toy and we took some cool holiday pics.

Couldn't find the damn candy cane though, which was most fortunate for my unsuspecting candy girl. So happy holidays from all of us to you! May you find your own sweet candy to usher in the new Mayan Long Count Cycle!

For more good information on the Mayan Calendar, here's this link from Foxnews, which for the first time that I know of, is actually good for something after all ;-)

PS. It's interesting that Psy's Gangnam Style, youtube's most viewed video ever (it's currently at 994 million as I write this), is going to hit one BILLION views on the same day the world end. Coincidence? lol.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

DMH Penis - not a freebie anymore!

We made the decision to move the DMH Penis as a priced item from being a freebie.

The reason is simple. We've sold nearly 10,000 of the item in less than a year and every day more than 600 unique people use the penis. Since the point scoring system and partner database run on a hosted server, the cost of maintaining such a growing population of users is starting to outweigh the benefits of using the DMH Penis as a loss leader for other products.

In other words, we want LESS people buying the thing, and adding a small cost to it (a ridiculously low 10L) should accomplish that. To assuage some of the sting for customers, we added a bonus product along with the DMH Penis package and will add more bonus features to it going forwards.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Bees Through the Seasons

For the bee lovers among us (and yes, I am one in RL), and for anyone who just loves nature and innovative creations, I hit upon this small garden with small stores that was bee-themed, and which holds an event each season for participating creators to showcase their wares.

Bees Through the Seasons comes around 4 times a year for each season! The event will last a month only. Every time the event buzzes back around a new mix of creators will be chosen to create something themed matching the season for our little bee garden. The garden is only small but filled with such talent, something different each time and something for everyone. Buzz on down and see what the bees have been busy with this season!

I bought a very interesting honeycomb shelf and wanted a stuffed bee toy for some honey (haha), but it was no transfer so I skipped on that for now.

You can visit the garden using this SLURL, and the group information is here.

Monday, December 10, 2012

Welcome random weird visitors!

I'm always amused by the search words random visitors to the site use to get here.

In addition to the more likely "dm vibrator" and "dmh penis instructions sl" (hmmm, friend, it's on the menu!), the blog gets some real weird search terms.

Like this month it got "do penguins have boobs", which i guess landed them in the second MK Second Life Dictionary, or the  more disturbing "monkey pussy" and "monkeypussy" (haha).

People have also come to this blog using the search term "talking pussy", and several have come after searching for "facial vibrators", which is something I believe I do not want to ever see.

That warped holiday spirit

We're selling so many Santa's Revenge sex toys it actually vaulted past the DMH Penis in the SL Marketplace rankings. Obviously, it isn't selling more in absolute numbers than either the Penis or the Pussy, but it's selling enough at its much higher price range that greedy SL decided to up the ante.

What does this say about people? Something is seriously wrong with their holiday spirit. Really wrong.

Maybe it's time to consider a Thanksgiving Turkey Terror or a Leprechaun Lecher to go with the Santa product.