Sunday, May 13, 2012

How I Met Sky

"Need a ride sweetcheeks?"

One day I was headed for lala land,
gunning past the desert sun and swirling sand.
When I spied by the road, this girl thumbing her way
in short shorts and halter top by the lonely highway.

I stopped by her and asked, "Where you going love?"
As she peered from sunglasses that perched high above
a patrician nose that twitched quite prettily,
while she smiled and exclaimed "to infinity!"

So I took her with me, this farm girl from the plains.
Far away from the cows and the ripening grains,
To a land where rice fills the thatched granaries,
and the sea wipes out all bad memories.

Now we sit by the beach in our tiki hut,
wrapped in each other's arms and knowing that
it will soon be the time for the moon to see,
tender kisses under the elephant tree.

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