Friday, May 31, 2013

DM Tusk Ritual in Marketplace

Well, it's one day late, but as mentioned in this post, we did finish the toy and it's ready for the public here.

Enjoy! We here at the Depraved Monkey certainly enjoyed creating it for you.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Alanis Angel

Tinka became an Alanis Angel at the Alanis Art Gallery last week, and I just wanted to take a moment to congratulate my baby girl. Alanis Gallery has the best erotic art from RL in Second Life, and is justly famous for the bevy of Angels who act as Living Art for visitors to the gallery.

DM Tusk Rituals: Finished and Available May 30!

Fetish Model Tinka feels the pain of the whip
Thanks to my beautiful and sexy fetish model and photographer Tinka, without whom this product would not have been launched. All the fantastic pics here depicting various poses and animations in the DM Tusk Rituals are attributed to her. 

Some people may have wondered what happened to the very large DM Tusk project. What happened was that due to the size of the project we decided to subdivide the various Tusk functionalities into separate products.
Tinka sags against the restraints

The first of the products to roll out is called DM Tusk Rituals, which is an MLPV2-driven, menu based sex toy with many single and couple animations and poses.
I'm flying!!!!
In addition to various sex animations, the DM Tusk Rituals sex toy contains many of the couples static poses shown for the new BDSM Pussy.

Begging for air
It also contains Single Avatar Display poses, including an "Impaled" pose with blood dripping from the entrance point of the tusk.

Check out some of the animation and poses in this new DM product below, then head over to the marketplace to get your own copy.
Bad Tinka Girl gets spanked
Ready for the Dog

Upside Down Single Avatar Display

Single Avatar Impaled Display Pose

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Couple Poses - The BDSM Pussy

A Mouthful of Crop

In addition to single BDSM poses that can be triggered via the menu, the BDSM Pussy will feature couple poses. During the last week, Tinka and I have been working feverishly on some of these couple poses, and the first thing we found out was that it was very hard to align two people in poses together without pre-set configurations, and this might frustrate customers.

A Petting
 The solution to the problem is to include in the BDSM Pussy product a functional MSRP2 pose toy with full dialog menu so people can easily switch between the various couple poses.

The use of poseballs of course means pre-set couple posing can only be done where the poseballs are rezzable, but the couple poses for the sub will also be included as part of the default pussy BDSM poses, which means the sub can trigger them anytime anywhere she might like.

As always, our customers get the best of both worlds.

A Petting

I've also discovered that Tinka is a very good photographer, both in SL and RL, so from now on many of the photos for the marketplace and brochures will be her work.
A Captor's Embrace

As you can see from the images in this post, all the poses are original Depraved Monkey animation, created from pictures and artwork researched by Tinka. Some are animated, some are static, but all have been crafted as lovingly as possible so that the raw eroticism and energy of the original images are fully captured in the SL poses.
A Captor's Embrace
The poses shown in this post include "A Mouthful of Crop", "A Petting" (which is an active animation), "A Captor's Embrace" and "Protected". There will be maybe four other couple poses in the final product.
A Captor's Embrace
As always, a big thank you to my girl Tinka, without whom this project would still be mired in the mushy warrens of my busy little mind.