Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Happy First Rez Day to Rae!

"Watta voice!"

An (advanced) happy rez day to one of my older SL friends, Rae (loveangelrae). 

I still remember the first time we met her, she was still less than a month old, a noob. One thing I remember was how determined she was to learn new things, how she kept bugging us for building tips because we were just starting out too at the time, and how she gave us our first (and only!) commissioned job, a couch that we had to place poses in lol. 

And look at her now. She's accomplished a lot in such a short time, and she's currently a builder, model, teacher, and budding scripter. She also is one of the best Voice Actresses in SL, and a very good singer too. I am very proud of her.

I wish her all the best going forward, in SL and (much more importantly) in RL a well.


  1. :O cant believe I found this, Are you still around?

  2. Hey there! Yes I am of course. How you doing? I'll give you an IM inworld...