Thursday, May 31, 2012

Our SL Dream

The dream in SL began exactly one year ago, though Sky and I knew each other before that. It was a fun ride, and we learned a lot in the journey. Like all dreams, you have to finally wake up, and here's hoping what we find upon the waking is worth the wait.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

You talkin' to me? You talkin' to me? You talkin' to me?

Some guy IMed me and asked questions about my profile, so in the interest of clearing up some things and perhaps getting things straight in my head as well, I wrote up a list that best describes me.
  • I am perverted, dominant, and strictly heterosexual. I like BDSM, I like D/s play. But at the same time, I am very romantic. I adore sam lowry hawk's youtube vids showing the vagaries and problems and beauty of SL.
  • I don't kill and eat bunnies, or kick stray dogs, and I get teary eyed by the most ridiculous of scenes in movies or books. I also like strapping women in SL onto crosses, stripping them of their clothes, and whipping them until they cum. Go figure.
  • I like making things in SL, and I like that people use the things I create. I've done sex toys like the the Plumber's Delight, I built the system that runs SL's most advanced penis, the DMH Predator Penis, and I've done various other scripting projects like animations, puppeteering, and the like.
  • I like teaching people, and helping them learn here in SL, and I like watching them grow their skills and thus their confidence and self-worth. I think it comes from my time as a teaching assistant when I was a grad student.
  • I am RL-centered, and think SL is an extension of RL and not a replacement. RL is just too wonderful and beautiful and pleasurable for me to think of trading it for the cartoon wonders of SL. I am a programmer and business person in RL, who travels extensively and has a whole slew of wonderful hobbies that keep me occupied.
  • Therefore, I highly value extending SL interactions beyond sex furniture and poseballs via multiple RL touch points, such as voice, email, and the like. I do not believe in hiding behind SL avatars. It's boring to me not to be able to see the person behind the cartoon figure.
  • I value loyalty. When you're my friend, unless you do something stupid to not deserve it, then I will be there for you and I will never turn against you.
  • I will try to reply to IMs or chats directed at me and NOT ignore them. Just because we all look like bugs bunny, betty boop and various comic book characters here doesn't mean there isn't a real person with real feelings behind the screen who deserves the same respect we would give in RL.
  • I hate alts that are used to cheat and secretly go around relationships. If you're gonna cheat, have the guts to actually do it with your main alt, then sever the old relationship.
  • I like reading and science fiction and nature. I love discussing these topics with like minded people. I think Prometheus will be AWESOME ;-)

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Making Elephants

The best thing I like about SL as a programmer is that it allows people to be as creative as they can be AND SEE THE TANGIBLE RESULTS OF THEIR LABOR.

This is definitely not the case a lot of times in RL, where I dabble in server side programming, and where the apps I create all reside as hidden denizens of web app servers, which themselves are locked down in cooled refrigerated vaults, the better to protect the valuable data contained within.

Take for example, a new beautifully crafted elephant that my pet Sky had artfully built, and into which I imbued the ability to walk and move, acting like some modern day Dr. Frankenstein.

We had developed it for a new sim that we are working on called The Elephant Sanctuary. My Sky adores elephants and this is our own little monument to these fascinating and intelligent beasts.

When completed, visitors can learn about them, ride gigantic full-sized pachyderms, try to get some free gifts in elephant lucky chairs, and other fun activities.

To animate the elephant, you could buy a puppeteer script for 2000L in the marketplace, but the concept itself is fairly simple and it did not take long for us to create our own puppeteer engine. After adding in a few additional features, such as multi-sit poses and elephant roaring sounds, the final animated elephant was complete and ready to roam around the sim, not to mention placed in a new Elephant Sanctuary Store in the Marketplace.

To visit the small sanctuary, which is still incomplete, use this SLURL:

Saturday, May 19, 2012

A typical male profile in SL

A friend changed profile to show what a typical female in SL should post in her SL profile but won't, which caused me to think what the typical guy should post as his SL profile but won't:

stalking psycho, who gets crazy jealous. I am also looking for quick dirty sex. I believe that it takes 10 min, TOPS, to find some other guy pretending to be a woman to have bunny sex with. I want a big ass house where i can entertain my 10 female slaves and pretend my RL life as an overworked, underpaid, unmarried and unloved accountant who lives with his mama does not exist.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

How I Met Sky

"Need a ride sweetcheeks?"

One day I was headed for lala land,
gunning past the desert sun and swirling sand.
When I spied by the road, this girl thumbing her way
in short shorts and halter top by the lonely highway.

I stopped by her and asked, "Where you going love?"
As she peered from sunglasses that perched high above
a patrician nose that twitched quite prettily,
while she smiled and exclaimed "to infinity!"

So I took her with me, this farm girl from the plains.
Far away from the cows and the ripening grains,
To a land where rice fills the thatched granaries,
and the sea wipes out all bad memories.

Now we sit by the beach in our tiki hut,
wrapped in each other's arms and knowing that
it will soon be the time for the moon to see,
tender kisses under the elephant tree.