Sunday, July 31, 2016

Body Jeopardy Test Run and Play Party

Preparing before the play party
On July 29, we held a small play party at our home in Sailors Cove South to do a public test run of the new Body Jeopardy game.

We gathered at our ground level home for awhile, then moved on over to the Game Room skybox. I had planned an elaborate protocol for the event, but we ditched some of them when decided it would be too complex for something we were just trying for the first time.

Meli looking on as I worked on the scripting
We had 6 Doms and 6 subs there (though one Dom had to leave before the start due to RL), with 3 subs participating in the game and 3 Doms, and we had a fun time testing it out and finding kinks in the game and protocol. I was hoping for more people to come (though the time of the event was kinda too early for most), but it turns out that number of people was just ideal as we quickly ate up the time before voice chat.

Linda and I testing the game
I will be incorporating the feedback and suggestions into upgrades of the Body Jeopardy game, and hopefully next time there will be less problems encountered (I found some bugs in the game while we were playing it, and I also messed up and had to reset a couple of times). Once I make those changes we'll do another play party to again test it.

Post-game. Intimate bits censored.
Thanks to Crux Maximus and Billy Avedon for helping to test things out on the Dom side, and Belle (darlingbelle), Sage Avedon (SageWisdom), and Linda for participating on the sub side. You all were damn cool about it.

Post party cuddling

Belle awards

Belle (darlingbelle) surprised us all by starting to hand out medals during the July 22 voice chat.

She announced that they were for the Dom-O and sub-O races, and she gave me a silver medal, while Marcus got a gold and Billy a bronze one. Melinda also got another gold medal, as the first person to gain the sub-O ranking.

I'm number 2! I'm number2!
We were all so excited and proud that we decided to take a group pic together. Thanks to O-girl Aisha Sohl for taking some great pics of the winners!

Oh, and to continue my acceptance speech..."...and I wanna thank the postal guy who brings me my mail every day (hi Stan!)...and I wanna thank..."

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Erotic Game Part Deux

Linda and I participated in the now semi-regular erotic game hosted by Meli on Wednesday.

Without knowing what the other would be wearing, for some coincidental reason we wore similar outfits, up to and including a top hat to complement the black and white ensemble. What can I say? When you're married for this long you start looking like each other!
Waiting for the start
The game started out kinda slow, with Sage having to remove her hat, but it rapidly built up speed when I picked Billy to "touch" me, which he did by first tentatively touching my hand, then touching my ear ;-)

This of course started all sorts of talk about romance, chocolates, and second dates, with Linda exclaiming that she had never lost her man to another man!

[13:45] MK: hell billy is closest
[13:45] Melinda: did you spin the wheel?
[13:45] MK: i choose billy
[13:45] Melinda: lol
[13:45] Sage: lol
[13:45] Melinda: touch?
[13:45] Linda: make it romantic
[13:45] MK: remember billy, NOT ON THE LIPS
[13:45] Billy: omg.
[13:45] Melinda Nyn: is that the thing?
[13:45] MK: what is it pointing at?
[13:45] Melinda: toich
[13:45] Linda: touch
[13:45] Melinda: touch
[13:45] MK: cool...
[13:45] Linda: good touch..bad touch
[13:45] Billy: reachesout and touches MK's hand
[13:46] MK: your call billy...*winks at him*
[13:46] Linda: dont forget about stranger danger
[13:46] MK: damn, i barely felt a tingle
[13:46] Sage: lol
[13:46] Billy: then strokes MK's ear
[13:46] Linda: laughsss
[13:46] MK: billy just touched me, and boy did i feel it
[13:46] Melinda: do you want to discuss it together?
[13:46] Melinda: Sir Billy did you do that?
[13:46] Linda: lol
[13:47] MK: i think i need  a date billy...please, only roses
[13:47] Billy: we have a date MK
[13:47] Linda: im so getting drunk
[13:47] Sage giggles
[13:47] Melinda grnis at Sir Billy
[13:47] Linda: never lost my man to a man
[13:48] MK: linda, not so all depends on how he treats me
[13:48] Linda: hey,...she pushed me
[13:48] MK: i like rocky road btw billy
[13:48] Sage whispers: wait do i get a say in this????
[13:48] Fia snickers
[13:48] Linda: its me and you now sage
[13:49] Sage: i guess so
[13:49] Linda: we better get the whipcream and pillows ready
[13:49] Melinda waits for Sir Crux to roll the dice
[13:49] Sage: oh goody linda
[13:49] Crux: how do I roll?
[13:49] Linda: i roll with a drink

Crux then landed on the same DARE tile as I did, which set off panic attacks in me that he meant to give Billy more romantic action, but fortunately he picked Linda, who gave him a kiss on the cheek as he dipped her.

I told him he picked the wrong person, since Billy "put out" (lol), and Crux thanked me for the intel. Hey, what are friends for?

After a few more rounds of item removal (I got a pair of Sage's shoes!), things got hot when Billy dared Linda to kiss Sage, at which point I thought all my dreams had come true and I would get to see some hot lesbian pillow fights (with whipped cream!)

Alas, all I got was a wet and sloppy Linda Kiss on Sage's cheeks, though there was the added attraction of seeing Sage's nice taut legs wrapped around my baby girl.

Another sexy moment arrived when Rosie got Crux to "touch an exposed part of me", and he caressed her inner thigh, then absolute chaos happened when Linda next dared me to remove my dress pants.

Unfortunately, I didn't have anything under the damn pants, and I was frantically searching for something to put on when Linda threw me some lace panties I had gotten her earlier during the day.

[14:09] Linda: i dare Master to take of his dress pants!
[14:09] Melinda: yay!!
[14:09] MK: wth
[14:09] MK: i don't have anything under that
[14:09] Linda: lol!!!
[14:09] Rosilina: smiles softly at the kiss
[14:09] Melinda gets her binoculars out
[14:09] Linda: oh no
[14:09] Melinda: cams close
[14:09] Fia falls over laughing
[14:09] MK: throw me a panty quick
[14:09] Linda: you want some of the lacy panties you sent me
[14:10] MK: yes please!!!!
[14:10] Melinda: well you should've thought of that Sir MK
[14:10] Melinda: grins
[14:10] Crux: well, don't be so quick
[14:10] MK: how the freak could i know she would ask me to take pants off first?
[14:10] Crux: no underwear would make "touch" and "kiss" a lot more interesting
[14:10] Melinda: 'please have your cameras ready - this sighting is rare but worth capturing
[14:10] Fia: because its Linda?
[14:10] Rosilina: cuckles and wathes intensly
[14:10] Fia cams in close
[14:10] Melinda: aww
[14:11] Melinda: is yuor shirt tail long enough to covery ou Sir MK?
[14:11] Melinda looks up inonocently
[14:11] Second Life: lb Burnstein gave you Black Lace Panties.
[14:11] Fia: i dont think alphas count as a clothing layer
[14:11] Linda: lol
[14:11] Linda: good job!!
[14:11] Fia: darnit!
[14:11] MK: HAHHAHAH
[14:12] Melinda watches her Master move to cover the view of Sir MK
[14:12] Linda: are those black socks?
[14:12] MK steps off his pants, twirls it around head triumphantly, then tosses it off the side
[14:12] Melinda: and it's your turn with the dice Sir MK
[14:12] MK: YO BABY!!!!!!
[14:12] Linda: oh mannn
[14:12] Orchid likes a man who wears socks in SL
[14:12] MK: yeah and i got lace panties inside this swimming trunk
[14:12] Dice: monkeyking2011 Resident rolled a 3.
[14:12] Linda: lol strip
[14:12] MK: oh fuck
[14:13] Linda: panties panties panties
[14:13] Melinda: and he has landed on Strip!
[14:13] Melinda: grins
[14:13] Fia: WOOOHOO!
[14:13] Linda: laughsssss
[14:13] Rosilina: chuckles what luck Sir
[14:13] Melinda: what is going this time Sir MK?
[14:13] Melinda: the hat i expect
[14:13] MK: i def am not taking off the trunks
[14:13] MK: until later

Swimming trunks and black socks...oh my!
The shenanigans continued for some time, though Linda had to leave soon for RL.

Meli got to lick Billy's index finger, plus she also sipped some of her martini, sprayed it from her mouth onto my sexy manly chest, then licked it off. Rosie dared Crux to remove an item of clothing, so he took off his sneakers and held it in front of Rosie's nose so she could smell some man odor, and Fia threw off all her clothing and waved her boobies at me, even though she had the option of removing just one item (but, hey, you know, because Fia).

Some of the attendees in alphabetical order included:

Dom-O Billy Avedon (BillyEagle Avedon)
Master Crux Maximus
Master Duke (Dukexxl Resident)
O-girl Fia (Fiammetta1981 Resident)
Applicant laila (lelie Baxton)
Habitue Linda
Dom-O Marcus (MarcusMassaro Resident)
sub-O Melinda Nyn
Dom-O MK
O-girl Orchid (orchid Zsun)
Applicant Rosie (Rosielove94 Resident)
O-girl Sage Avedon (SageWisdom Resident)

More pics from the event below:

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

My sexy Shagg

We're away from each other for only one freaking week, and what happens?

My boo ages a good 40 years and greets me at the Austin voice chat in a wheelchair, sporting elastic boobies that hang pendulously from her wrinkled bod and a full set of scary looking dentures.

Oh, and she danced...oh my god, she did a sexy dance in front of me, and it's fair to say there is nothing scarier in the world than a wrinkled gnome wiggling and jiggling her ancient bits in front of you and making come hither gestures!

Oh well, she's still my "smoking hot ass grammy girl" (aka my "Shagg")....

hmmmm...but please, just please take off the dental appliance before any gummy action grammy?

courtesy of O-girl Aisha Sohl

Monday, July 18, 2016

My Terminator Chick

Sage softly applauds linda stiffling a laugh
Linda: im backkkkk
Ratzu: chuckles
MK takes a peek at linda's outfit
Melinda giggles

El Perdón (Forgiveness)

Kinda late for this, but hey, it's a good song...

The production value of the original Spanish version is better:

Sunday, July 17, 2016

AC/DC Concert at Tiaki

I've only been in Tiaki for a couple days and already I'm impressed by their events. They held an AC/DC concert last night and I was free enough to attend part of it.

The concert was given by the Thunder Rock Concerts Tribute Band, and the venue was fantastic, with laser lights flashing, steampunk-inspired stage decorations, and large neon-lit AC/DC signs all around.

I of course had no sound on, but I was interested in dropping in for at least awhile because one of the things we laughed about during one of our voice chats was me saying "AC/DC" to refer to Linda's ADD propensities, and she started pretending to play the rock band.

The crowd was into it as well, as more than 50 (!) people crowded onto the Tiaki beach! Unfortunately, the lag was so bad I had to derezz a couple times, and it affected my next door neighbor Mirra (miraanne3) as well, who only came down to watch after the crowd had thinned to less than 50 *smh*

Thanks to Abby, Aggie and the Tiaki management for such an awesome event!!!!

More pics from the concert below...

Thursday, July 14, 2016

New Digs at Tiaki

I selected my new home tonight at's a skybox, but it has tons of wall buttons that allow you to customize the features of the home, much to the delight of Meli, who started playing with all the buttons sighs. It even has a lower dungeon, where doubtless i shall be imprisoning and torturing my harem of bosomy, willowy slaves.

The lovely Abby (lornaabigail Resident) showed us around, and we even got to meet the owner of one of the model homes, TonyGreg Sparta, who had rezzed in on a phone and was bereft of his torso.

He graciously allowed us full use of the home, subject to us cleaning the bed sheets before we left smh. We stole his pants in revenge because we knew he could not see (probably using an iphone *smh again in disbelief*).

But he's a nice guy. I told him "Hi neighbor!" in my best Mister Rogers accent....if Mister Rogers was a sunglass-wearing, muscled, brown guy.

Afterwards, Avril Aura came in as well, and after surveying the place we TPed on over to her sim (Heart's Cove), where she helped me set up my old rice fields. I'm planning on adding informational material to the fields and making it public, something I could not do in our old place at Sailors Cove South because of privacy concerns.

Thanks to Avril and her super undies for rezzing a platform high up in her sim for me to park the fields. More on that project later.

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Cafe Games

I'm a big proponent of games.

They're fun, and if done right, can teach lessons and help people learn.

In addition, D/s games can be structured so as to provide a framework for D/s play.

Meli hosts a board type game every few weeks or so that has been lots of fun for everyone, and as part of my first projects as a Dom-O, I am aiming to expand on that success by helping create and introduce various other D/s and BDSM type games into the sim.

And I'll probably rope Meli into hosting them as well ;-)

The first game I am working on will be an ad hoc type that would be perfect for single Doms and their subs, or for the casual group of people that typically gather at the Cafe.

I am using my friend Serena's angel statue as a main component of the game, which will test subs on their knowledge of the Story of O (or any other particular topic a Dom would like), and also teach them to become better informed about the layout of the various parts of the Austin sim.

So, don't call me "Master" me (drum roll please)...."The Game Master"! *loud trumpet blat that quickly peters out*

Monday, July 11, 2016

Receiving my Dom-O tag at Austin

I received my Dom-O tag from Austin this afternoon after a long talk with Ratzu Darkstone.

It's the first time ever that I've joined any community as a formal member in SL, and I have to admit it feels weird.

I've always been a lone wolf, or at least a lone wolf with his girl, and I hope that I don't forget that in the end, the tags don't define the's the clothes...oh wait...not that either. Maybe it's the cool sunglasses.

Anyways, I'd like to thank the following for their help:

O-girl Mari Carducci - Assignment #1, Panel Member
O-girl Aisha Sohl - Assignment #2
O-girl Sage Avedon (Sagewisdom) - Assignment #3, Panel Member
O-girl Orchid Zsun - Assignment #4
O-girl Aria Hunter (Aria Vyper) - Assignment #5
Master Will Titus - Panel Member

I tried so hard to get the gold...but ended up with the silver instead! Oh well *makes note to have more hundred linden bills ready next time*

More information on the role:

Dom-Ǒ @Austin

This role is for a dominant male who would like to join the group and serve as a dominant but not engage in the training. . There is no requirement by girls to call them Master. Dom-O@Austin are not permitted in the Chateau unless it is open to the public The girls and subs exist to please the Masters and Doms and the Dom’s job is to push the girls into submission while respecting their limits defined in the girl's profile after agreement and the limits of the group. A Dom must always respect OOC IMs from the girls at all times.  Doms may not do anything more than speak to the gis, socialize with her or ask her to kneel. Doms may scene with full o-girls only after obtaining the o-girl's permission. Doms may serve the sim in many ways such as leading discussions or providing protection or safety to girls and subs. They need to know the sim and the group rules. They should be active on the sim and in promoting the group. This role is available by applying to join as a Dom-O@Austin, the Dom will do the standard master applicant assignments and have a promotion board just as applicants do. If successful, they will then do a voice test and then meet in voice with Ratzu to be added to the group as a Dom-O@Austin. 

Austin's Hourglass Service Event

All images courtesy of O-girl Aisha Sohl.

I have to admit that I've never been to one of these events, mostly because they usually hold them during the weekends, when it';s unlikely that I can stay inworld for long.

Nevertheless, I've always been intrigued by the concept, which on the face of it looks to combine sexy dance tunes with naughty play and service from the girls.

The Hourglass Service held on Sunday, July 9 was hosted by O-girl Aisley Ransom, who also acted as the sexy DJ and provided the music. Services were held at 10 am and another at 6 pm SLT, with the men in formals and the girls in black or red lingerie/silks.

In addition to dancing, some of the activities included being served by the girls, some experiments in Human Furniture, and a classy cigar service.

According to Aisha, around 30 people showed up for the event, and all had a great time.

Some pics below:

O-girl Aisley

O-girl Aqua

GIS Bri and Susan



O-girl Orchid and Master Crux

O-girl Orchid and Master Crux

O-girl Aria and Master Hunter

Master Ratzu

O-girl Ivy and Tyro Taylor

Master WW and O-girl Belle

sub-O Meli, O-girl Aisha, and O-girl Sage

sub-O Meli

Tyro Peter and O-girl Cara

O-girl Sage

Susan and Indi



Applicant Rezzent

Woland and O-girl Dakota

Rejoining Fia

O-girl Aisha