Thursday, September 24, 2015

Austin Fashion Show at Cafe LaPe'rouse @ Austin (Video)

On September 14, 2015, Orchid (orchid.zsun) organized a fashion show as part of the Austin 7th Anniversary celebrations. Crux Maximus played host and announcer, while the models included (if I missed anyone please tell me):

Aisha Sohl
Avril (avril.aura)
Dakota (dakota0therbee)
Fia (fiammetta1981)
Kaerlove Resident
Kelly (kellymysterious)
Melinda Nyn
Naughty Glimmer
Sage D  (desertwoman.glasswing)
Ulrika Tomsen

The show was divided into 7 themes in keeping with the 7th anniversary, and the themes were:

1st theme - Ball gown fancy
2nd theme - Latex leather /lace
3rd theme - Vintage
4th theme - Fantasy
5th theme - Beach bikini
6th theme - Underwear
7th theme - Final O dress

I have to say the venue was amazing, and the production was professional and very entertaining. I had never watched an SL fashion show before, and neither had my friend Marie, who watched it with me, and we were just amazed at the entire thing.

Thank you to all who participated in the event!!!!

You can view a 30 minute long HD video (1080p after youtube finishes processing it) of the event below...I added some music from some Victoria's Secret show ;-)

Click here to watch Austin Fashion Show


Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Reading in Voice at Cafe LaPe'rouse @ Austin

On September 16, 2015 Melinda Nyn hosted a reading in voice at Cafe LaPe'rouse @ Austin. A nice group of around 15 people attended. Both Linda and I had to rush in to catch the last part, but we did make it. It is always a treat to hear people in voice, and doing it when they are reading some sexy erotic piece of literature makes it twice as good!

When I dropped in, Tiger Zepp (who has a seriously good accented voice) had already finished his reading, and Avril Aura was up in front delighting everyone with her own rendition of a story that Tiger had given her. Yes Avril, you have a really good voice when you're not in "Sarcastic Avril" mode! ;-)

Avril Aura
Jonathon Carbenell came on next and gave us a really fascinating look at an excerpt from a book he is writing called "Captive", as well a short piece called "Dominate Her", both of which are in his website.

Jonathon Carbenell
The next reader was Sage Avedon (SageWisdom), who gave us a heartfelt rendition of a story called "Coffee", which was written by a friend of hers. Sage's subdued trembling voice, normally so full and warm, fit perfectly with the storyline.

Sage Avedon
I then did my own piece, which I had taken from an email story I had written awhile back, and which I called "Tropical Breakfast". Fortunately, my hammy acting did not scare anyone away, as they would have missed Melinda Nyn's rich British voice give life to an excerpt from one of Cherise Sinclair's works. No hammy acting from her...she nailed it...but then again, she's a professional entertainer.

Melinda Nyn
Linda managed to come in before the end of the event, and people convinced her to read part of an email story I had also written called "California Roll". She only read a short part from it (more later!), but her lilting seriously sexy southern belle accent gave me (and probably not a few of the other listeners) the shivers. I had the strongest urge to leash her and take my little pet to some dark and depraved place...oh wait, did I actually write that? Gosh darn hormones *smh*

Linda Burnstein-King
In the end, the event was so thoroughly enjoyable for everyone that Austin will now be holding a semi-regular erotic reading event that will be hosted by Melinda and Sage, and I look forward to lots more trembling performances from the girls and their sexy sexy voices!*

* oh right...the guys can read too, just don't expect me to call them "sexy"

Fun Fair Event at Cafe LaPe'rouse @ Austin

Linda and I attended the Fun Fair event hosted by Melinda Nyn and Sage Avedon (Sagewisdom) on September 15, 2015. Music was provided by PaintHorse Graysmark.

I remember attending this as well last year, and I remember being shot out of the cannon and landing so far away I had trouble making my way back.

The same cannon was there this year, and I could almost hear my boo's brain gears going into hyper toot mode as she thought about ways to get me into that infernal machine again. Fortunately for me, she had to leave for RL before she managed to convince (or should I say "trick") me into climbing into the nice big hole at the front end of the nice shiny object.

Linda's brain gears are whirring
A really weird Panda also started dancing with us, which caused me to mention I had some Panda blood in me.

MK: you know, some of my ancestors were pandas....oh wait, they were Chinese, NOT pandas...but that's close enough *beams*

Avril of course (being the big Panda lover that she is) got really excited about this, until she heard about the addendum, then she accused me of "playing with her emotions" ha ha

Panda ogling the sexy Dakota
The other weird thing were the penis balloons that the DJ gave out to everyone, such that after awhile the dance floor was a sea of penises "jerking" back and forth as the dancers waved them in the air. One has to wonder what would have happened if anyone's member got too excited due to the cool music provided by DJ Painthorse (yikes!)

Some of the attendees included (sorry if I missed some people):

Aga Cisse
Aisha Sohl
Ariana Blackheart (ariana2011)
Avril (avril.aura)
Belle (darlingbelle)
Billy Avedon (billyeagle.avedon)
Crux Maximus
Dakota (dakota0therbee)
Dancer (michele.aria)
Hadaway Broadway
Jen (jen.umaga)
Lia (naharlia)
Linda Burnstein-King (lb.burnstein)
Marcus (marcusmassaro)
Melinda Nyn
MK (monkeyking2011)
Orchid (orchid.zsun)
Sage Avedon (sagewisdom)
Severus Fierenza

Evening voice chats at Austin

For three nights during the Austin celebrations, Linda and I participated in extremely fun voice chats during the evenings. This was something new for us since we normally cannot attend events during the evenings.

The first was during WW's (worldwide Pedalo)  Undressed or Bound quiz event on September 17, when we had so much fun trying to solve word and number puzzles given by WW.

My mischievous boo also gave me some dance animations to wear, then laughed like a loopy loon until her cheeks hurt. Melinda Nyn was also there and we had a great time.

The second voice chat started at the Cafe on September 19 (Saturday) when Aisley (AisleyRansom) had to postpone the spin the bottle event. Fortunately, Aisha had a truth ball that she could rez, and we spent the next several hours learning more about each other with regards to our BDSM likes and dislikes. And yes, Avril won the prize for the person who can say "Yes" to just about everything the truth ball asked. I also had two large cans of beer, matching Linda's input of 1.5 smaller beers. I believe the following people were there (sorry, my memory is going): Aisha Sohl, Dancer (michele.aria), LG (Lord Glasswing), Avril Aura, Sage (SageWisdom), Billy Avedon for the long haul,  and Fia (fiammetta1981), MattyG, Meme (Sozome), Kelly (kellymysterious) stayed for awhile then had to go to Rl, while Peter and cara dropped in for a short while.

The third voice chat was after the closing ceremonies on September 20 (Sunday). There was no one in the Cafe, but we figured that if we planted our butts on a Cafe chair and waited, people might come...and they did!

This time there were a lot more people who came and we played truth or dare from Aisley. There were so many people, including Ratzu, that my bandwidth was not up to all the voices talking and sometimes conked out, but we still had lotsa fun, and I managed another two cans of beer!

I stayed up with Avril, Fia, LG, and newcomer Dia long after my boo had gone to bed.

All in all we had tons of fun getting to know people and having a few laughs along the way. Thank you Austin for having such good people. More posts to come about the various events I managed to catch during the week!

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

End of Austin Anniversary Week

What a fantastic week it was last week during Austin's 7th anniversary celebrations!

I managed to attend some of the events and will have updates on the blog by next week of some of them. Suffice it to say, my leprechaun fireball and I had a great time with our friends, memories that we will always treasure.

I put together a very short clip of Linda (who looked absolutely ravishing in her barely-there gown) and me dancing at the masked ball on Friday, September 18. and I look forward to posting lots more pics and videos during the next two weeks!

Friday, September 11, 2015

Our missing collaring ceremony

At times I wonder why my boo and I never had a  formal collaring ceremony. In fact, I'm not even exactly sure when Linda formally submitted to me, because we kinda fell into our relationship, which progressed from mere boyfriend-girlfriend status to Master and submissive in the space of a few months and with no discernible border.

But then I realized that for us (and perhaps for many others), the process of living together, of playing together, of caring for one another as the days turn into weeks, and the weeks turn into months and years IS the collaring.

We both add to her collar as time passes: Bit by bit, piece by piece, we build the bond between us as we get to know one another. Each time she kneels with her heart open to me we strengthen that collar; each time I place her on my lap and hug her tight and whisper my love for her I contribute to its upkeep; each time I lead her by the leash and feel her compliant response to my tug we add more trim to the chain around her neck.

Sometimes I miss having memories and pictures from some formal collaring ceremony, but perhaps in many ways our D/s bond is like marriage - it's not the ceremony itself that matters, but the things that happen after the wedding that make or break the relationship.

Austin magazine Anniversary issue released!

A new anniversary issue of the Austin magazine was released yesterday just in time before the festivities of next week. The editor-in-chief O-girl Avril Aura did a seriously fantastic job in terms of the layout and overall design of the publication, and people can obtain an inworld copy from the cafe at Austin.

In addition, I uploaded a PDF version of the magazine for people who would like read it on the web, as the small fonts that are available inworld are sometimes hard to read for some people. Click here to view the magazine in PDF format.

The Austin magazine was started in February 2013 by O-girl Caliope (Caly Gothly), and run for 10 issues, with the last previous issue on May 2014. We should all thank these O-girls for their hard work (as well as the writers of course!) in producing such informative and entertaining reading!

Monday, September 7, 2015

The development of the Veiled Underground

I recently took a quick look at the development of the new Veiled Underground, which is the direct successor to the popular Eyes Wide Shut sim and now run by Grace (Summergrace Resident).

The sim has been in construction for awhile now, but from the looks of it has been shaping up quite nicely as a future venue for what Grace says will be completely new secret rituals that don't necessarily follow the Kissing Circle of the Eyes Wide Shut movie.

Current features of the sim (which has not officially opened and is still under heavy construction) include:
  • Music Cafe and general community area
  • Japanese Garden
  • Sunset Beach
  • Caves
  • Incognito!  The Club
  • Underground Community Area
  • Gaming Area 

Visitors currently rez close to a circular area surrounded by ancient columns.

Nearby is a floating platform for dancing with a sailboat moored next to it and an off-sim island rising in the distance.

To the other side is the sim's Japanese Garden with some Japanese-themed structures, their colorful and elaborate ornamentation blending in quite nicely with the surrounding environment.

Carefully maintained dirt paths ring the sim to allow visitors to explore its features.

The most notable feature is a wall of stony outcrops that stand like silent sentinels in the distance.

Stairs leading up to the top of these rocky hills reveal another dance venue.

But more interesting still are entrances to the underground caverns where some of the planned rituals are going to be held, which are embedded along the sides of the mass of rocks.

I explored one of the caverns, passing through underground chambers and pools as I slowly ascended up the mountain and at last into the bright sunshine of the forested area above.

I must say I am looking forward to future events in this new sim, and the promise of rituals which have never been seen before in SL is intriguing, to say the least.

Friday, September 4, 2015

Bagus kembali!

Our pet lemur Bagus suddenly returned and made himself very very comfortable on one of our chairs. Linda even gave him some lemur food next to his new "home".

He is such a cutie....although I swear the little furball goes out the window if I ever step on lemur poop balls scattered on our deck!

Thursday, September 3, 2015