Wednesday, September 5, 2012

MK's Little Second Life Dictionary (Part 1)

"Noobs often engage in bizarre behavior that would have made them blush in RL"

 I've learned a lot since coming here, but for those people who have yet to figure out the intricacies of the SL vocabulary, here's a little guide to some of the common terms used in this little wonderland of ours.

AFK - "I'm doing the dishes. Fuck off!"

ALT - officially sanctioned way to cause trouble and act like a total fucktard without anyone knowing it's you.

GRIEFER - people who are slightly below cockroaches on the evolutionary scale. They like bright flashing lights and lotsa explosions.

IN LOVE - an ephemeral and transient state in SL with an average life span of two weeks, give or take a fling or two.

NOOB - Someone who wears boxes and has no genitals.

SLEX - Sex for those who don't get any in real life.

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