Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Alang Welcome Back Party

I attended the welcome back party for Alang Fall at the Tiaki pool and dance area on the night of May 29 at the invitation of my friend Meryl Helendale.

DJ Rina spun the tunes, and there were a ton of people who came, more than 30. Some were Austin people like Meli, Mari, Aimee, Kate Crest (kassandragirl Resident), Hunter Teodosio and Aria Teodosio (Aria Vyper); a few were from other sims who I already knew such as abby (lornaabigail Resident), daks (Dakota50 Resident), Tita Maertens, NH Allen and rina (SubRina Wildrose); but the rest were likely regulars of Tiaki, most of whom I had not met before.

I spent most of the time talking to Mari, but did chime in once in awhile. On the whole, it was an entertaining party, and I'm glad Alang is back.

More pics below:

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

This is the way things will be...

This is the way things will be.

I will never tell you to subsume your personality

into some Stepford caricature of what others think a true submissive should be.

You attracted me by being the way you are,

so why would I be foolish enough to change that?

Dominance and submission are not absolute,

and exist only within the orbit of a relationship,

their beautiful intricacies opaque to the prying eyes of those outside.

In this universe that we have built there is only you and me,

and the consensual pact that binds us together in D/s harmony.

I will provide the environment where you can flower and learn

and be happy, and this is what I will ask of you in return.

Listen to me when i speak.

Obey me when I command.

Be transparent to my gaze, and honest in your replies.

Feel me in the cusp of your orgasms,

and remember me in the minutiae of your daily life.

Greet me with the coming of the dawn,

and think of me when the realities of the day melt into the foamy dreamscapes of night.

That is all I ask of you my love, my darling, my exquisite submissive.

Shall we dance?

- by MK (from Austin, Summer 2016)

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Austin magazine Summer 2016 issue arrives!

The new Austin magazine came out yesterday and as always Avril Aura did a fantastic job putting the issue together.

I contributed a short poem and with Melinda Nyn put together a small survey of some of the favorite books of some Austin regulars.

You can view the PDF online version here.

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Starting the path to Dom-O at Austin

O Doms get all the  cute girls!
Austin rolled out some new roles for the sim based on feedback from the members.

Among the new roles is one for Dom-Os, which is formally defined as:

Dom-Ǒ @Austin

This role is for a dominant male who would like to join the group and serve as a dominant but not engage in the training. . There is no requirement by girls to call them Master. Dom-O@Austin are not permitted in the Chateau unless it is open to the public The girls and subs exist to please the Masters and Doms and the Dom’s job is to push the girls into submission while respecting their limits defined in the girl's profile after agreement and the limits of the group. A Dom must always respect OOC IMs from the girls at all times.  Doms may not do anything more than speak to the gis, socialize with her or ask her to kneel. Doms may scene with full o-girls only after obtaining the o-girl's permission. Doms may serve the sim in many ways such as leading discussions or providing protection or safety to girls and subs. They need to know the sim and the group rules. They should be active on the sim and in promoting the group. This role is available by applying to join as a Dom-O@Austin, the Dom will do the standard master applicant assignments and have a promotion board just as applicants do. If successful, they will then do a voice test and then meet in voice with Ratzu to be added to the group as a Dom-O@Austin. Any male may switch from a Habitué to Dom-O and may skip the applicant stage but still must  have a promotion board just as applicants do. If successful, they will then do a voice test and then meet in voice with Ratzu. 

I decided to apply for this new role, though Linda will continue to remain a habitue.

I am joined in this quest by Marcus Massaro, Billy Avedon, Rod Loordes, and Tiger Zepp. On the female side, Melinda Nyn and CuriousHeart Loordes (CuriousHeart Resident) are going for the sub-O role.

As part of the application process I was given five assignments, with each assignment requiring the assistance of an Austin master or O girl.

I look forward to wearing my new tag and terrorizing all the little people who still have their puny Cafe tags ;-)

Monday, May 16, 2016

Quote of the Month (May 2016)

Groucho Linda waiting to surprise her Master
This was what I saw the first time I read Linda's public profile around 2 years back:

Live, Love, Laugh often. I like dancing, laughing, harleys, and very dominant men. For goodness sakes, just try to have some fun and don't worry about being so dang cool. Let's go jump off a roof!! .....Just enjoy life and let's get kinky!

It was bubbly, to the point, and oh so true (well, minus the jumping off the roof thing, and in public maybe the kinky thing), and its very exuberance probably strengthened my attraction to the writer of the profile.

I have pretensions to being a Taoist, and although I am by nature not really a fun type guy (I was called Mr. Spock during high school for my cold logical demeanor), I admired the sentiment expressed by this girl in the bright orange outfit.

Often in life we start forgetting that in the end, it's all about trying to find happiness (though without compromising ourselves or hurting others)...and by that I mean not simply trying to derive happiness from without, but finding the inner deeper joy from within ourselves.


Waiting for my baby

Thursday, May 5, 2016

Te extraño mi amor

Te quiero mucho
I dropped by for a couple minutes to see my baby at Austin's Cinco de Mayo celebrations.

My lovely senorita was all decked out in Mex garb and looked almost too good to eat, while i hastily donned an outfit as a Mexican vaquero and hoped that I hadn't stepped on any bovine doodoo on the way to the party.

I told her I would be with her again soon, and that I missed her.