Friday, June 22, 2012

The Exquisite Joys of New Candy

I love new candy. I love the noise it makes when you slowly unwrap it. I love teasing it with quick jabs of my tongue, taking in the sweet sugar one lick at a time. I love putting it in my mouth and letting the full range of sensations, from its texture, to its taste, to its solidity and flexibility, wash over me.

My new candy is Marie Monk. She's an Aussie with some moxie, and it took quite a while to convince her to jump into my eagerly waiting fingers. But here she is, all ready and willing to be taken by me. To be unwrapped slowly and with eager anticipation. To be tasted with sensuous abandon over every centimeter of her naked nubile pale body. To be fully immersed in my juices, and melting in my mouth.

Oh marie, what bright pleasures and dark sensual pain await you!

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