Friday, August 24, 2012

DMH Penis works on full mesh monsters too

"Someone call 911"

from the journal of an unknown avatar:

I had an unfortunate accident one night while roaming through a dark sim, and was besieged by a pack of werewolves. I took my katana, which I last used on some fucker who was trying to rape a friend of mine last year, and dismembered the flea-bitten monstrosities. But alas, not before I had been bitten twice in a leg and arm.

Needless to say, the change that happened several days later was painful and grotesque, and I had to hide myself under the floorboards of my new home to prevent the neighbors from wondering about the harsh growls and screams that I uttered as the transformation took its way with me.

I emerged a true creature of the night, a meter taller than before, with a full mesh body covered in tangled, matted, dark hair. To my horror, my DMH Penis had undergone the same change, and it was now a long stout rod of blackest night, fully tumescent and dripping thick white semen.

I run. I run under the full moon, from sim to sim, as people fled from the strange growling sounds that emanated from my razored mouth and announced my passage.

I changed back to my human self later that night, but only god knows when this monstrosity that is within me might suddenly emerge,  and I shudder to think of the horrors that my hellish bloated member could inflict on some doomed and wretched woman.


For recent versions of the DMH Penis:

To change the size of your DMH penis, click the APPEARANCE button on the Main Menu, then the SIZE button.

To change the color of your penis:
  1. Edit the penis by wearing the penis then right clicking on it and choosing edit.
  2. Click on TEXTURE tab.
  3. Click on COLOR box.
  4. A color picker will open. The current setting is
  5. Slide the arrow on the left side of the color picker up or down to make lighter or darker until it matches your skin
Full details are available by clicking INSTRUCTIONS on the Main Menu.

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