Saturday, September 10, 2016

Wanderlings Expedition Part Deux!

The Second Wanderlings Expedition started out from Billy and Sage's backyard on Thursday, just like last time.

We had not seen all of the sim from the last expedition, so we went to explore The Woods Of Marathon Caye again.

The first ride we encountered was the rollercoaster, which swooped and swirled through the air. It was a miracle that none of us went a-yurking, especially since I wasn't feeling too well (in RL) at the beginning.

Linda even lifted her arms high up in the air as we went barreling down the rails, tempting gravity to pull her off her seat. I don't know about you, but I am a big believer in not f*cking around with gravity. And yes, I upped her life insurance know...just in case.

After the rollercoaster, we found some kinda whirling-gig thing, which mostly refused to let people sit.

As Mork would say: ^%$%%$GHCL!!!!!^&^$!!! Shellzback!

Translation: You m*fuc*ing &^%^&BHGFGH!!!!! F***K!!!

When you did manage to sit however, it gave you quite a ride, as evidenced by the despairing scream emanating from Linda down below.

A small interlude of doing a conga line followed, which I thought was really funny.

Due to our advanced ages, we guys tire easily, so it was relief when the girls offered to give us old-timers a ride after the tiring dance...and by a ride, I mean, a ride on their backs!

Unfortunately, Marcus had to leave around this time due to RL issues (translation: "Dammit! Meli is not here to give ME a ride!" - said in posh Brit accent), so we said our byes and hurried on.

We tried to race each other, but ended up sinking into a nearby river (*smh*)...women drivers...what can you say?  *runs and hides as bullets fly*

Exhausted from clinging to the backs of Linda and Sage, Billy and I spent a romantic interlude at an elegant dining table that was somehow perched on top of the water slide while the girls continued their explorations.

We were just getting to the good part and I was batting my eyelashes frantically, when the girls had to come back and ruin everything...

After rejuvenating ourselves with some chips and wine,  we moved on to the next sim, called the DELACRUZ PARK.

The first thing I saw there was a hovercraft, which looked really cool.

I couldn't see clearly due to the glare, so I had Linda fly us off into the wild blue yonder.

It was pretty cool. Handled smoothly, and the all-glass construction allowed us to have a 360 degree view of the land as we swooped all over.

We followed with a bungee jump (another yurking moment if there ever was one), a littles area which reminded me of Avril's estate, and finally a really cool balloon ride, where we almost lost Billy to the prevailing winds.

We ended the day talking for a short while in the little playground after Billy had left.

Thanks to Sage again for hosting another exciting trip...and to both girls for wearing such sexy short shorts! You made this old geezer a happy happy HAPPY man!

Oh, and yummy on Linda's sunny side up top....I would have said more about it earlier, but ya know, this is a PG rated blog (*bows head sadly and shakes raised fists at the gods of bloggerdom*)

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