Saturday, September 17, 2016

Austin 8th Anniversary Week: Belice Benoir Art Exhibit Opening

Linda and I attended the Belice Benoir Art Exhibit Opening at Austin on Friday, which was part of the Austin 8th Anniversary celebrations.

It was very heavily attended, with people crowding into the small castle room to hear the opening remarks.

Everyone was in their formal best. I wore one of the tuxes I had just gotten a couple months back, and Linda was absolutely radiant in her orange gown.

After some short speeches in the crowded meeting area, people were allowed to wander around the castle.

The artwork was scattered all over the castle, and it was actually kinda fun going around and finding some amazing work hidden beneath the castle grounds, right next to some sleeping dragon.

I even got a great big hug from my boo next to the treasure hoard of that fiery beast, and I'm not exactly sure why. Perhaps the sight of all those gold coins excited her, and I should call her Thorin Oakenshield ;-)

I bought two pieces then and there, one of which ("bound") I really really liked.

Afterwards, there was a dance at the castle top, though Linda had to leave fairly soon to RL.

More pics from the opening:

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