Sunday, September 18, 2016

Duke and Ivy Collaring Ceremony

I've only known Duke (Dukexxl) for about 5 months, but in that time I've grown to respect his dedication to the sim and his abilities as a Dom. On the other hand, I have known his girl Ivy (Ivy1) almost since I was first at Austin, as she was the organizer of the auction in which I bought Linda back in October of 2014.

I was unfortunately not able to attend their collaring ceremony because it was held during the weekend (September 10), but Linda did manage to go, and she and GIS laila (lelie Baxton) took some pictures of the event, and I use them below with great thanks.

I wish both Duke and Ivy the very best in their new journey together xxx

(I post the celebration below with permission from the celebrants, but have changed the names of some of the other attendees for privacy reasons)

Duke: Welcome to my collaring of the O girl ivy.

Duke: We shall begin.. relax and be comfortable enjoying  the lovely setting provided by Austin and our esteemed Ratzu

Duke: I do want to say at the outset my admiration for Ratzu and all he has done to make Austin the special place that is...Thank you Ratzu.

Ratzu Darkstone: smiles a your welcome

Ratzu, WW, Alvise, Linda, Rafe, Jen
Duke: I appreciate our Austin Family and our friends joining us in this ceremony.

Duke: It will be simply a Master collaring his girl as a symbol of his ownership and their bond to one another.

Duke waiting for Ivy
Duke: A Master should guide, direct, nurture and care for his girl. His girl should serve him with all her body, mind, heart and soul.

Duke: Today that bond will be completed with the public collaring of my girl ivy before you.

Duke: I appreciate you joining us for this occasion.

Duke: Orchid would you please bring the girl ivy to me.

Duke: Watches as they approach and smiles

Orchid leading Ivy to Duke
Duke: thank you orchid.. you know how special you are to me

Duke: ivy, please kneel

Orchid smiles very happy for them both

ivy rose: smiles up at Master , before lowering to my knees

Duke waiting for Ivy to kneel
Duke: You have begged for my collar, you have already submitted to me in that other world and have worn my collar there

Duke: Today you shall also wear my collar for all to see in this world as well.

Duke: looks at his girl with the corners of his lips raised in a smile.. He sees her beauty, her spirit, her warmth, and her caring.  His smile broadens.

Duke: We met here at Austin soon after my return several months ago.  We became better acquainted a few months after

Duke: In ivy I saw a lively filly, yearning for a bit, needing a Master to not dampen her spirit, but rather to channel it..

Duke: I am a Master in both worlds and ivy is a submissive in both. She is even more than that.

Looking on: AK, Billy, Sage, and Nik
Duke: I demand total control and she craves it.  She is more than a sub, she is a slave and today she will be known as my slave.

Duke: My collaring of her will complete the full ownership which I desire and which she needs within the inner core of her being.

ivy rose: looks up chewing frantically on my lower lip

Duke: I glance among our friends and my gaze returns to my girl.  With pride I look deeply into her eyes.

Duke: ivy, we have both come down long and winding paths with twists, turns and potholes.

Duke: We have arrived at the  same destination, at the same moment in our journeys.

Duke: It was by more than chance. I believe it was meant to be.

Duke: I will now ask you ivy, do you wish to submit to me totally with your whole being, to be my property, to be used as I see fit, and to yield your full will to my guidance, direction, nurturing and care?

Ivy kneeling before Duke
ivy rose: yes Master , i do ... smiles

ivy rose: as i move raising my arms above my head lowering , my chin to my chest

Duke: And how might you do that my girl?

ivy rose: I am your devoted slave , Master

ivy rose: I do not exists but to serve you Master

ivy rose: I will serve you how ever you wish Master

ivy rose: i am yours forever Master

ivy rose: I will grow to cherish you Master

ivy rose: My mind, heart body and sole are your's Master

Duke: I listen, my eyes intent on hers, in our own world....  I reach to my belt and take the collar.

RA: wipes away a tear of happiness for the "lively filly", my long term O Girl friend

Duke: I brush the hair from her shoulders and place the collar on her neck.

Duke: With the key I lock it...the sound of the click heard throughout this serene island.

Placing collar around Ivy's neck
Duke: I smile.

Orchid: CHEERRSS!!

DG claps vigorously.... Bravo !


MV: Hurrrayyyy

AR:   (*^?^)?   Å???Å????   ?(^?^*)

SA applauds happily


AR:   (*^?^)?   Å???Å????   ?(^?^*)

ivy rose: your touch on my shoulder makes me tremble , hearing the click makes my heart sing i look up at you with a bright smile ... my  words soft  thank you Master

MV applauds

RL: applauds

WA: Huzzah!

Orchid: *:-.,_,.-:*'``'*yaaaaaaaay*:-.,_,.-:*'``'*

NJ claps for the couple

Linda Burnstein-King: smiles

laila claps her hands smiling brightly

AA applauds with a big smile

JU smiles and blows warm kisses

RA: chuckles at Orchid

Duke: Today you are owned by me your Master... do you wish to respond?

CL claps softly
WW: *:-.,_,.-:*'´ `*.   BRAVO   !¸.*´`'*:-.,_,.-:*

Rod and Curi
ivy rose: lowers my hands to my lap liftingmy head , yes Master  ,

Duke: looks at her with fondness and listens

ivy rose: Master I want you to know
that I have waited a very long time for you.
I have been waiting patiently to give these
gifts locked away inside me.

ivy rose: Now you are here, so much a part of me.
You are here in front of me
as I kneel in respect to you
while you place your collar on me.

ivy rose: At times it is unbelievable to me,
Still a dream that we have found each other.

Ivy saying her vows

ivy rose: But yet... hear your voice, a voice my soul has always longed to hear and instantly recognized.
I feel your touch, a touch my body has always ached
to feel and instantly reacted to.
I see your handsome face, a face my eyes have always searched

ivy rose: for and immediately affirmed.
I taste your kiss, a kiss my lips have always hungered to taste
and instantly felt the fire and passion.
I smell your hunger, a hunger whose scent I know all too well.
I have waited for you and now I am yours body, soul, mind and heart.

ivy rose: Take me.

Take my hunger for dominance and nourish me.
Take my thirst for control and quench me.
Take my body for your pleasure.
Take my soul to new and uncharted heights.
Take my mind to teach and guide.
Take my heart to heal and love.
Take us on this journey, this new journey we have begun
Which will make us both whole, both become one.

JU: smiles and wipes a tear as I read ivy's words

ivy rose: Master please understand that even though my wait in finding you is over,
I will continue to wait for you as we go down this path of buried desires.
For you have promised to love me, heal me, nurture me, teach me,
guide me, protect me and never turn away from me.

ivy rose: I will always be here for you, Master, still waiting patiently,
With a devotion unknown to you before
With a commitment that is unceasing
With a loyalty that is constant to you
With a trust that is uncommon to you
With a love that is so rare, a love that is yours forever,
Through out all time.

RA: wipes eyes surreptitiously

ivy rose: It is said that good things come to those who wait.
Master, you are a living testimony to this.

ivy rose: whipes the haopy tear from my  cheek , looking up at you smiling

Duke: I look at her with pride as I hear her words and my heart is filled.

Duke: Holding back a dampness in my eyes I lift the girl and take her into my arms.

ivy rose: leans and hug myself tightly to you my pounding heart beating wildly against your chest

Duke: Holding her tightly I feel our bodies pressed together, our minds engaged with one another and our hearts beating in rythym.

Duke: I let her fall again to her knees.. I look at her and proclaim.

Duke: Facing our Austin family and friends, I say in a bold voice....

ivy rose: turns and smiles at everyone

Duke: As of this day, September 10, 2016, you are mine ivy.  My property, part of my being and my slave.  Let our bond grow and our future bring us even closer as a Master and his slave.

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