Friday, September 23, 2016

Austin 8th Anniversary Week: Terrific Tuesday and Frost's GIS Event

Tuesday promised to be another busy day for us, and it didn't disappoint.

The first event we attended was the erotic voice reading with host Meli at 1 SLT.

I could not come on time due to RL constraints, but I did manage to catch Meli's reading and Fia's reading as well, though I missed the readings done by Sage (SageWisdom), Duke (Dukexxl), and Estos.

At the end, O-girl Avril Aura came in and we talked for a short while before heading on over to the GIS event of Frost (thorgrimsinga), called "Steampunk Meets Around the World in 80 Days", with DJ Io (Iolanthe Godenot) at 3 SLT.

For its venue, Frost had set up an absolutely amazing flying machine that evoked memories of the Victorian era, merged with eccentric science fiction touches.

More awesome pics of the event below, courtesy of O-girl Aisha Sohl:

O-girl Aisha Sohl

O-girl Aria (Aria Vyper)

GIT Bri (AmbrisiunePhoenix) and GIT Curi (CuriousHeart)

GIS Frost (thorgrimsinga) and Master Crux Maximus

O-girl Dakota (Dakota0therbee)

O-girl Fia (Fiammetta1981 Resident)

Applicant Estos and GIS Frost

Associate Io (Iolanthe Godenot)

Master Duke (Dukexxl)  and O-girl Ivy (Ivy1)

Applicant Jojo (Jolienne)

Valet LG (Lord Glasswing)

Master Clemoff (Clemoff Independent)

Rejoining Egoes Alter

GIT Curi and Master WW (worldwide Pedalo)

sub-O Melinda Nyn and Dom-O Marcus Massaro

Dom-O MK

Associate Naughty Glimmer

O-girl Orchid and O-girl Belle (darlingbelle)

O-girl Jen Umaga and Master Rafe Allardyce

Master RB (RB Quan)

O-girl Sage A (SageWisdom)

Applicant Sam

Dom-O Woland Ashford
The venue was fantastic, the music great, and the outfits were truly steam punkish to the core...congrats to Frost for pulling these all together!

To round out the day I attended (barely though since I was going in and out) Crux Maximus and his discussion on "Girls Ministering to Masters" at 730 pm SLT. From what I could tell, it was  a very deep and interesting discussion indeed, with many people chiming in with their views and opinions.

Kota girl too had her own discussion before that, but I could not attend due to RL reasons. Early evenings are usually very hard for me.

All in all, it was a very active day, though I did miss my girl after the  GIS event, when she had to leave early.

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