Monday, September 19, 2016

Austin 8th Anniversary Week: Angel Hunt

I officially started the Austin Angel Hunt game this morning, although both Sage Avedon and Frost had both taken their turns on some locations last night.

The notice I sent out was as follows:

The Angel Hunt game will be held over the course of the week.

The game will help expand your knowledge of the Story of O (the novel!) and the Austin sim, and the girls with the fastest times at the end of Anniversary Week will receive some great prizes.

To join the game simply send me an IM/NC to schedule a face to face, or IM me when I am inworld.

Attached is a detailed explanation of the game rules. 

The attachment contained instructions on the game:

1. Hidden in one of 6 locations in Austin is an Angel Statue with a sword.

2. You will start at the Cafe, and I will tell you the general location of the statue (for example, "the cinema")

3. You will need to run or walk to that area. TP is NOT allowed!

4. When you find the statue, click it.

5. The statue will randomly select 3 questions to ask you from the Story of O, and you have 2 minutes to answer each question.  You are free to google the answers if you can. Answers are all one word.

6. If you correctly answer 2 out of the 3 questions, run or walk as fast as possible back to the Cafe.

7. When you reach the Cafe, the timer will be stopped and your time noted. 

You can try as many times as you want. The goal here is for you to learn more about the novel and the sim. You are racing against yourself, NOT against the other girls!

Note that there is only ONE statue which moves around the sim, so lucky girls might get the same question more than once. The questions in the Angel statue are the same ones used by the Austin Eggs, so feel free to practice on the eggs ;-)

Good luck and enjoy!

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