Saturday, September 17, 2016

Austin 8th Anniversary Week: Opening Ceremonies

Around 25 people attended the opening ceremony of Austin's 8th Anniversary celebrations.

People first congregated at the Cafe, then meandered in a  laggy parade to the Ceremonial Arch, where we could plop ourselves on the seats and sigh in relief.

Fireworks near the cafe in midnight setting
I skipped the parade and TPed directly to the arch area, only to find myself being skewered by Belle and Dakota, with Belle recounting the night she chased me around the sim on her horse and Kota telling how I bluffed my way past the voice check in chipmunk mode. Ah friends, sometimes you just want to string them up and flog them.

Fireworks near cafe in mid-day setting
I have to admit though that I enjoyed the ceremony, as people told some of the funny stuff that has happened to them at Austin, and some gave thanks to people they met in the sim.

My contribution to the slew of memories was our time last year at the 7th anniversary:

MK : we all had a blast last anniversary week...the 7th of the sim. i was free in florida, and linda was also free. we had so much fun with y'all...she was laughing so hard her cheeks hurt and she snorted a lot. thank you very much for making my baby happy. you're a great bunch of people. #

MK: a great bunch

Ratzu even told us how he once made a mistake and deleted a floating dance floor, causing 30 people to plunge to the ground, then blaming Linden Labs for the catastrophe.

They had a dance after, but I could not stay.

Attendees to the opening ceremony included (alphabetical):

Associate Aga Cisse
O-girl Belle (Darlingbelle)
Dom-O Billy Avedon
O-girl Dakota Ashford
O-girl Dani
O-girl Dee Wolfe
Master Duke
Rejoining Eagle
Rejoining egoes Alter
Jojo (Jolienne Resident)
GIS Lente
Habitue Kurt
Magnus Stovall
O-girl Marion Fadlan
Dom-O MK
GIS Naughty Glimmer
Tyro Nik Jharis
O-girl Orchid
Master Ratzu Darkstone
O-girl Sage Avedon
Rejoining Shiloh
O-girl Sweetness Whitesong
Master Wildsoul Seerose
Master WW
Applicant Woland Ashford

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