Thursday, September 8, 2016

A good tuesday

"love you baby"
In the morning, Linda showed me the tour she had been practicing.

My baby has been working very very hard on remembering the paths and working them out. I am so proud of her!

Later that day we attended the Tuesday voice chat, which was the usual hodge podge of fun topics for everyone:

  • freezing in canada and alaska, and the broken car rules for very cold areas; 
  • Meli's Austin book; 
  • getting Linda into the sub-O program (!); 
  • Linda's "tiny" cake for 2-4 people; 
  • Meli pole vaulting and the unfortunate Japanese pole vaulter; 
  • the girls' preferences regarding "poles"; 
  • Duke's collaring of Ivy; 
  • the new mascot of UT which I called "Baby Burger"; 
  • cats vs dogs and the people who like them

And finally at night I met Linda again and we had a nice talk at the Cafe.

All in all, it was another good Tuesday.

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