Friday, September 23, 2016

Austin 8th Anniversary Week: A Visit to the Chateau

The Chateau at Austin is off limits to most people who visit the sim, so it's always a treat to visit it when it is open for a few days during Anniversary Week.

On Monday night I had some time so I decided to wander around in there for a short while, entering it via a door on the walls flanked by flowery arches from the Overview Cottage.

The first thing I notice upon entering the door into the Chateau gardens was a pale gazebo to the left side. Another wooden door allowed me to enter the Chateau proper.

The first room I saw was the library, which to my mind is one of the most important parts of the Chateau.  Books lined the wall shelves, a treasure trove of knowledge, including irreplaceable discussion notes from as early as 2008!

A door led to what I took to be a ballroom, and I went up some stairs to the second floor, where I explored some of the rooms.

The furniture in the rooms upstairs tended to be on the conservative side, perhaps in keeping with the theme of the Story of O.

A fireplace, tubs with legs, and elegant rugs anchored the various rooms, though there were the usual BDSM cages to spice up the environment.

One of the rooms had a balcony, and I went out to view the sim from a different perspective.

The Chateau looks quite forbidding from afar, with its dour brown stonework and steep walls.

It is a structure with a serious purpose, and I think the decision to keep it off limits for most is a good one.

I also found a room that was called the Meditation Room, and going down some stairs from the library I found what I had been looking for....the heart of the Chateau so to speak.

Four doors set in the pale colored walls, each with name tags set on the floor nearby. the names of two Girls In Silence glowed in colored text.

These rooms are where the GIT reside when they are in the sim. This is where they keep their silence and learn and are trained by the Masters of Austin.

When I visited, one room had Bri's  (AmbrisiunePhoenix) name on it, and the other was Curi's (CuriousHeart) room.

I moved farther up the Chateau, and some of the views from above were spectacular.

I also found the ballroom on top where they had held the ballroom dance last year, during the 7th Anniversary celebrations.

I took some time in the ballroom, admiring the decor, and especially the paintings on the wall. Such fond of memories of the time we had that dance last year!

I also went up some more, and discovered the topmost room in the main building structure, though I did not stay in there for long. It was bit claustrophobic, with its angled walls.

The nearby tower, which is the tallest structure in the Chateau enclave had a stairway that led up and up in a spiral.

I climbed to the top and discovered another room at the top, with the usual assortment of BDSM toys.

Satisfied that I had seen many of the major highlights of the Chateau, I exited from the same door that I had entered, looking back with one last long lingering as the door finally closed behind me.

I knew that it would be another year before that door will again open to my touch.

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