Thursday, September 22, 2016

Austin 8th Anniversary Week: Manic Monday

It was  a really busy Monday!

The events started with a 1 SLT discussion about loyalty with Ratzu Darkstone at the discussion area.

Both Linda and I managed to attend, and it was a good topic, with many people chiming in.

Then we had to hurry on over to the Speakeasy for WW (worldwide Pedalo) and Liss (lissomeprey)  as they presented a demo on shibari.

Although Linda had to leave early due to RL, I managed to stay most of the demo, and enjoyed it quite a bit.

I've attended a couple of WW and Liss' other shibari events, and it's always nice to see them demonstrate some of the finer points of this Japanese erotic rope art.

I also managed to sneak into the Chateau demonstration organized by Crux Maximus later that night.

Last year, I had been able to see the entire demo, where visitors moved from room to room in the Chateau and viewed various scenes enacted by an Austin master and a girl.

Unfortunately, I could only drop in for a few minutes this time as it was still too early in the evening for me to stay too long inworld.

Later that night I managed to drop in for a few moments at Aisley's (AisleyRansom) discussion "Taking kink from SL to RL: Show and Tell".

I should point out that the Chateau was open to the public for a few days, and I took the opportunity to visit the place. Pics on the next post!

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