Monday, July 11, 2016

Austin's Hourglass Service Event

All images courtesy of O-girl Aisha Sohl.

I have to admit that I've never been to one of these events, mostly because they usually hold them during the weekends, when it';s unlikely that I can stay inworld for long.

Nevertheless, I've always been intrigued by the concept, which on the face of it looks to combine sexy dance tunes with naughty play and service from the girls.

The Hourglass Service held on Sunday, July 9 was hosted by O-girl Aisley Ransom, who also acted as the sexy DJ and provided the music. Services were held at 10 am and another at 6 pm SLT, with the men in formals and the girls in black or red lingerie/silks.

In addition to dancing, some of the activities included being served by the girls, some experiments in Human Furniture, and a classy cigar service.

According to Aisha, around 30 people showed up for the event, and all had a great time.

Some pics below:

O-girl Aisley

O-girl Aqua

GIS Bri and Susan



O-girl Orchid and Master Crux

O-girl Orchid and Master Crux

O-girl Aria and Master Hunter

Master Ratzu

O-girl Ivy and Tyro Taylor

Master WW and O-girl Belle

sub-O Meli, O-girl Aisha, and O-girl Sage

sub-O Meli

Tyro Peter and O-girl Cara

O-girl Sage

Susan and Indi



Applicant Rezzent

Woland and O-girl Dakota

Rejoining Fia

O-girl Aisha

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