Monday, July 11, 2016

Receiving my Dom-O tag at Austin

I received my Dom-O tag from Austin this afternoon after a long talk with Ratzu Darkstone.

It's the first time ever that I've joined any community as a formal member in SL, and I have to admit it feels weird.

I've always been a lone wolf, or at least a lone wolf with his girl, and I hope that I don't forget that in the end, the tags don't define the's the clothes...oh wait...not that either. Maybe it's the cool sunglasses.

Anyways, I'd like to thank the following for their help:

O-girl Mari Carducci - Assignment #1, Panel Member
O-girl Aisha Sohl - Assignment #2
O-girl Sage Avedon (Sagewisdom) - Assignment #3, Panel Member
O-girl Orchid Zsun - Assignment #4
O-girl Aria Hunter (Aria Vyper) - Assignment #5
Master Will Titus - Panel Member

I tried so hard to get the gold...but ended up with the silver instead! Oh well *makes note to have more hundred linden bills ready next time*

More information on the role:

Dom-Ǒ @Austin

This role is for a dominant male who would like to join the group and serve as a dominant but not engage in the training. . There is no requirement by girls to call them Master. Dom-O@Austin are not permitted in the Chateau unless it is open to the public The girls and subs exist to please the Masters and Doms and the Dom’s job is to push the girls into submission while respecting their limits defined in the girl's profile after agreement and the limits of the group. A Dom must always respect OOC IMs from the girls at all times.  Doms may not do anything more than speak to the gis, socialize with her or ask her to kneel. Doms may scene with full o-girls only after obtaining the o-girl's permission. Doms may serve the sim in many ways such as leading discussions or providing protection or safety to girls and subs. They need to know the sim and the group rules. They should be active on the sim and in promoting the group. This role is available by applying to join as a Dom-O@Austin, the Dom will do the standard master applicant assignments and have a promotion board just as applicants do. If successful, they will then do a voice test and then meet in voice with Ratzu to be added to the group as a Dom-O@Austin. 

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