Sunday, June 26, 2016

Green cards, chocolate eargasms, and nipple machine guns

The best surprise for me at the Friday voice chat at Austin's Starbucks on June 24 was that Linda could voice, greeting the assembled crowd with "What's up bitches!??" (I'm assuming Sigurd and I as the only men at the start were not included in this enthusiastic declaration...ahem).

The second biggest surprise for me was that Linda finally gave me my green card ;-)

As long suffering viewers of our soap opera will know, I married my Texas beauty Linda Lou solely in order to prevent my cute mahogany brown ass from being deported out of the country, and I had been slaving day and night (well, "domming" day and night) for that day when i finally got hold of that little green card that says "Permanent Resident" at the top.

Linda made a big show of giving me the card, and I must admit I teared up quite a bit when I finally had that little treasure in the palm of my hand.

My girl also demonstrated for us a couple of new squirting nipple toys that she had gotten from the marketplace, accompanying the exudations with rapid fire machine gun sounds. Aisha managed to capture a pic of the event, but I will refrain from posting said image in this blog for fear of reprisal (ie. Linda taking the green card away from moi and calling the men in the little green van!).

As always, one of the best things about voice chat is that you can never be quite sure where the talk will go, and this was definitely the case that Friday. Topics that I remember included:

- Morning sex!

- Linda speaking texmex, and trying to emulate spanish with a southern accent

- One of the new visitors was Peter, a Belgian whose accent made the girls swoon, especially when he started talking in great and intimate detail about chocolate. The chocolate talk got so bad Linda mentioned she wished she had a cigarette even though she didn't smoke! Ahem again....

- Meli the 'Chocolate Queen' and Belgian chocolates

- Linda covering the girl posters with sunglasses and being accused of having ADD, which caused a fit of snorting in my little boo..she also started pretending to be one of the rock band AC/DC after I said AC/DC instead of ADD.

- The Brexit decision and scottish avatars and alts

- Rafe and (what else!) spanking

- Linda saying they had found Bill Clinton when I noted that "oral sex" is "talking about sex"

- More chocolates! With morning sex! And lesbian pillowfights! And Marcus covered with chocolate! ;-)

And probably some more subjects that I can't remember. You can cover a lot of topics in 2+ hours of conversation.

Some of the attendees included (in alphabetical order...i probably missed some as people tended to go in and out, sorry):

O-girl Aisha Sohl
O-girl Aqua Fearne
O-girl Avril Aura
O-girl Belle (darlingbelle)
Applicant (?) DivIneCLK Vlodovic
GIS Frost (thorgrimsinga Resident)
Applicant Gail (Gail Winterwolf)
Applicant Jael (jaeljerreau)
O-girl Jen Umaga
Habitue Linda Burnstein-King
Dom-O Marcus Massaro
sub-O Melinda Nyn
Habitue MK
O-girl Sage Avedon (sagewisdom)
Peter Senna (petersenna1973)
Master Ratzu Darkstone
Alumni shiloh Kranfel
Master Sigurd (Odensson Resident)
Applicant Tsubiki Ikeda (raynebloodrose)

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