Sunday, July 31, 2016

Body Jeopardy Test Run and Play Party

Preparing before the play party
On July 29, we held a small play party at our home in Sailors Cove South to do a public test run of the new Body Jeopardy game.

We gathered at our ground level home for awhile, then moved on over to the Game Room skybox. I had planned an elaborate protocol for the event, but we ditched some of them when decided it would be too complex for something we were just trying for the first time.

Meli looking on as I worked on the scripting
We had 6 Doms and 6 subs there (though one Dom had to leave before the start due to RL), with 3 subs participating in the game and 3 Doms, and we had a fun time testing it out and finding kinks in the game and protocol. I was hoping for more people to come (though the time of the event was kinda too early for most), but it turns out that number of people was just ideal as we quickly ate up the time before voice chat.

Linda and I testing the game
I will be incorporating the feedback and suggestions into upgrades of the Body Jeopardy game, and hopefully next time there will be less problems encountered (I found some bugs in the game while we were playing it, and I also messed up and had to reset a couple of times). Once I make those changes we'll do another play party to again test it.

Post-game. Intimate bits censored.
Thanks to Crux Maximus and Billy Avedon for helping to test things out on the Dom side, and Belle (darlingbelle), Sage Avedon (SageWisdom), and Linda for participating on the sub side. You all were damn cool about it.

Post party cuddling

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