Friday, July 1, 2016

Texas Style Bowling and Dance

Linda and I attended the Texas Style Bowling and Dance event hosted by GIS Kat Dollinger on June 30.

Earlier in the afternoon, Linda, Meli, Sage Avedon (Sagewisdom), and I had been conversing in voice at the Starbucks, but we changed quickly and hurried on over to Kat's event when she announced:

Come on down and show your country skills on how to bowl TEXAS STYLE...So grab your Hats and bring those dirty ole bowling shoes for the 2 steppin bowling and dance...TEXAS STYLE...and as usual DON'T EVER MESS WITH TEXAS!!!!!

Chatting at Starbucks
The  venue had a line dancing floor set up on one end, and two bowling alleys on the other end.

Let the games begin!
We were some of the first there, and so Linda and Meli didn't waste any time and immediately started playing each other, with Sage going against Crux Maximus on the other alley.

Meli and Linda with their "balls"
The game was a lot of fun!

Linda and Meli quickly got the hang of it and pushed out scores that were quite good if done in RL ;-)

Go Linda!
Towards the the end of the game, we added a little D/s aspect to the rules that had Meli blushing and Linda dreading anything but strikes.

Go Meli!
We were also later joined by Marcus, who decided to enter the game, but ended up getting what I thought was a near impossible negative score *smh*

The winner
After playing two games (with my boo losing the first game against Meli 170 to 125, then beating both Marcus and Meli with a top score of 184 in the second game), we retired to the dance floor for some cowboy dancing.

Yeeeehaww....and a do si doe
Thanks to Kat, and here's to more fun events at Austin!

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