Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Cafe Games

I'm a big proponent of games.

They're fun, and if done right, can teach lessons and help people learn.

In addition, D/s games can be structured so as to provide a framework for D/s play.

Meli hosts a board type game every few weeks or so that has been lots of fun for everyone, and as part of my first projects as a Dom-O, I am aiming to expand on that success by helping create and introduce various other D/s and BDSM type games into the sim.

And I'll probably rope Meli into hosting them as well ;-)

The first game I am working on will be an ad hoc type that would be perfect for single Doms and their subs, or for the casual group of people that typically gather at the Cafe.

I am using my friend Serena's angel statue as a main component of the game, which will test subs on their knowledge of the Story of O (or any other particular topic a Dom would like), and also teach them to become better informed about the layout of the various parts of the Austin sim.

So, don't call me "Master" me (drum roll please)...."The Game Master"! *loud trumpet blat that quickly peters out*

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