Thursday, July 21, 2016

Erotic Game Part Deux

Linda and I participated in the now semi-regular erotic game hosted by Meli on Wednesday.

Without knowing what the other would be wearing, for some coincidental reason we wore similar outfits, up to and including a top hat to complement the black and white ensemble. What can I say? When you're married for this long you start looking like each other!
Waiting for the start
The game started out kinda slow, with Sage having to remove her hat, but it rapidly built up speed when I picked Billy to "touch" me, which he did by first tentatively touching my hand, then touching my ear ;-)

This of course started all sorts of talk about romance, chocolates, and second dates, with Linda exclaiming that she had never lost her man to another man!

[13:45] MK: hell billy is closest
[13:45] Melinda: did you spin the wheel?
[13:45] MK: i choose billy
[13:45] Melinda: lol
[13:45] Sage: lol
[13:45] Melinda: touch?
[13:45] Linda: make it romantic
[13:45] MK: remember billy, NOT ON THE LIPS
[13:45] Billy: omg.
[13:45] Melinda Nyn: is that the thing?
[13:45] MK: what is it pointing at?
[13:45] Melinda: toich
[13:45] Linda: touch
[13:45] Melinda: touch
[13:45] MK: cool...
[13:45] Linda: good touch..bad touch
[13:45] Billy: reachesout and touches MK's hand
[13:46] MK: your call billy...*winks at him*
[13:46] Linda: dont forget about stranger danger
[13:46] MK: damn, i barely felt a tingle
[13:46] Sage: lol
[13:46] Billy: then strokes MK's ear
[13:46] Linda: laughsss
[13:46] MK: billy just touched me, and boy did i feel it
[13:46] Melinda: do you want to discuss it together?
[13:46] Melinda: Sir Billy did you do that?
[13:46] Linda: lol
[13:47] MK: i think i need  a date billy...please, only roses
[13:47] Billy: we have a date MK
[13:47] Linda: im so getting drunk
[13:47] Sage giggles
[13:47] Melinda grnis at Sir Billy
[13:47] Linda: never lost my man to a man
[13:48] MK: linda, not so all depends on how he treats me
[13:48] Linda: hey,...she pushed me
[13:48] MK: i like rocky road btw billy
[13:48] Sage whispers: wait do i get a say in this????
[13:48] Fia snickers
[13:48] Linda: its me and you now sage
[13:49] Sage: i guess so
[13:49] Linda: we better get the whipcream and pillows ready
[13:49] Melinda waits for Sir Crux to roll the dice
[13:49] Sage: oh goody linda
[13:49] Crux: how do I roll?
[13:49] Linda: i roll with a drink

Crux then landed on the same DARE tile as I did, which set off panic attacks in me that he meant to give Billy more romantic action, but fortunately he picked Linda, who gave him a kiss on the cheek as he dipped her.

I told him he picked the wrong person, since Billy "put out" (lol), and Crux thanked me for the intel. Hey, what are friends for?

After a few more rounds of item removal (I got a pair of Sage's shoes!), things got hot when Billy dared Linda to kiss Sage, at which point I thought all my dreams had come true and I would get to see some hot lesbian pillow fights (with whipped cream!)

Alas, all I got was a wet and sloppy Linda Kiss on Sage's cheeks, though there was the added attraction of seeing Sage's nice taut legs wrapped around my baby girl.

Another sexy moment arrived when Rosie got Crux to "touch an exposed part of me", and he caressed her inner thigh, then absolute chaos happened when Linda next dared me to remove my dress pants.

Unfortunately, I didn't have anything under the damn pants, and I was frantically searching for something to put on when Linda threw me some lace panties I had gotten her earlier during the day.

[14:09] Linda: i dare Master to take of his dress pants!
[14:09] Melinda: yay!!
[14:09] MK: wth
[14:09] MK: i don't have anything under that
[14:09] Linda: lol!!!
[14:09] Rosilina: smiles softly at the kiss
[14:09] Melinda gets her binoculars out
[14:09] Linda: oh no
[14:09] Melinda: cams close
[14:09] Fia falls over laughing
[14:09] MK: throw me a panty quick
[14:09] Linda: you want some of the lacy panties you sent me
[14:10] MK: yes please!!!!
[14:10] Melinda: well you should've thought of that Sir MK
[14:10] Melinda: grins
[14:10] Crux: well, don't be so quick
[14:10] MK: how the freak could i know she would ask me to take pants off first?
[14:10] Crux: no underwear would make "touch" and "kiss" a lot more interesting
[14:10] Melinda: 'please have your cameras ready - this sighting is rare but worth capturing
[14:10] Fia: because its Linda?
[14:10] Rosilina: cuckles and wathes intensly
[14:10] Fia cams in close
[14:10] Melinda: aww
[14:11] Melinda: is yuor shirt tail long enough to covery ou Sir MK?
[14:11] Melinda looks up inonocently
[14:11] Second Life: lb Burnstein gave you Black Lace Panties.
[14:11] Fia: i dont think alphas count as a clothing layer
[14:11] Linda: lol
[14:11] Linda: good job!!
[14:11] Fia: darnit!
[14:11] MK: HAHHAHAH
[14:12] Melinda watches her Master move to cover the view of Sir MK
[14:12] Linda: are those black socks?
[14:12] MK steps off his pants, twirls it around head triumphantly, then tosses it off the side
[14:12] Melinda: and it's your turn with the dice Sir MK
[14:12] MK: YO BABY!!!!!!
[14:12] Linda: oh mannn
[14:12] Orchid likes a man who wears socks in SL
[14:12] MK: yeah and i got lace panties inside this swimming trunk
[14:12] Dice: monkeyking2011 Resident rolled a 3.
[14:12] Linda: lol strip
[14:12] MK: oh fuck
[14:13] Linda: panties panties panties
[14:13] Melinda: and he has landed on Strip!
[14:13] Melinda: grins
[14:13] Fia: WOOOHOO!
[14:13] Linda: laughsssss
[14:13] Rosilina: chuckles what luck Sir
[14:13] Melinda: what is going this time Sir MK?
[14:13] Melinda: the hat i expect
[14:13] MK: i def am not taking off the trunks
[14:13] MK: until later

Swimming trunks and black socks...oh my!
The shenanigans continued for some time, though Linda had to leave soon for RL.

Meli got to lick Billy's index finger, plus she also sipped some of her martini, sprayed it from her mouth onto my sexy manly chest, then licked it off. Rosie dared Crux to remove an item of clothing, so he took off his sneakers and held it in front of Rosie's nose so she could smell some man odor, and Fia threw off all her clothing and waved her boobies at me, even though she had the option of removing just one item (but, hey, you know, because Fia).

Some of the attendees in alphabetical order included:

Dom-O Billy Avedon (BillyEagle Avedon)
Master Crux Maximus
Master Duke (Dukexxl Resident)
O-girl Fia (Fiammetta1981 Resident)
Applicant laila (lelie Baxton)
Habitue Linda
Dom-O Marcus (MarcusMassaro Resident)
sub-O Melinda Nyn
Dom-O MK
O-girl Orchid (orchid Zsun)
Applicant Rosie (Rosielove94 Resident)
O-girl Sage Avedon (SageWisdom Resident)

More pics from the event below:

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