Thursday, July 14, 2016

New Digs at Tiaki

I selected my new home tonight at's a skybox, but it has tons of wall buttons that allow you to customize the features of the home, much to the delight of Meli, who started playing with all the buttons sighs. It even has a lower dungeon, where doubtless i shall be imprisoning and torturing my harem of bosomy, willowy slaves.

The lovely Abby (lornaabigail Resident) showed us around, and we even got to meet the owner of one of the model homes, TonyGreg Sparta, who had rezzed in on a phone and was bereft of his torso.

He graciously allowed us full use of the home, subject to us cleaning the bed sheets before we left smh. We stole his pants in revenge because we knew he could not see (probably using an iphone *smh again in disbelief*).

But he's a nice guy. I told him "Hi neighbor!" in my best Mister Rogers accent....if Mister Rogers was a sunglass-wearing, muscled, brown guy.

Afterwards, Avril Aura came in as well, and after surveying the place we TPed on over to her sim (Heart's Cove), where she helped me set up my old rice fields. I'm planning on adding informational material to the fields and making it public, something I could not do in our old place at Sailors Cove South because of privacy concerns.

Thanks to Avril and her super undies for rezzing a platform high up in her sim for me to park the fields. More on that project later.

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