Sunday, November 20, 2016

Curi's Thank You Dance

New O-girl Curi (CuriousHeart Loordes ) held a Thank You dance on November 17. The venue was created by Curi herself, and the spinner of music was Dj Ariana Petrova.

People were supposed to wear an outfit that reflected something they were thankful for, and earlier in the day I talked to Meli while she created boxes that had textures of her friends on it! ;-)

Linda and I ended up as part of her triangular hat.

For myself, I created a flat board that was transparent on one side, but which rotated pictures of Linda on the other, back, side.

I danced mostly with the lovely Sage, who had an outfit with lots of tiny pics of Billy on it.

More pics from the event...thank to Curi for hosting such a fun event, with lots of laughter and good camaraderie x

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