Saturday, October 29, 2016

A Good Saturday: Get-together, blow dryers, and helicopters

We had a great Saturday!

We spent an hour and a half of us-time in the early afternoon, then we dropped by the home of Marcus Massaro and Melinda Nyn for a small get together.

Meli showed us the seriously amazing artwork that the artist Belice Benoir made for her and Marcus.

Then we sat outside in Marcus and Meli's  gorgeous garden and chatted.

Attendees included:

O-girl Aqua Fearne
O-girl Belle (Darlingbelle)
GIS Laila (lelie Baxton)
Habitué Linda Burnstein-King
Dom-O Marcus Massaro
sub-O Melinda Nyn
Dom-O MK
Master RB Quan
Rejoining Sammi (SamDelainey Resident)

The talk lasted for about two and a half hours, and it was the usual grab bag of topics, with lots of laughter and good humor.

Some of the topics included:

- man whores and man sluts and players
- stealing the lawn chairs
- the role of Dom-O's (and how to pronounce the term correctly!)
- messing up Marcus's bed
- going to initiation buzzed
- me singing when drunk
- girl whores and sluts
- having sex with guys you don't like and how to politely get rid of guys you don't like
 - another bout of caroling and singing when cumming

...and other topics I can't remember...

I started drinking about half a bottle of sake, while Linda managed a can of beer.

Thanks to Marcus and Melinda for hosting the get together, and I have to say again that the art done for them by Belice Benoir was simply beautiful.

After a short break for dinner, I met Linda and Aqua at the Cafe, where we talked for nearly an hour on topics that included blow dryers, ice, and some of the various uses of said items.

Linda and Aqua laughed like loons for the better part of our talks, but what can you do...girls will be girls *smh*

I was a bit buzzed, but I do remember IMing Meli about blow dryers and her saying in typical Brit fashion "Of course you are!"

...anyways, sake rocks!

After another round of us-time, we dropped by a celebration for Hadaway's 10th year, but the lag was so bad due to the large number of people that I crashed and we decided to test out the helicopter Linda had gifted me awhile back.

We went to Hollywood Airport in the Blake Seas, and zoomed around the place trying to get the hang of the flying death traps, then made our way westwards to Crow's Nest, where I managed to land the copter in the helipad after several tries...yay me!!!!

Unfortunately, it was at this point that Linda had to leave, and so we bade each other goodbye and ended the great day.

Thanks to Marcus and Meli for hosting the nice chat at their home, to Aqua for keeping secrets, to the Junmai Sake for the pleasant buzz it gave me, and most of all to my girl Linda for the seriously awesome sideboob and for being....Linda.

Love ya boo.

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