Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Tiggaa's GIS Event: Victorian Skating!

I attended Tiggaa's GIS event today, which had λરίε (Arie Sewell) as the DJ.

The theme was Victorian Skating, and the set was absolutely beautiful!

I danced with Laila first, wobbling around on my skates and threatening to drag her down with me to the slippery ice, but I managed to steady myself with her help.

I then danced with O-girl Kaer (Kaerlove) for the rest of the time, until I had to leave for home in RL about halfway through the dance .

More pics of the event below. Thanks to Laila (lelie Baxton) for most of the great pics. I cannot believe how much better her resolution and color palette is compared to what I see! And thanks to Tigga for hosting and organizing such a fun event and such an amazing venue!

Jen Umaga by Laila

Billy and Sage Avedon by Laila

Marcus Massaro and Sammi (SamDelainey) by Laila

MK and Kaerlove by Laila

Will Titus and Laila by Laila

Will and Orchid Zsun by Laila

WW (worldwide pedalo)and Aga Cisse by Laila

WW and Laila by Laila

Tiggaa by Laila

Remington and Syndra Rothmanay (SyndraOfFinwe) by Laila

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